Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Rose


Here's What Happened - 

Carly and Sonny talk about their custody issues with Avery at their house. Sonny thinks Ava will dig her own grave and he can just push her over the edge. Then they talk about Kristina. Sonny wants to have someone "straighten out" Professor Parker, who he believes is male. Carly advises him not to do that, because it will make things harder for Kristina. Then Carly gets called away to the hotel for a health violation. When she gets there, Carly learns that the Metro Court is being shut down for erroneous violations. Meanwhile back at the house, Sonny calls Max and tells him to look into Kristina's professor afterall. 

At Crimson, Dillon texts Maxie that pages from Crimson have been dropped at various college campuses for their contest. Nina hopes their media campaign will be enough to save the magazine, but she fears the worst. Maxie gives her a pep talk. After Nina shares with Maxie that she's going to see a specialist to try and have a baby and claims Franco is on board. Then Maxie tells Nina Crimson is trending on social media and she thinks their plan is working. Nina figures that Julian is sabotaging the magazine, but Maxie thinks it's someone else. Later they get word that the hotel is being shutdown and are told to evacuate. Nina and Maxie go talk to Carly about it and wonder if Mayor Lomax is making trouble for Olivia at the hotel.

Valerie meets Curtis at the Metro Court for their date and he tells her their going on an adventure. Valerie wants details on his history with Jordan, but Curtis convinces her to help him win the Crimson contest instead. Then they commiserate on both losing their mothers too soon and take off to win the contest. Later Curtis and Valerie successfully find all the pages of the magazine and take the completed magazine to Crimson. They end up winning and Curtis notes what a good time he and Valerie make. 

Molly pressures Kristina at Alexis' house to tell her parents that she's gay. Kristina says she doesn't know what she is, but Professor Parker was very exciting. Kristina says even though she's always dated guys, now she's questioning everything. Molly thinks maybe she's bi-sexual or poly-sexual. Kristina worries that Alexis and Sonny will be upset, but Molly thinks Kristina should be proud of who she is. Molly thinks Sonny and Alexis will come around. 

At the courthouse, Alexis prepares for Olivia's hearing. Unexpectedly, Diane shows up representing Mayor Lomax. Alexis questions what Diane is thinking and it leads to an argument between Mayor Lomax, Olivia, Diane and Alexis. Mayor Lomax threatens that if Alexis and Olivia don't drop the charges, she'll make them sorry. Olivia records Mayor Lomax's threats. Olivia and Lomax end up getting into a physical fight, Olivia drops her phone and Diane deletes the recording. At the end, Julian, Kristina and Molly show up to support Alexis. Carly also shows up and tells Olivia the mayor is messing with the hotel and she needs to drop the charges asap. 

Ava and Julian talk at the hospital about the black rose she received. Julian thinks she's a dead woman walking. Ava blames her issues with Paul for her troubles. Julian asks what Ava is going to do to survive. She answers that maybe her number is up, because she made a bargain with god to take her life for Kiki's. Julian doesn't want to hear that and says he wants to help save her. He decides to go to a mob meeting in her place. At the end, Ava goes to see Sonny and asks him to tell Avery that she loves her. After she leaves, Sonny makes a call saying the black rose he sent Ava to get to her worked.

End of show!

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