Thursday, March 31, 2016

Emma Visits Port Charles

Thursday's Recap - 

Emma comes for a visit with Anna and they enjoy some time at Kelly's together. Dr. Monroe walks in and introduces himself to Emma. Then he hands Anna his DNA test results. Anna explains to Emma that Griffin is Duke's son and part of their family now. Emma gets excited and wants to celebrate with hot cocoa with whipped cream and in private, Emma has a nice chat with Griffin. Later Anna tells her that knowing Griffin makes missing Duke a little easier. 

Julian goes to Sonny's house and accuses him off trying to manipulate Ava into leaving Avery with him. Julian calls him out for sending Ava the black rose, but Sonny pretends he doesn't know what he's talking about. Then Sonny says he more focused on finding Carlos. Later Sonny meets with his associate, Brick, at Kelly's who plans on helping Sonny spy on Paul. After Sonny tells Anna what's up with Brick when Paul walks in. Anna manages to get Paul to leave his phone on the table and formerly introduces him to Emma, Sonny and Dr. Monroe. Brick uses the distraction to get access to Paul's phone. At the end, Sonny listens in on a call between Paul and Carlos thanks to Brick's efforts. 

Kiki and Morgan talk at his rehab and he tells her he's no good for her. Kiki doesn't agree and advises him to focus on getting healthy. Meanwhile Ava and Carly discuss Avery's well being in the hallway. Ava says she's leaving Avery with Carly and Sonny for the time being. Then Carly says she loves Kiki and Avery both. Ava reminds Carly that Kiki can't save Morgan. Later Carly leaves and Kiki freaks when someone drops a tray on the floor. Ava comes running in and Morgan concludes the sound of the tray dropping sounded like a gun shot. He manages to calm Kiki down and Ava takes Kiki back to GH. After Julian meets Ava at the hospital and says she's safe for now. Ava thinks if she's out of the mob that means Julian is back in. Meanwhile back at the rehab, Morgan decides to start getting healthy. 

Epiphany notices that Dr. Finn seems groggy at the Nurses' station and they have a talk about Roxy. Then Paul comes to GH and introduces himself to Dr. Finn. Paul wants to talk about Tracy, but Dr. Finn refuses and walks away. Later Paul tries to talk to Dr. Finn again, but Dr. Finn coldly dismisses Paul saying Tracy didn't authorize him to discuss her case with him. After Finn heads to his hotel room and shoots up. Then Carly interrupts him by delivering towels and says she had to do it, because housekeeping is afraid of Roxy. She also brings him food for Roxy. Finn says Roxy only eats organic. Finn explains that he met Roxy on a camping trip in Australia. He says she was sick so he nursed her back to health and she hitched a ride in his backpack so he kept her. Carly is touched by the cute story. At the end, Carly leaves and Finn goes to shoot up again.

End of show!

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