Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kiki Dillon Chem Test

Wednesday's Recap - 

Kiki and Morgan Skype while she's at the hospital. Morgan offers to be there for Kiki if she needs him. Then Ava comes to tell Kiki she's probably going to be released soon. Kiki tells Ava she wants to move in with her and Avery. Ava responds by saying she'd love for Kiki to live with her, but it wouldn't be safe. Kiki wants to know what's going on and wonders if Paul is involved. Ava tells her not to worry and to move back in with Franco. 

Michael and Carly go to visit Morgan at the clinic. Morgan tells them he's starting to adjust to the medication. Carly decides to tell Morgan that Sonny went after Carlos to see if he handles it well. Morgan takes it in stride and says he realizes it's better to stay away from Sonny's business. Morgan says he wants to get out of the hospital to be with Kiki. Carly and Michael think Morgan needs to focus on getting better first. 

Julian and Alexis have a drink at The Metro Court and talk about Kristina. Alexis worries that Sonny might not approve of Kristina's sexuality issues, but Julian says Sonny will come around. In private, Julian makes a suspicious phone call arranging a meeting later. Alexis asks what he was talking about so he says it's work related. Julian says he's been trying to sabotage Crimson, but had to give control of Crimson over to Nina. Alexis is relieved and says she thought maybe he was back in the mob. At the end, Paul approaches Julian when he's sitting alone. He warns Julian that Carlos might turn on him when he returns to Port Charles. 

Jordan doesn't buy Paul's story about Anna at Anna's house. Paul says Anna confessed to him that she shot Carlos, but all he wants is to get Anna back to Port Charles safely. Then Paul leaves and after Andre shows up. Jordan asks him about Anna and tells him there is a warrant out for Anna's arrest. Jordan brings up Anna's previous attempt on Carlos' life and realizes that Andre already knew. Andre gets snippy and won't confirm anything, saying it's a breach of confidentiality. Jordan asks him to tell Anna she needs to talk to her if he makes contact with Anna and then leaves annoyed. After Andre leaves a message for Anna asking her to call him. 

Paul heads to GH to have his injured wrist treated and runs into Dillon. Dillon asks how he got hurt. Paul lies and says he got roughed up doing a refresher course at the DA's training office. Then Paul brings up Dillon's love life and tells him to meet a girl. Dillon says he's alright where he is in his life right now. Then they have a brief moment of father/son bonding and Paul says he's glad to be part of Dillon's life. After Kiki and Dillon meet in the hospital hallway and have a friendly introduction. They briefly talk about their parents relationship and agree not to ask about their parents to each other again. Nearby someone pops a balloon which makes Kiki scared at the sound. She plays it off as a joke and then Ava takes her home. 

Sonny shoots Carlos in a struggle while Anna watches at the church in Ecuador. Carlos takes a hit in the shoulder. Sonny wants to finish him off for Duke's sake, but Anna pleads with him not to. She says she loved Duke so they have to do things her way. Sonny gives in and Anna puts Carlos in handcuffs. Anna sterilizes Carlos' wound telling him she wants him healthy when he stands trial. In private, Sonny tells Carlos he'll kill him one way or the other. Later they all get on the plane, but are detained by the security guard Anna knocked out previously. Sonny uses his mob influence to get the guard to back down. At the end, Sonny promises Carlos he'll pay for his crimes.

End of show!

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