Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Brain Surgery

Keep your hands off my jewelry!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Jason and Sam go to his place and talk about Rachel Berlin. They decide to go talk to Nikolas to see what he knows. Meanwhile Curtis escorts Hayden back to Wyndermere and advises her to stay away from Nikolas for her own safety. She tells him she can't, because then she'll get nothing. Curtis thinks she's addicted to money, but Hayden says that's not the case. She asks why he cares and Curtis answers that he likes betting on fighters like her. 

Dr. Monroe plays with Emma at Anna's house. He pretends to be an injured cowboy and she plays the doctor who can fix him. Anna enjoys seeing them play together. Then Sonny stops by to speak with Anna and all of them end up talking about Duke. Griffin advises them not to seek revenge against Carlos and then gets called to GH. Once in private, Sonny shows Anna the recording he got of Paul talking to Carlos. Anna listens to it and after wants assurances that Sonny will allow Carlos to be arrested, not killed. Sonny says he'll play along, but doesn't look sincere. Later Anna takes Emma to the hospital and they run into Paul. Anna tricks him into letting her use his phone and pulls out his data card.

Michael meets Dante at the gym and Dante wants to talk about Sonny going after Carlos. Michael wants to stay out of it and tells Dante to talk to Sonny, not him. Later Sonny shows up and he and Dante spar in the ring together. Dante tells Sonny about his conversation with Michael. He also warns Sonny that if Carlos ends up dead, Sonny will be blamed for it. 

Dr. Finn waits by Tracy's bedside at GH. When she wakes up he tells her she had another seizure. Then Dillon and Ned walk in with dinner for Tracy and Dr. Finn escorts them outside to discuss Tracy's condition. Monica joins them in the hallway along with Dr. Obrecht, who thinks Tracy needs brain surgery immediately. Finn wants to see Tracy's test results again before making a decision. Later Paul shows up and wants to know what's going on, which ticks Ned off. After Dr. Finn reviews Tracy tests results and thinks they need Dr. Monroe. Finn thinks Tracy needs to decide for herself if she wants surgery. They all go to talk to Tracy about it and she agrees to let Dr. Monroe operate on her. 

Meanwhile Dr. Monroe chats with Liz about Tracy's surgery (possible chemistry testing scene) and Dr. Obrecht warns Dr. Finn that if anything happens to Tracy it will be his fault. In her hospital room, Tracy warns Monica not to get her hopes up about living in the house without her. Later Tracy teases Monica again by warning her to stay away from her jewelry before she goes into surgery.

Liz tries to talk Nikolas out of go back to Wyndermere in his hotel room. She fears he'll try to have Hayden killed again. Nik tells her not to worry about it. Then Liz gets paged to the hospital and leaves him alone. After Sam and Jason show up and tell Nikolas that Hayden was working with Tracy. Nik shocks Sam by telling her that he plans on going back to Hayden regardless. Jason later tells Sam in private that Hayden must have something on Nik. At the end, Nikolas returns home to Wyndermere and greets her sarcastically. Hayden tells him that Curtis is going to stay with them for awhile. Over at Jason's place, he and Sam realize that Nik must have tried to kill Hayden. 

End of show!

Curtis mentioned the Catacombs!! I wish some of these endless new characters would get lost in them. ;)

Have a great night!

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