Monday, March 14, 2016

The Reading of Helena Cassadine's Will

I put a curse on you!
Here's What Happened -

Lulu arrives at Wyndermere for the reading of Helena's will. Hayden, Nik and Elizabeth join them in the living room and Liz says she's leaving to avoid the whole thing. Hayden snarks that Liz isn't really needed anyway. However then Scotty walks in and tells Liz she's listed in Helena's will and needs to stay put. Everyone worries what Helena could have left for them. Nikolas says they should all handle whatever it is together as a family. 

Anna looks at a picture of Dr. Monroe on her phone at The Metro Court and remarks, "that can't be him." Then Andre joins her and they have a friendly chat about her mysterious stalker. Jordan walks in, sees them talking and gets jealous. Anna decides to tell Jordan that she was a patient of Andre's and that's why they're so comfortable. Jordan seems relieved, but once in private with Andre, she tells him it seems awkward that her friend and date chat so intimately. At the end, Jordan tells Andre that she understands that he and Anna are just friends, but she doesn't look convinced.

Maxie runs into a towel bound Dr. Monroe fresh from the shower in the GH locker room. Maxie bumps into him in a frustrated state and says she's looking for Epiphany. He helps her pick up some papers she dropped and then Maxie almost slips on a puddle caused from Dr. Monroe's dripping wet body. (lol) He catches her from falling, but Maxie hurts her ankle in the process. Dr. Monroe looks at her ankle and tells her she sprained it. He advises Maxie to let him look at it. Later a dressed Dr. Monroe wraps up Maxie's ankle and they talk. Maxie mentions the upcoming Crimson issue about real women and thinks Dr. Monroe would be great for a real men issue. She tells him he's hot, smart and caring and would be perfect. She also notes that she saw a gun shot scar on his stomach in the locker room. It makes him uncomfortable so he declines her offer and goes back to work. At the end, Anna runs into Dr. Monroe and tells him she thinks she knows why he's been following her. 

Dante and Nathan chat at the PCPD about the Claudette situation. Nathan tells Dante he's not going to tell Maxie anything about Claudette and Maxie is okay with that. Dante doesn't think Maxie will be able to let it go. Nathan gets defensive and asks if they can forget about it. To change the subject, Dante tells Nathan that he and Lulu got back together. However they end up getting back to the Claudette thing and Nathan confesses that Claudette was actually his wife. Before Nathan can elaborate, Maxie shows up and notices something is off. Nathan covers by saying its just the news of Dante and Lulu getting back together. 

Sam and Alexis talk at The Metro Court about Helena's will and Sam tells Alexis about the curse Helena put on her. Sam also has Jason's Quartermaine crypt nameplate with her and notes that she cut her finger on it. Alexis advises her not to worry and they leave for the will reading together. When they arrive at Wyndermere, Scotty starts the reading and plays a video from Helena. In the video Helena talks about how she wanted Robin to make her immortal, but if they are seeing the video that means Robin failed. Helena goes on to say that she's leaving one cent to Sam to be divided between her, Kristina and Molly, because that's what a child of Alexis is worth. Then to Alexis, Helena leaves the knife she used to kill Alexis' mother so Alexis will never forget, along with a music box that plays the song that was playing when her mother was killed. Alexis and Sam get upset and decide to leave.

Later Helena leaves a journal Jake made during his time with Helena on Cassadine Island to Liz. Liz gets looks worried and decides to look at it at the hospital. To Nikolas, Helena leaves all her money to the Cassadine Foundation and none to him. She does leave him a painting of herself sipping tea. Nik says he doesn't need her money and laughs it off, but it's obvious there is significance to the image of her drinking tea that upsets him. Then Helena leaves an empty envelop to Lulu and says there is meaning to it that Lulu needs to figure out. Finally to Laura, Helena leaves a key to something unknown, which Helena says is the key to something Laura has loved and lost. 

Meanwhile Liz takes the journal from Jake to the hospital locker room to reviews its contents. Liz sees a nursery rhyme within the pages that basically insinuates that Jake has a secret Helena ordered him not to tell anyone about. Over at the Metro Court, Alexis tells Sam the objects from Helena are the last cruel thing Helena will ever do to her. However Alexis decides not to throw the music box and knife away. Back at Wyndermere, Nikolas wonders if Laura is going to pursue Helena's key. Laura just looks at the key with angst. 

End of show!

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  1. Don't like the idea of Nik maybe not being as rich as before. TPTB should leave Nik the head of the Cassadine family and rich in his own right. Don't like the idea that Helena is still partially in control. Fix this PTB.

    1. It kind of looks like Nik may have killed Helena. Did he poison her tea?


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