Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dear Diary

Here's What Happened - 

Carly delivers champagne to Dr. Finn's room at the Metro Court and finds her housekeeper screaming. Carly walks into his room, introduces herself and Dr. Finn informs her that his service lizard, Roxie, scared the housekeeper and now he can't find her. Carly notes that he looks just like Silas. After Carly explains that she stopped by to defuse some recent hotel troubles and asks what Roxie does as a service animal. He tells her she's not legally allowed to ask him that, but since she brought champagne, he won't press charges. After he finds Roxie behind Carly and tells Carly to be very still so Roxie doesn't bite her. Later he refuses to tell Carly what Roxie does, but says Roxie likes her. Then Carly heads out and once alone, Dr. Finn asks Roxie if she likes Port Charles.

At GH, Dr. Obrecht tells Monica and Tracy that Dr. Finn has mysteriously disappeared and she ordered him not to treat Tracy. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and insists that Dr. O have Dr. Finn accredited and authorized to treat her immediately. Dr. Obrecht doesn't want to comply, but Monica says if she doesn't, she's opening the hospital up to a lawsuit. Dr. Obrecht reluctantly agrees to allow Dr. Finn to work at the hospital temporarily. After in private, Tracy thanks Monica for her help and they joke about their recent bonding moments. At the end, Monica calls Dr. Finn and he tells her he's planning on staying in town indefinitely. 

Kristina writes in her diary at Alexis' house about being back in Port Charles and Professor Parker. She worries that Alexis and Sonny won't understand if she's really gay. Then Sonny stops by to talk to Kristina. He says seeing her so upset the other day broke his heart and he loves her. Kristina gets choked up and explains that her bad decisions were her own mistakes and not his fault. Sonny apologizes for reacting badly and they hug. After Sonny insists that her professor needs to be dealt with regardless and says he sent Max to find Professor Parker. 

Kristina panics and insists he call Max off. She tells him she wants to fix her own problems. Sonny agrees and has Kristina call Max to tell him to back down. At the end, Kristina writes more in her diary about her sexual confusion and her feelings for Parker. Then she gets a surprising visit from none other than, Professor Parker. Meanwhile Sonny runs into Carly outside of Kelly's and they talk about Kristina. Sonny says he wants to protect Kristina, but he's going to let her handle things. After Carly tells Sonny about her encounter with Dr. Finn.

Laura and Nikolas talk at Kelly's about Helena's key and Nikolas' painting. Laura asks why he thinks Helena cut him out of her will. Nik says he doesn't know and plans to ignore Helena's painting. Laura says she can't ignore the key Helena left and thinks maybe Nikolas should find out what the painting means. Then Laura tells him she found out that the key she received likely opens a Russian steamer trunk. Nik thinks Laura should let it go, but she refuses and advises him to investigate the painting. However Nikolas refuses and says he's going to focus on Hayden. At the end, Laura tells Nik she'll stay out of his marriage, but she's glad he got a good prenup. After Nik makes arrangements to meet an unknown person over the phone. 

Hayden panics at Wyndermere that Sam is onto her and makes a phone call to Diane about the ELQ papers she wanted drawn up. Then Hayden does a web search for Naomi Dreyfus on Nik's laptop as Liz walks in. Hayden snaps at Liz for eavesdropping on her. Liz smirks and asks who Naomi is. Hayden gets super defensive, but Liz says its only a matter of time before her secrets are exposed. Liz says that finding out the truth about Hayden will hurt Nik and she hates that, but she will be there for him. Liz also says she thinks if Hayden asked Nikolas to chose between them, Hayden would lose. Liz thinks its obvious that Hayden married him for his money. Hayden tells Liz to get out, but she refuses and taunts Hayden about her Naomi secret. At the end, Hayden gets a text from Diane about the ELQ papers and tells Liz she's going to have Nik kick her out. Then Hayden leaves and once alone, Liz goes snooping on the laptop and finds a picture of Naomi (that we don't get to see), which Liz gasps, "Oh my god," at the sight of. 

End of show!

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