Monday, March 28, 2016

You're a Stranger

Today's Recap - 

Tracy demands to see Dr. Finn in her hospital room. Dr. Obrecht doesn't want Dr. Finn to practice at GH, but Dillon places a call to him anyway. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Dr. Finn practices yoga with Roxie while ignoring his phone ringing. Later he comes to see Tracy and tells her that he might not be able to cure her. He explains that he's hopeful his treatment with help, but he can't promise anything. 

Dr. Obrecht asks Dr. Finn to come talk with her and asks him to remove himself as Tracy's doctor. Dr. Finn refuses and threatens to sue GH over Dr. Mays poor treatment. Then he sternly tells Dr. Obrecht off and insists she give him the full cooperation of her staff. Later Dr. O tells Monica she's clearing Dr. Finn to treat Tracy tomorrow. Meanwhile we see Dr. Finn shooting himself up with something back at The Metro Court.

Ava runs into Paul at the hospital and asks for the recording of her admitting to killing Connie, but Paul once again refuses her. Then Ava says he put a target on her back. Paul wants to realign with her and offers to protect her. However Ava says she doesn't need him and tells him to focus on his own family. Later Paul runs into Dillon in the hallway and asks to see Tracy, but Dillon asks for more time to make that happen. 

At Kelly's, Sam, Danny and Jason enjoy a family dinner together. Jason asks Sam on an official date, but Sam says she's working on a case. After they all head to GH and see Monica. She tells them about Tracy's condition and Jason offers to talk to Tracy. Then Jason and Sam go to Tracy's hospital room. Sam gets a text message from Nikolas and takes off. Dillon decides to get some coffee leaving Jason and Tracy alone. Tracy gets confused and calls Jason, "Daddy." Tracy starts talking about how she knows she needs to get ELQ back to make him proud of her. Dillon walks back into the  room just as Tracy starts talking about her secret weapon to get ELQ back, Rachel Berlin.

Laura reviews Scotty's old law textbook in the attic at Wyndermere when Liz walks in and warns Laura to avoid the living room. She explains to Laura who Rachel Berlin is and says she wants to expose her. Laura thinks doing that could put Nikolas in jeopardy for shooting Hayden. Laura thinks they have to respect how Nikolas decides to deal with Hayden. Later Laura goes to Kelly's looking for Scotty. She shows him the old textbook, but Scotty doesn't know how Helena would have ended up with it. Scotty thinks he might be what Laura loved and lost, but Laura isn't convinced that's it. After when he's alone, Ava shows up to meet with Scotty.

Hayden tries to convince Nikolas that she really loves him in the living room at Wyndermere, but he says he doesn't know who she really is. He calls her a stranger and says he married Hayden, not Rachel Berlin. Hayden swears she just wanted to start over and reinvent herself, but Nikolas says she's been trying to swindle him. They get into an argument and Hayden reminds him that he's also been keeping secrets. Nik says he's going to The Metro Court to think and takes off. After Hayden tells Elizabeth off when Liz walks into the room looking for Nikolas. Liz calls Hayden a place holder in Nik's life. Hayden doesn't want to hear it and let's Liz know she's not walking away from Nikolas. 

Meanwhile Sam and Nik meet at The Metro Court and he tells Sam that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin. He asks Sam to investigate Hayden further without involving the police. He hopes Hayden really loves him, but says he needs to find out. Back at Wyndermere, Hayden says Liz can't stand to be alone and tells Liz to find someone other then Nik to add to her collection of bastards. Liz gets upset and slaps her across the face.

End of show!

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