Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'd Like to Speak With My Brother

Happy Birthday!
Here's What Happened - 

Jason pushes Franco into the wall at GH and says he wishes he'd died when he tried to kill him years ago. Dr. Obrecht sees them and breaks it up. Franco can't keep his mouth shut so Jason starts to choke him. Luckily for Franco, Sam shows up and talks Jason down. After Dr. O wants to know why Franco provoked Jason. Franco says he just likes a worthy opponent. He explains that he tried to reform himself, but maybe it's time for him to be the Franco he was born to be. Dr. O advises him to work things out with Nina and not to back track. 

Sam and Jason head to The Floating Rib, have some beer and talk about what happened with Franco. Jason tells her that his instincts tell him that Franco is bad news. Sam tells him that in the past, Franco was obsessed with him. She gives him the back story on his history with Franco. Jason says he doesn't want Franco anywhere near Jake. At the end, Jason asks Sam to take a road trip with him and we see that someone follows them. 

Nina runs into Dillon at The Floating Rib with a bunch of packages in her arms. Dillon reminds her that she kissed him when she was drunk. Nina thinks Dillon is going to sue her, but Dillon laughs and says he likes working for her and just wants to be cool. Nina thanks him and tells Dillon she hasn't told Franco about their kiss and she doesn't think he'd even care. Dillon advises her to talk things out with Franco. Nina mentions that Kiki is always at their apartment. Later Dr. O comes to The Floating Rib and advises Nina to work things out with Franco. Dr. Obrecht texts Franco to come to The Floating Rib, but when he does, he sees Jason there and leaves. 

Kiki gets a visit from Ava with dinner for them to eat. Ava tells her that once she gets a few things in order, Kiki can come home. However Kiki says she's already home and doesn't want to move to Ava's place. Later when Kiki is alone, Dillon stops by and asks if Kiki knows how to change a flat tire. Kiki agrees to help, but detects that he made up the story to come see her. He admits that he wanted to check on her. Kiki thinks it's sweet and takes off with Dillon just as Nina comes in the door. Kiki tells Nina she doesn't know where Franco is. 

Sonny gets a call from Ric telling him he has news about Carlos. Meanwhile Sonny gets a visit from Carly at his office. She's ready to take him out to celebrate his birthday, but Sonny says he's waiting for Ric. Later Ric shows up and asks to speak with his brother alone. Carly decides to leave them alone and in private, Ric tells Sonny about the witness he saw at the station claiming he knows who shot Duke. Then Sonny gives Ric a new assignment. After Sonny tells Carly he asked Ric to find out where Jocelyn's kidney came from.

Julian comes home and finds Alexis holding the knife Helena used to kill her mother. She says she knew the moment she touched it something bad would happen. Alexis tells him about her fight with Molly over her representing Carlos. Later Alexis gets a call to come to the staion in regards to her motion to dismiss Carlos' case. Later Ava stops by and tells Julian that Kiki doesn't want to come home with her. Then Julian confides that he's running the organization again and he doesn't plan on telling Alexis. Ava tells him to use his mob power and get rid of Carlos. 

The mysterious witness, Hail, tells Jordan in the interrogation room that he saw Duke get shot. Jordan is skeptical and wonders why he took so long to come forward. He says he was using drugs at the time and wasn't thinking clearly. Then he tells Jordan the night Duke was killed he saw two men, one in a tuxedo and heard someone say something about Julian Jerome. He ID's Duke as the man in the tuxedo and Carlos as the other man in street clothes. Jordan tells him she has to verify his story and walks out. After Alexis comes to the station and Jordan tells her about the witness. Alexis thinks the witness is a bit convenient and goes home to tell Julian the unfortunate news. Meanwhile back at the station, Hail gets nervous at the thought of having to testify in Carlos' trial and we see Julian puts a hit out on Hail. 

End of show!

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