Monday, March 21, 2016

Meet Dr. Finn

Monday's Highlights - 

Curtis and Valerie share a kiss at Crimson, but are interrupted by Dante. Then Maxie and Nina walk in and Dante threatens to arrest them for littering magazine pages at college campuses. Nina talks Dante down and he leaves. After Curtis offers Nina his private detective services so Nina hires him to find out who is sabotaging them. Curtis says Valerie will be his assistant, but in private Valerie won't agree to work with him or go on another date until he tells her about his history with Jordan. He gives her a few details, but says he prefers not to talk about it, just like she doesn't like talking about Dante. At the end, Valerie agrees to help him. 

Kristina and Molly tell Julian he did a good job with Crimson at the courthouse. Nearby Carly asks Olivia to drop the charges against Mayor Lomax, but Olivia refuses. Alexis joins the conversation and asks Carly to help their case. Mayor Lomax makes a snarky comment to Carly as she exits the courtroom about shutting down the Metro Court. Later the hearing begins and Alexis calls Olivia to the stand to tell her side of the story. Then Mayor Lomax takes the stand to tell her story. Then Alexis has Carly take the stand followed by Jordan. 

After Diane and Alexis make their closing arguments. Then Carly brings in two breast feeding mothers, which annoys the judge. All the women in the courtroom get upset, especially Nina. She impulsively rips her top off in protest. Carly, Maxie and Olivia all join Nina and the judge ultimately rules in Olivia's favor. After Carly threatens to sue Mayor Lomax if she doesn't back off the Metro Court. Diane backs her up and Mayor Lomax finally concedes. However the mayor does tells Alexis she made an enemy of her. 

Dillon calls Ned from the hospital to tell him that Tracy's health is bad. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Monica in her hospital room that she dreamed of Alan and thinks she's going to die. Tracy tells Monica if she can't be saved, she wants her to the plug. Monica gets upset and walks out. She runs into Dillon in the hallway who tells her that despite Tracy's bad attitude, he knows Tracy loves her. Monica says she loves Tracy too and they hug. Tracy sees them and screams for Monica to get her hands off Ned in a state of confusion. Dillon straightens Tracy out and Monica takes her back to her room. 

Dr. Monroe asks Brad to let him look at Tracy's biopsy results at GH, however Dr. Mays sees them and gets upset. He grabs the files and threatens to get them both fired. Later Brad shows Dr. Monroe a copy he made of Tracy's results behind Dr. Mays back. Dr. Monroe takes a look and says he thinks he's seen what Tracy has before. Later Dr. Mays comes to tell Tracy she doesn't have cancer, but he has no idea what's wrong with her. 

Monica looks at the results and agrees that Tracy doesn't have cancer, but insists that Tracy stay in the hospital. Dr. Mays ends up bringing Dr. Monroe in afterall and Dr. Monroe says he thinks Tracy has an infection, possibly received from her trip to Mexico. He thinks Tracy will need an infectious disease doctor. Monica says she knows just the right person. At the end, Dr. Mays tells Brad and Dr. Monroe he's going to see to it they are fired no matter what. Meanwhile Monica makes a call to a Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) on Tracy's behalf and asks for his help.

End of show!

What do you think of Michael Easton being another doctor on GH?

Have a great night!

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