Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Martini Tuesday

Dillon's always willing!
Here's What Happened - 

Franco vents to Kiki at his apartment after having an outburst over fighting with Nina. He's hesitant to leave Kiki alone to go to work, but ends up heading out when Kiki assures him she'll be fine. Once alone, Kiki jumps at every loud noise and she tries to call Morgan. However she can't get Morgan on the phone.

Nina runs into Dillon at The Metro Court bar and she cries to him about her troubles. They drink some martinis together and Nina gets smashed. Dillon decides to take her home and once they arrive, Nina falls to the couch while making silly rhymes. Then she tries to kiss Dillon and pulls his shirt off. Dillon tries to remain a gentleman until Nina finally passes out on top of his shirt. Kiki walks in the room right as he's trying to pull his shirt free. Dillon explains how Nina ended up so drunk and he carries Nina off to bed to sleep it off. At the end, Dillon leaves right as Kiki gets a call from Morgan. Kiki seems intrigued by Dillon and tells Morgan she's doing just fine.

Dr. O wants Dr. Finn to leave GH for good. Then Carly comes to the hospital with Jocelyn and Dr. Finn ends up examining a rash Jocelyn has. After talking to Carly and Jocelyn he determines that Jocelyn has FITS disease, which is a harmless virus passed around through school. Outside, Franco runs into Dr. Obrecht and vents to her about Nina. Dr. O suggests that Nina needs to keep herself busy with a charity. Later Dr. Obrecht tells Dr. Finn the only way he can continue to treat patients at GH is over her dead body. 

Alexis consults with Carlos in the interrogation room about his options. He's reluctant to let her represent him, but Alexis convinces to allow her to. Meanwhile Max brings Julian into Sonny's office and Sonny demands answers from him. Sonny wants to know if Julian had Carlos shoot him last year. Julian denies any involvement so Sonny tells him if anything happens to Carlos, Julian is dead. At the end, Julian meets Alexis at The Metro Court and she tells him that Carlos is now her client. 

Paul and Anna banter from across their jail cells at the police station. Paul tries to convince Anna that he wants to help her and confesses that he's in love with her. Anna thinks he's pulling her leg and laughs. Anna tells him the only feelings she has for him is loathing. Meanwhile Mayor Lomax questions Jordan about Paul's arrest at the station and threatens to fire her. Jordan explains that Anna is her witness and she just needs twenty four hours to prove Paul killed Sloane. Mayor Lomax doesn't want to hear it and orders Jordan to release Paul. At the end, Paul is released and Carlos is put into his jail cell across from Anna. 

End of show!

Drunk Nina was hilarious today!

Have a great night!

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