Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rachel Berlin

Hayden's outta here!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nathan dreams that Maxie says she hates him for lying to her about Claudette. He wakes up, looks at a picture of he and Maxie and sighs. Meanwhile Maxie runs into Griffin at GH and asks him again about modeling for Crimson's real men issue. He's reluctant to talk to her and says its because she has a boyfriend. Dr. Monroe thinks he would be attracted to her if they spent time together and says its better for him to stay away. Later Nathan meets Maxie at GH and she tells him about her encounter with Dr. Monroe. After they decide to head home and make use of some time together. They talk after sex and Nathan admits that hearing her talk about Dr. Monroe made him a little jealous. Maxie assures him no one can make her not love him, which makes Nathan feel guilty for lying. 

Michael goes to Anna's house looking for information on Sabrina's whereabouts. Anna tells him she doesn't know where she and Carlos are. Michael is worried that Anna might want kill Carlos if she finds him. Anna snaps that she knows what Carlos took from her, but says she can handle it. Then she offers to email Michael everything she knows. Later Dr. Monroe stops by to visit Anna and she shows him pictures of Duke as a child up to her last dance with Duke at the Nurses Ball. It leads to conversation about Duke's death and Anna gets emotional. She says she needs closure and some peace. He advises her to forgive Carlos, which puts Anna on the defensive. She ends up questioning who he really is and what he really wants. Meanwhile over at the hospital, Michael goes to see Felix and tells him that Sabrina has been on the run with Carlos.

Parker knocks on Kristina's door and insists that they need to speak. She tells Kristina that she's nervous about her father sending someone after her. Kristina tells her she shut Sonny's plans down so Parker doesn't have to worry. Kristina thinks Parker hates her and says she's still struggling with her feelings. After Parker says she heard about the gunman at Alexis' wedding and wanted to make sure Kristina was okay. Kristina feels like Parker plays with her emotions and says seeing her makes her feel more confused. However Kristina decides to kiss Parker goodbye. 

Hayden goes to Diane's room at The Metro Court to get the ELQ papers she wanted and finds Nikolas there with Diane. Nikolas and Diane give Hayden a bunch of grief for lying to each of them. Nik asks for a moment alone with Hayden. In private, she tries to claim she was drawing up papers for ELQ to benefit him. She explains the benefits and says she was just waiting for the right time to tell him about it. Nik says he believes her, but it doesn't seem like that's true. Then Nikolas says he came to see Diane today to give Hayden more of a share of his will, should something happen to him. Hayden is touched and thinks they've settled things. However once Nikolas speaks with Diane alone, Diane tells him not to sign the ELQ papers if he has doubts about Hayden. At the end, Nik tells Diane he's not signing anything or changing his will afterall. 

At Wyndermere, Liz sees something upsetting on the computer about Hayden. Then Laura and Lulu walk in and Laura tells them she's looking into the meaning of Helena's key. Lulu and Liz think Laura should be careful. Laura says she has to find out and explains what she learned about the key so far. Laura thinks she should go looking in the attic for something that the key might fit. Lulu wants to come with Laura just to be safe. As soon as they leave, Liz runs back to the computer to find out more about Hayden. Then Hayden walks in and Liz calls her Rachel Berlin. Meanwhile Laura and Lulu explore the attic and find a mysterious trunk.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you didn't know, the Daytime Emmy Award Nominations were announced today. You can read about it here -- 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards

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