Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Did You Rent That Outfit?

Here's What Happened - 

Dante and Lulu bump into Valerie at the park. They make awkward small talk at first, but Lulu decides to be the bigger person and congratulates Valerie on finishing at the academy. Later Dante and Lulu work on their marriage counseling exercises on the park bench. It goes well and they end up making out. 

Hayden tells Curtis at the Metro Court that she's done with Nikolas and is forcing his hand at ELQ. Curtis senses that Hayden is still attached to Nikolas, but Hayden says what's done is done. She also tells Curtis she won't need his services anymore and will repay him as soon as she gets her money from ELQ. Curtis tells her that he likes her style and he was hoping they could be friends. Hayden is flattered and they hug. Right then Valerie walks in and sees them. After Valerie asks Curtis about it and he promises she has nothing to worry about. Valerie isn't so sure and walks off. 

Jason tells Nikolas at Wyndermere that he wants to buy his ELQ shares. Nikolas says his shares aren't for sale. Jason says he can prove Nikolas tried to kill Hayden so if he doesn't sign, he's going to jail. Nik agrees to sign, but tells Sam he'll never forgive her. Nik thinks there is no good in Jason. Later Hayden comes back and Nikolas breaks it to her that he sold ELQ.

Carly runs into Franco at the hospital. He tries to make nice about Morgan's condition, but Carly tells him not to talk about her kids. They get into an argument. Franco sees Carly is upset about Sonny and asks what's going on. He ends up telling her that he could care less if Sonny dies. Carly tells him she hates him. 

Jordan learns a warrant is out for Anna's arrest. Meanwhile Anna talks to Paul on the phone while she's being detained on the plane. He tells her he will try to help her, but doesn't understand why she's determined to self destruct. After Jordan goes to Anna's house and finds Paul there. He tells her that he put a warrant out for Anna's arrest. He explains that Anna knocked him out and tied him up. Jordan isn't sure she believes him. Paul decides to tell her that Anna already tried to kill Carlos. Back on the plane, Anna knocks out the guard and takes off after Sonny. 

In Quito Ecuador, Sonny walks into church and finds Carlos there dressed as a priest. Carlos pulls a gun on him and Sonny asks if he rented his outfit. Carlos tells him he just borrowed it. Sonny then asks about Sabrina and her baby. Carlos tells him he put Sabrina in Puerto Rico. Then Carlos tells Sonny to get on his knees and say a prayer. He laughs and says he's going to shoot when Sonny get to amen. To buy time, Sonny obeys him. He starts saying a prayer, but then knocks the gun out of Carlos' hand. Sonny then points the gun back at Carlos. At the end, Anna rushes in as Carlos and Sonny are struggling with the gun. A shot is fired, but its unclear who got shot.

End of show!

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