Monday, March 7, 2016

I Love You to Death

No more guns!
Today's Recap - 

Tracy calls Alice from the hospital and demands Alice send a car. Tracy is anxious to check out. Then Monica and Dr. Mays walk in and Monica tells Tracy she needs to hear what they have to say. Dr. Monroe joins them, which makes Tracy testy. Dr. Mays tells Tracy she has a mass in her brain they need to biopsy to determine if its cancer. After Monica asks Tracy if she needs anything, but Tracy just says she wants to leave. Monica tries to talk Tracy out of being stubborn, but Tracy won't listen. Later Monica talks to Dr. Monroe about Tracy's case and Monica tells him to explore any ideas he may have. At the end, Monica brings Tracy anti-seizure medication and Tracy accuses Monica of wanting her dead. Monica calls her bitch and says she's been putting up with Tracy's nonsense for years. Dr. Monroe overhears them fighting. Monica tells Tracy she's going to help her whether she likes it or not and storms off. 

Nikolas calls Sam looking for information on her investigation into Hayden. After Hayden walks in and they sit down for tea. The subject of Elizabeth living with them comes up. Nikolas senses Hayden is unhappy so she suggests they make out to feel better. Then they talk about Tracy and Hayden says seeing Tracy sick reminded her of seeing her father have a heart attack as a child. Later Hayden gives Nikolas a first addition copy of The Great Gatsby as a wedding gift. She tells him there is an inscription on the inside that she wants him to read after she leaves the house. When Nik reads the inside it says, "to my Gatsby, from your Daisy." Nik thinks about happy moments with Hayden and looks confused. 

Sam meets with Baxter at The Metro Court and pretends to be looking for a financial adviser. He asks who recommended him to her so Sam shows him a picture of Hayden and says her friend, Rachel, recommended him. Baxter looks at the picture and claims he doesn't know her. Sam says that Rachel told her they ran into each other in Vegas. However Baxter insists he doesn't know Rachel. Later when he goes to get them drinks, Sam takes a picture of his cell phone call list when he's not looking. At the end, Hayden walks into the Metro Court and sees Sam and Baxter together. 

Lulu goes to see Dante at their apartment and they talk about the divorce papers. They get into a conversation about everything that led up to the divorce and Lulu says she was unfair to him. Then Olivia knocks on the door and interrupts. Dante gets called away for work and asks Lulu to wait for him. After Olivia and Lulu chat about Dante. Olivia advises Lulu to tell Dante how she really feels. Lulu hugs Olivia and they say they love each other. Later when Dante comes home, Lulu impulsively kisses him. They agree to try again and decide to get back together.

Sonny asks Carly at their house if she's going to leave him. Carly answers that, "you don't want to ask me that question tonight." She intently tells him she loves him, but says his business makes him a liar. However Carly tells him she's mostly angry at herself for looking the other way in regard to his business. Sonny thinks he's going to lose her, but Carly says she's not going to leave. Sonny tells her he needs her more than he's ever needed anyone. Carly fears that his business will end up killing him or one of the kids. Sonny responds that he can't promise her the violence will end. Carly talks about what happened to Kiki and asks him to avoid using guns. He says he'll do what he can, but can't promise anything. At the end, Sonny says he loves her to death and Carly says she loves him too. 

End of show!

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