Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm Not Ready To Die

Wednesday's Recap - 

At the Metro Court, Carly and Sonny tell Michael about Morgan going to the Freeman (Mental) Clinic. Then Jason approaches them and says he's moving into his own place. Jason also offers his condolences about Morgan. Michael and Sonny excuse themselves and in private Jason expresses to Carly that he doesn't want to work for Sonny again. Carly says she's fine with that and since Sonny's business is so violent, she doesn't want Jason to get hurt. Jason asks if this is effecting her marriage to Sonny. Carly says they talked about things and Sonny promised not to use guns. After Carly gives Jason a bit of information on their history together and how they became friends. At the end, she takes him to the Quartermaine crypt to see his own headstone and the rest of the family. Jason decides to take his name off the wall and says the crypt seems like a good place to think. 

Dr. Monroe eats at The Floating Rib and tells one of the waitresses there is a woman he's interested in. Then he looks toward Anna who is sitting nearby. After Dr. Monroe runs into Felix who is quick to tell him that the other doctors and nurses at GH really like him. Felix specifically mentions Dr. Mays as being difficult and Felix advises Dr. Monroe to go to Monica if he ever needs anything. Later Michael meets up with Felix and Felix shows him a picture of Sabrina's baby. He also tells Michael that Sabrina isn't coming back to Port Charles. 

Anna sits at a table at The Floating Rib and is joined by Paul. He wants to talk about Carlos and tells Anna he cares about her and what she thinks about the situation. Anna tells Paul to call her when he hears from Carlos and walks out. Anna heads home and locates a picture of Carlos on the run. Then she gets a visit from Sonny. He thanks Anna for trying to help with the gun battle on the pier. Sonny asks for a glass of water and notices the picture of Carlos she had. He asks Anna when this picture was taken. Anna tells Sonny that Carlos is alive and his death was faked. Sonny is ready to find Carlos and kill him, but Anna tells him not to. She says Julian was really the person responsible for killing Duke and they need Carlos to get to Julian. They agree to work together to avenge Duke. 

Carlos calls Paul and gets a warning that he needs to come home, because Anna is looking for him. Carlos doesn't want to come home and refuses to give Paul any details about Sabrina or her baby. Paul tells Carlos he can get him immunity if he testifies against Julian Jerome. Carlos still refuses and tells Paul to wire him more money. Meanwhile Sonny goes to The Floating Rib and learns from Michael that he saw a picture of Sabrina's baby. Seeing Michael upset, Sonny tells him there is something he needs to share with him. 

Tracy goes to the Quartermaine crypt and vents to her dead family that she won't be joining them in the afterlife. Tracy says, "I'm not ready to die!' Then she says she misses them, even AJ. Tracy wishes Lila was there to hold her hand, because she's scared. Dillon shows up and asks what she's doing in there. He wants to take Tracy back to the house for tea, but Tracy suddenly can't remember anything and gets foggy again. Then she starts to have another seizure. 

Dr. Mays tells Monica at the hospital that Tracy hasn't shown up for her biopsy. After Dr. Monroe approaches Monica and says he has some theories about what's happening with Tracy. Later Tracy is rushed into the hospital with Dillon. Dr. Monroe tells Dillon that they don't know what's wrong with Tracy, but it's not from anti-depressants. Dr. Mays walks over to Dillon and mentions that Tracy might have cancer, which panics Dillon. In private, Dr. Monroe tells Dr. Mays that Tracy might not have cancer afterall. 

In Tracy's hospital room, Monica assures Tracy she's not going to die. Dillon watches on in fear. Monica says now they'll preform the biopsy to find out what's really going on with her. Meanwhile at the Nurses' station, Dr. Mays and Dr. Monroe argue about Tracy's case. Dillon overhears them. Then he returns to Tracy's room and tells her he loves her. In private, Dillon asks Monica if the biopsy is safe and says he'd like to talk to Dr. Monroe. Meanwhile Dr. Monroe goes to Anna's house and tells her he's been following her. 

End of show!

How much do you want to bet Dr. Monroe is Duke's son?

Have a great night!

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