Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello Olivia

We're co-parenting!
Today's Recap - 

Carly drops by Sonny's office with a birthday muffin for him. She lights a candle and tells him to make a wish. They end up sharing the muffin together and talk about Sonny's plans for Julian. After Carly tells him about how she plans on celebrating his birthday and that she plans on spoiling him rotten. She leaves to make arrangements and once alone, Sonny places a call to find out what's happening with Carlos. 

Julian meets Alexis for breakfast at The Metro Court. Olivia interrupts saying she needs to talk to Julian about Leo. She's excited and tells them that Leo stood up on his own. Olivia runs to show Julian a video and is surprised by Ned. He says, "hello Olivia," and asks how she's been. Olivia shows him some pictures of Leo. Then they talk about her telling Julian the truth about being Leo's father and Olivia tells Ned she's now co-parenting with Julian. Ned says since she seems happy and the obstacle between them is gone, maybe they can get together. Olivia says yes. Nearby Alexis tells Julian they need to stop talking about Carlos so she can get him out of trouble. Later Olivia finally shows Julian the video of Leo standing up and it chokes him up. Olivia thinks Julian is upset about Carlos and worries that his past will come back to haunt him. 

Dr. Finn and Tracy play backgammon together in her hospital room. Then she gets good news that her latest test results are all negative. Monica comes in and tells Tracy she can go home in a few days, but she'll have to come back for regular check ups. Then Dr. Finn says he's not planning on staying on at GH, but Tracy and Monica try to convince him otherwise. Monica takes Finn with her and tells him she going to use her Quartermaine status to keep him on staff. Dr. Obrecht interrupts them saying Monica has no authority to put Dr. Finn on staff. Carly and Jocelyn walk over and ask Dr. O what her problem with Dr. Finn is. Dr. Obrecht says as Chief of Staff she will see to it that he doesn't work at GH. Monica thinks maybe it's time to do something about Dr. O being the Chief of Staff. After Jocelyn asks Dr. Finn if she can study Roxie for a school report and Dr. Finn agrees.

Meanwhile Ned goes to visit Tracy at the hospital and she asks him to stay in town for ELQ. She hopes there is a chance now for them to be a family again. Ned is surprised by Tracy showing her love for the family and thinks she'll be bickering with Monica again in no time. He also wonders if she'll be scheming again once she feels better, but Tracy says no, she's changed. 

Jordan gets a visit from Andre at the police station. Jordan apologizes to him for their last tense conversation about Anna. However when Andre finds out Anna is in jail his concerned reaction displeases Jordan. Alexis interrupts them and asks to see Carlos' file. Jordan takes Alexis into her office, shows her the file and they discuss Carlos' case. Alexis says they have no physical evident and she's going to file a motion to dismiss. After Alexis runs into Sonny on her way out of the station. They go back to his office and Sonny expresses his anger about Alexis defending Carlos. Sonny thinks Alexis has lost sense of her priorities since getting together with Julian. Alexis defends Julian saying he's out of the mob, but Sonny thinks defending Carlos is going to bite her in the ass. Alexis thinks Sonny is a hypocrite.

Paul stops by Anna's jail cell to tell her she's not getting out on bail. He tells her that he doesn't think she's of sound mind. Paul has Andre unintentionally be the psychiatrist to evaluate Anna's mental fitness. Andre isn't happy about it, but asks Paul to leave them alone. In private, Anna tells Andre about how she got in jail and Paul got out. Anna insists that Paul killed Agent Sloane and says once she gets Paul and Carlos in prison, Duke will have justice. Andre thinks Anna is acting irrational. Anna wonders if he's going to help Paul now. At the end, Paul asks for Andre's opinion of Anna.

End of show!

I'm sorry, but Andre is a very dull character. Also Carly looked extra tan and gorgeous today!

Have a great night!

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