Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Duke Was My Father

Tuesday's Recap - 

Laura tells Nikolas and Hayden at Wyndermere that she plans on investigating Helena's key. Nikolas tells Hayden he needs to hold onto ELQ now more than ever. After Hayden gets a call from Curtis asking her to meet him. Hayden makes an excuse to leave and meets up with Curtis on the docks. He asks Hayden to co-sign an apartment lease for him. Hayden agrees, but warns him she doesn't want to owe anyone money since Nik isn't that rich anymore. Meanwhile back at Wyndermere, Laura wonders if Helena's key opens something in the house. Nikolas thinks maybe Laura should let it go, but Laura thinks there's no escaping Helena's games. Later Hayden returns home and reminds Nik that Helena did leave him the painting of herself, if nothing else. Then they head up to the bedroom.

Valerie runs into Dante at the PCPD and she tells him she's about to graduate the academy. Then Dante tells Valerie he's back together with Lulu. Valerie wishes him the best and after they have a talk about Curtis. Val says Jordan told her Curtis used to be a coke head, but she might see him again. Dante advises her to be careful and they agree they're both looking forward to the day things aren't awkward between them anymore. After Valerie runs into Curtis on the docks and he tells her he got his own apartment. Then he asks Valerie on a second date and she agrees.

Anna approaches Dr. Monroe and says she thinks he was following her, because of Duke. Anna says his middle name, Fitzhugh, is Duke's family name. Griffin says Duke was his father. He explains that after his mother died he found a letter from her saying Duke was his father, but his mother kept it a secret because Duke fell in love with Anna. Griffin says he wanted to meet Anna to learn about Duke through her memories. Anna starts to tell him about how Duke died, but Dr. Monroe is called to the hospital. He leaves the letter from his mother so Anna can read it. It chokes Anna up and she cries.

Ava talks to Kiki at her bedside in the hospital. She implores Kiki to speak. Kiki manages to whisper, "Morgan." However Kiki doesn't talk for long so Ava calls in a nurse. She yells at the nurse that she wants to speak with Dr. Monroe immediately. Later Dr. Monroe comes to speak with Ava and tells her it's impossible to be sure when Kiki will wake up. He checks Kiki's vitals and says she should wake up soon, but only time will tell. Ava is frustrated with the situation. Dr. Monroe has a gentle bedside manner with Ava and while they're talking, Anna happens by and listens. After Anna returns the letter to Griffin and tells him that Duke would have loved having a son. Anna offers to provide a window for Griffin into Duke's insight. She also tells him Duke would have been proud of him.

Sonny goes to visit Morgan in the clinic and gets a chilly reception. Sonny brings him a tablet so Morgan can keep in touch with people while he's committed, but Morgan can only think about Kiki. Then Morgan says being committed and on medication makes him feel like crap. Sonny thinks that Morgan needs to deal with his feelings and this bad part of his life will pass. He assures Morgan that they will get through it as a family. Morgan feels like he's useless, especially to Kiki. Meanwhile over at the hospital, Kiki whispers for Morgan again so Ava calls Sonny. Ava asks Sonny if Morgan can talk to Kiki. Sonny gives Morgan the phone and he talks to Kiki while Ava holds the phone to Kiki's ear. Kiki ends up coming to, they have a sweet brief chat and Morgan promises he'll come see her soon.

Julian gets a visit from Alexis at Crimson and she's wild eyed with the knife Helena left her in her hand. Julian can see she's upset so Alexis fills him on what Helena did to her mother. Alexis talks about how she hated being a Cassadine and wanted to kill Helena. Julian is sympathetic and reminds Alexis that they're moving with their own future now. After Alexis says she has to prepare for Olivia's boobgate hearing and wants press coverage from Crimson. At the end, Julian gets a call when he's alone that some suspicious business he has planned for Crimson is in play.

End of show!

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