Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stuffed Poodle

I loved my doggie!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan go back to their apartment looking for alone time to find Nina waiting there to welcome Nathan home. Nina wants to stay to help take care of him, but Nathan tells her its not necessary. Then Nina sees the stuffed poodle that Felicia gave Nathan. She remarks that their childhood dog was named Mittens. Maxie looks upset and asks if he's lying to her. In private, Nathan claims that Claudette was a dog he had after Nina was in a coma. Later Dr. Obrecht stops by with dumplings for Nathan. Dr. O notices Nathan holding the stuffed poodle and asks why he's playing with a little girl's toy. Nathan tells Dr. O in private that he's got a secret about Claudette.

Meanwhile Nina and Maxie pick dinner up for Nathan at The Floating Rib. Nina says she's going to leave them alone for dinner, but presses Maxie to talk about what's bothering her. Maxie explains about how Claudette was a dog Nathan had when Nina was in a coma, which makes Nina feel bad. Back at the apartment, Nathan and Dr. Obrecht agree to keep the subject of Claudette quiet for fear he could lose Maxie over it. Then Dante drops by and tells Nathan things are better with him and Lulu. At the end, Maxie returns with the take out to find Nathan alone. He wants them to take the opportunity to fool around. 

Sam explains to Jason at their hotel that in the past she liked not only his dangerous side, but that he made her feel safe. She fills him in on her past as a con artist and says she knew from the start that she could trust him. He asks if she trusts the person he is now. Sam answers that she's learning to. Later they read a story to Danny together until he falls asleep. Sam glows when Jason wants to carry Danny to bed. At the end, Sam and Jason agree the ordinary things mean the most in life. 

Ava asks Paul for the flash drive of her admitting to killing Connie at the hospital, but Paul refuses. Ava thinks that he just wants leverage over her, but Paul informs her that she'd only stab him in the back if she had the recording. After Dillon approaches Paul and tells him that Tracy might be sick and he wanted to talk to Monica about it. However Monica is out of town. Meanwhile Tracy talks to Dr. Mays in her hospital room and he tells her that he found lesions on her brain. He says they need to do an MRI to know more. Tracy is clearly shocked. Later Dillon comes into Tracy's room with Paul. She reluctantly tells them about her recent episodes and lies saying she's been taking anti depressants but stopped them, thus causing her episodes. Paul and Dillon buy it. At the end, Tracy asks Dr. Mays to keep her condition a secret.

Sonny says a prayer for Morgan in the hospital chapel. Then Dante comes to tell Sonny that the police aren't pressing charges against Ava. Sonny isn't happy to hear it and then they get into a conversation about Sonny lying about being able to walk. Sonny refuses to apologize for it, which frustrates Dante. He walks out and after Sonny tells "god" that Dante sees everything in a simple way and he has to save Avery at all costs. Later Ava comes to the chapel. Her and Sonny have a tense talk about Dixon and Raj. Sonny says Ava brought this danger on herself and she needs to answer for it. Ava thinks Kiki being shot is her punishment. After Sonny offers to babysit Avery so Ava can stay by Kiki's side. At first Ava is afraid to trust Sonny, but she ultimately agrees. At the end, Sonny has cute baby talk with Avery and Avery refuses to share her cookie with him.

End of show!

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  1. Really Loving Sam and Jason right now.

    1. Agreed, so glad they are finally heating up!


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