Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ned's Back!

Larry gave me worms!
Here's What Happened - 

Liz slaps Hayden at Wyndermere so Hayden threatens to call the police and report her. However Liz bates her out of doing so and teases that she's going to put the moves on Nikolas. Liz convinces Hayden she'd be better off leaving gracefully so Hayden packs a bag and leaves Wyndermere. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Nik tosses back a few drinks in his hotel room. Then Liz knocks on the door and hugs Nik. He confides in her that he's thinking of working things out with Hayden for Spencer's sake and his own. At the end, Nik asks Liz to stay with him, because he doesn't want to be alone. 

Curtis and Valerie flirt at Kelly's and she asks about his relationship with Jordan again. Outside, Jordan tells Andre that Carlos might be alive. He worries about how Anna will feel. It leads to a conversation about his unconventional relationship with Anna. Then they walk into Kelly's and see Curtis and Valerie. Later a masked gunman bursts into Kelly's looking to rob the place, but Jordan and Curtis quickly take him down. Valerie sees how well Curtis and Jordan work together. Right then Hayden runs in and asks for Curtis' help with a flat tire. In private, Curtis tells Hayden he knows she's really Rachel and convinces her to stay in town. Nearby Andre notes that Jordan worked well with Curtis and he asks her on another date. After Valerie approaches Jordan and wants to talk about Curtis.

Sonny talks to Anna at her house and she accuses him of leaking the story about Carlos being alive. Sonny swears he didn't do any such thing so Anna assumes it must be Paul. Sonny thinks Anna should tap Paul's phone and office to find out what he's up to. Then they talk about Dr. Monroe's advice that they both stop seeking revenge for Duke's murder, but Sonny says he can't follow that advice. After they talk more about Duke and agree Duke died because he worked for Sonny. However Anna says Sonny needs to forgive himself for that.

Scotty takes Ava to the Metro Court to discuss her mob related problems. She asks Scotty to be her protection since she can't get any of her own people to help her. At first he's hesitant, but once Ava offers him a lot of money, Scotty changes his mind. He says he lost his life savings, because he invested with Raymond Berlin. They decide to get married to protect their mutual interests.

Ned arrives at the Port Charles airport and plans on surprising Tracy. Meanwhile at GH, Sam walks into Tracy's room just as she's talking about Rachel Berlin. Sam steps outside with Dillon and Jason and tells them who Hayden really is. Jason says he needs to get ELQ back for the Quartermaine's. Sam thinks that would make Edward and Alan very happy. Later Ned arrives for a visit and tells Tracy he came back to be a good big brother to Dillon and not because he's worried about her. After Tracy tells Ned how she got worms from hanging out with his father, Larry. She asks Ned and Dillon to get ELQ back for the family's legacy. Over by the hospital elevators, Sam likes hearing Jason talk about supporting his family and they kiss.

End of show!

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