Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beat Downs & Sex

Hot, Hot, Hot!
Today's Show - 

Molly and Kristina talk about Kristina's sexuality conversation with Alexis at their house. Kristina thinks Alexis doesn't want a gay daughter. She also worries about telling Sonny. Then Julian comes in and tells Kristina that Alexis feels bad about how she handled things with her. Kristina concedes that maybe she was being too hard on Alexis. 

Alexis locates Professor Parker and wants to know if she took advantage of Kristina. Professor Parker denies trying to influence Kristina in any way and says Kristina just needs her mother. Parker thinks Kristina is terrified of losing her family's love. Alexis feels bad and decides to make sure Kristina knows she loves her. At the end, Kristina calls Parker and learns that Alexis just visited her. 

Ava goes to see Julian and he tells her that Sonny sent her the black rose. Meanwhile at Sonny's place, Carly asks Sonny not to get involved in the search for Carlos. Sonny asks her to let him handle it, but Carly is afraid he could get hurt. Later Ava comes over and confronts Sonny about the Black Rose. She warns him that she will take Avery back when the dust settles. After Sonny assures Carly that he's got everything under control and says Ava has a lot of enemies. At the end, Ava goes home and finds a dead bird in her bed.

Nikolas doesn't want Curtis staying with them at Wyndermere, but Curtis tells Nik that they have proof he tried to have Hayden killed. Hayden tells Nik that he's not calling the shots anymore. Meanwhile Jason and Sam drink wine and realize that Nikolas tried to kill Hayden at Jason's place. Sam can't believe how much Nikolas has changed and says that he used to be the good Cassadine. She decides to head over to Wyndermere to confront Nikolas. Sam pushes her way into Wyndermere and threatens to call the cops on him.

Nik goes to grab her phone and they get into a scuffle. Out of nowhere, Jason bursts in and starts kicking Nik's ass. Curtis tries to break it up, but Jason is in a manic state and fights Curtis off too. Sam pleads with Jason to let Nik go and finally, he does. Hayden feels terrible that Nik nearly got killed, but Nikolas hurries off to his bedroom in a huff. Hayden chases after him and nurses his wounds. At the end, they reluctantly get into bed together, each keeping a knife at their side. Meanwhile Sam and Jason head back to his place and start making out. They end up having some hot sex on his bed.

End of show!

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  1. I have had it with the character of Sam. She is nothing but a disingenuous hypocrite. She was a women who married rich men and scammed them out of money, she was a liar and a thief her husband Jason was a hit man for a mobster. He murdered in cold blood hundreds of people and the two of them have the gall to call Nikolas out on protecting his family and fortune from a women who along with her Father scammed hundreds of people. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease I can't take this show any more. The writers have got to stop making Sam and Jason into saints. They are the biggest hypocrites ever. Please stop insulting the fans who watch this show St. Jason and St. Sam. Plus the fact that Nikolas is family to Sam, he was there for her many times especially when her son was sick and she pays him back by this betrayal. Get those two off the show because I am almost ready to turn GH off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree. Can't stand Sam or Jason. The writers really need to stop putting these two up on a pedestal. They are the worse but yet they keep being portrayed as the good guys. When I know they are going to be on I don't watch you should try it.

  3. Let's hope Nik is vindicated eventually!

  4. When is Nikolas going to be vindicated???? I am so tired of Jason constantly beating him up and nothing happens to Jason for his violent actions. Nik needs to have Jason arrested for attempted murder so we can see Sam crawling back to Nik for him to drop the charges. I am getting so fed up with the same old nonsense. Sam and Jason are the worst characters on the show. I am almost to the point where I am going to tune out of GH. All my favorites are gone, Robin, Patrick, Robert. They have decimated the Cassadine and Quartermanine families so sick of the same ole Sonny, Carly, Sam, Jason. TPTB need to get over those characters because this fan is close to turning off the show.


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