Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis and Julian wake up at The Metro Court in bliss and are thankful for Sam's wedding gift. They decide to order room service, but have a hard time keeping their hands off each other. Julian remarks how happy he is and how far he's come since leaving the mob. Alexis tells him how happy she is that their family ended up back together. Julian tells Alexis all the things he loves about her, in particular her generosity toward Leo and Olivia. Alexis tells Julian that he's changed and has a beautiful soul. 

At The Floating Rib, Tracy starts to have a seizure while sitting with Hayden. Dr. Griffin is nearby and rushes to help her. Tracy wakes up shortly after and Dr. Griffin helps her into a chair. Tracy doesn't want to go to the hospital, but Dillon shows up and talks her into it. Later Dillon and Hayden sit with Tracy at the hospital for news. Dr. Griffin says he wants to keep Tracy there until he gets more test results. Tracy says she wants the best doctor in the the hospital and tells him to get her someone else. Later Dr. Griffin brings in Dr. Mays. Tracy insists to Dr. Mays that she didn't have a seizure and she insists that Hayden and Dillon leave the room. Later Tracy snaps at Hayden when she tries to talk to her and calls her Rachel. After Dillon worries that something is seriously wrong with Tracy, because Tracy called Hayden, Rachel. 

Ava and Franco wait for news on Kiki at the hospital. Ava worries that her legal trouble will pull her from Kiki's bedside. Franco promises to stand by Kiki, if Ava is pulled away. Meanwhile Jordan approaches Paul at the PCPD and tells him she has some questions for Ava about her immunity deal. After Paul calls Ava's phone to warn her, but Ava is busy talking to Franco at the hospital. Ava tells Franco that she's glad that Kiki has him in her life. Then Jordan shows up and asks to speak with Ava alone.

Franco goes into Kiki's hospital room and sits by her bedside. He talks to Kiki and tells her the news from the internet. He asks Kiki to let him know what he can do to help her. Right then he gets a friendly phone call from Jake. Meanwhile out in the hall, Jordan tells Ava that Paul told her all about her relationship with him. Ava starts to get the wrong idea, but then Paul shows up and announces to Ava that Jordan wants to know about her immunity deal. Ava realizes what's going on and tells Jordan she needs to stay with Kiki and can't answer any more questions. Later Ava and Paul have a moment alone and he comforts Ava when she cries over Kiki. Then Paul advises Ava to get out of the mob. 

Sam brings Danny to the Shriner's hospital to see Jason, which makes Jason very happy. Liz notices how close they seem. Then Jason takes Danny with Liz to have a visit with Jake. Later in private, Liz tells Jason that it's a little strange that Sam brought Danny for a visit. Jason tells Liz that he invited them. Liz sadly notes that Jason and Sam are getting close again. Meanwhile Nik approaches Sam in the waiting area and tells her about his donation to Shriner's hospital. Then he asks if Sam has any updates on her investigation into Hayden. In front of Nik, Sam makes a call to meet with Corbin (the man who called Hayden, Rachel in Las Vegas), which impresses Nik. Jason walks over and sees them talking. In private, he tells Sam he assumes she's working with Nikolas and won't pressure her to tell him what's going on. 

After Jason and Sam agree to tuck Danny in together at their hotel. When they get to the hotel, Sam and Jason hug and he says he's glad she's okay after the hostage wedding situation. Back at the hospital, Nikolas sees that Liz is upset and he asks her what's wrong. Liz says she realizes that because her and Sam both have children with Jason, Sam will always be in her life. Then Liz gets a phone call from Franco and he vents to Liz about his worry over Kiki. Meanwhile over at the hotel, Jason asks Sam if she was with him back in the day, because she liked that he was dangerous. Sam answers yes. 

End of show!

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