Monday, April 18, 2016

Marry Me, Maxie!

Today's Show - 

Nina and Franco talk about their relationship at their apartment. She talks about how hard it was to learn she can't have kids, but says she's not going to leave Franco over it. They open a bottle of wine and Franco says he plans on proving to Nina they can have a full and complete life together. After Nina says they should take a vacation and she already booked it. Franco is hesitant to leave Kiki, which pisses Nina off. Nina realizes that he sees Kiki as his kid and that's all he wants. Nina asks him to show her that she's his priority, but he can't. Nina ends up walking out. At the end, Franco leaves an "I'm sorry" message on Nina's phone.

At the Metro Court, Nathan asks Maxie to marry him. Griffin sees from a far and recognizes Nathan. When he walks over Maxie introduces them, but Nathan doesn't seem to know who Griffin is in return. Maxie tells Nathan that Griffin is Duke's son. Then Nathan gives Griffin the impression he wants to be alone with Maxie and once in private, Nathan tells Maxie it's okay if she doesn't want to get married. Maxie says she fears he's only asking because of the Claudette situation. Nathan says there is truth to that, but he wants to build with Maxie what he could never have with Claudette. Maxie ends up saying "yes" and they hug. At the end, Nina comes to the Metro Court and learns that Nathan and Maxie are engaged.

Sam comes to see Alexis and learns Carlos is back in town. Alexis is worried that it could lure Julian back to the mob. Sam tells her that it will be Julian's problem to fix, not hers. Meanwhile, Julian talks to Carlos on the phone while he's at the PCPD. After he goes home to Alexis and asks Sam to give him a moment alone with Alexis. In private, Julian tells Alexis that Carlos is back in town. He also tells her there is a deal on the table and he asks her to represent Carlos. Alexis hates the idea, but ultimately agrees to help Julian. 

Sam meets Kristina in the park and learns that Professor Parker is a woman. Sam is surprised that Kristina didn't tell her about this before. Then Sam asks why Kristina is afraid to tell Sonny the truth. Sam brings up Stone Cates and Robin having AIDS and thinks Sonny is more tolerant than Kristina realizes. Sam advises Kristina to go out, live her life and figure out what she really wants. At the end, Kristina wants details on Sam and Jason's sexual reunion.

Anna, Paul and Jordan talk about Carlos at the police station. Jordan gets annoyed with Paul and tells him she's busting him. Anna backs Jordan up, much to Paul's dismay. Anna tells Jordan that Paul killed Agent Sloane. Anna gives Jordan the story Paul told her about Sloane raping his daughter. Paul gets worked up and accuses Anna of being mentality unstable. Then Paul loses his temper and swears that if he goes to jail so will Anna. Jordan decides to arrest both of them and starts with Anna first. 

Max brings Kristina to see Sonny and he asks her to work at his office as an assistant. Kristina doesn't think Alexis will go for it, but Sonny tells her that Alexis already agreed. Sonny hopes it will help them get to know each other better. Kristina almost tells Sonny about her sexual concerns, but then they're interrupted by Dr. Monroe. Once alone, Griffin asks Sonny what his intentions for Carlos are. Griffin says he doesn't want any blood spilled in Duke's name. At the end, Sonny finds Julian on the phone talking about a contingency plan. Sonny has Max strong arm Julian and they take him for a ride. Meanwhile Alexis goes to the PCPD to represent Carlos. 

End of show!

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