Friday, March 4, 2016

Please Don't Commit Me

Hell no, I won't go!
Friday's Recap - 

Lulu and Maxie meet up at The Floating Rib and they talk about Lulu's marital issues. Maxie advises Lulu to trust Dante and fight for her marriage. However Lulu gets the finalized divorce decree and cries that her marriage is over. Maxie tells Lulu to rip the papers up. Later Maxie shares her concerns with Lulu about the Claudette issue. Meanwhile, Dante visits Nathan and shows him his divorce papers. Nathan advises Dante to speak with Lulu before signing anything. After Nathan confides in Dante that he's keeping a secret from Maxie about Claudette. Dante tells him to tell Maxie the truth, because lies destroy relationships.

Carly and Sonny fight over how to deal with Morgan at their house. Carly wants to have Morgan committed, but Sonny thinks that will destroy Morgan. Meanwhile at GH, Dr. Maddox tells Morgan that he's not ready to be released. Morgan starts to get defensive and says he doesn't want to take his medication. Morgan vents about the sexual side effects, but Dr. Maddox says they can adjust him accordingly. 

Later Diane, Carly and Sonny visit Morgan and Diane tells them that the police won't drop the charges against him. Morgan goes into a full manic rant insisting that he wants to go to trial. Seeing Morgan freaking out makes Sonny realize that Morgan might need to be committed afterall. Diane agrees and thinks it's Morgan's best legal option. Morgan begs them not to lock him up and accuses Dr. Maddox of setting him up. However they all tell Morgan he needs to be committed. 

Ava waits by Kiki's bedside for her to wake up in tears. Then Julian comes to see her and tries to assure Ava everything will be okay. Ava tells Julian that Sonny is watching Avery for her. Later they talk about Ava's mobular problems. Ava tells Julian that Paul gave her immunity and it's best if Julian stay out of it. Then Morgan shows up with Dr. Maddox asking to see Kiki before he goes to the mental hospital. Ava allows it. Morgan apologizes to Kiki at her bedside for hurting her and says he hopes one day they can be together again. After Morgan leaves, Kiki finally opens her eyes and says his name. Back at Sonny's place, Sonny wonders if Carly wants to leave him over his business.

End of show!

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