Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dream of My Curse

Heartbreak Hotel
Wednesday's Recap - 

Carlos and Anna exchange angry words from their jail cells at the PCPD. Carlos tries to convince Anna that he loves Sabrina and his child, but Anna says he's in jail for killing Duke, as he should be. Anna gets emotional talking about Duke and it appears to have an effect on Carlos. He defends himself by saying Duke was deeply involved in the mob, which lead to his death. Anna doesn't agree and says Carlos took Duke away from his son, Griffin, as well.

Michael calls Felix to compare notes on Carlos and Sabrina. Griffin overhears Felix talking at the hospital and after tells Felix he's Duke's son. Then Griffin asks about Carlos so Felix tells him about how Sabrina run off with Carlos and had his baby. Meanwhile Michael stops by Dante and Lulu's place while Dante is preparing a romantic evening for Lulu. Dante tells him he and Lulu are taking things slow, but he's hopeful. Then Michael brings up Carlos and wonders about Sabrina's location. 

Later Michael goes to GH and talks with Griffin and Felix about Carlos. Michael tells Griffin that Anna was arrested so Griffin runs to the PCPD to help her. Back at GH, Michael tells Felix he wants to go looking for Sabrina in Puerto Rico. Felix decides to come with him. Meanwhile Griffin learns from Anna at the PCPD that she did really try to kill Carlos. Griffin has trouble digesting her confession, but decides to ask Carlos if he's sorry for killing Duke. Carlos says he has no regrets, which angers Griffin, but ultimately he decides to tell Anna they need to forgive Carlos. However Anna tells Carlos she never will. 

Lulu meets Laura at The Metro Court and Laura notices that Lulu is all dressed up. Lulu tells Laura she's got a couples therapy date with Dante later. Then Laura tells Lulu about Kevin Collins being the cryptographer she was looking for. Later Laura is alone and has a memory of her and Helena arguing. Kevin interrupts her and Laura tells him about her flash of Helena. After Kevin tells her that he found two words in Helena message, "Heartbreak Hotel." Laura isn't sure what that means. Later Kevin tells Laura about the end of his marriage to Lucy and says he's done with relationships. Laura says she's in the same boat and wonders what Helena is trying to say with the Heartbreak Hotel clue. Kevin says he loves a good mystery and wants to help figure it out.

Lulu heads to her apartment to meet Dante for their date. They practice their therapy exercises to rebuild intimacy, which require they stare into each other's eyes without speaking for four minutes. They end up just making out and have sex again. After they remark how happy they are to be back together.

Jason comes to Sam's place and she invites him to stay the night. Jason happily agrees and they end up making out. Jason has a memory flash of kissing Sam on the bed before. He describes it to Sam and she remembers it as the last time they were together before he was shot. Sam tells him about her fears of losing him, but Jason promises everything will be okay. Then they have sex and fall asleep. Later Sam wakes up from the sound a gunshot, finds Jason shot next to her and then Helena appears saying, "What's the matter Samantha?" Helena whispers to Sam that she'll never known happiness, because of her curse. At the end, Sam wakes up and Jason is okay, but she can't shake her scary dream. 

End of show!

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  1. I can't stand Sam or Jason. They under delusional, they both think they are saints and go criticizing everyone else. I wish the two of them would ride off into the sunset with each other. Sam needs to remember she is a Cassadine not a Quartermaine.

    1. I think they're here to stay, hang in


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