Thursday, March 31, 2016

Emma Visits Port Charles

Thursday's Recap - 

Emma comes for a visit with Anna and they enjoy some time at Kelly's together. Dr. Monroe walks in and introduces himself to Emma. Then he hands Anna his DNA test results. Anna explains to Emma that Griffin is Duke's son and part of their family now. Emma gets excited and wants to celebrate with hot cocoa with whipped cream and in private, Emma has a nice chat with Griffin. Later Anna tells her that knowing Griffin makes missing Duke a little easier. 

Julian goes to Sonny's house and accuses him off trying to manipulate Ava into leaving Avery with him. Julian calls him out for sending Ava the black rose, but Sonny pretends he doesn't know what he's talking about. Then Sonny says he more focused on finding Carlos. Later Sonny meets with his associate, Brick, at Kelly's who plans on helping Sonny spy on Paul. After Sonny tells Anna what's up with Brick when Paul walks in. Anna manages to get Paul to leave his phone on the table and formerly introduces him to Emma, Sonny and Dr. Monroe. Brick uses the distraction to get access to Paul's phone. At the end, Sonny listens in on a call between Paul and Carlos thanks to Brick's efforts. 

Kiki and Morgan talk at his rehab and he tells her he's no good for her. Kiki doesn't agree and advises him to focus on getting healthy. Meanwhile Ava and Carly discuss Avery's well being in the hallway. Ava says she's leaving Avery with Carly and Sonny for the time being. Then Carly says she loves Kiki and Avery both. Ava reminds Carly that Kiki can't save Morgan. Later Carly leaves and Kiki freaks when someone drops a tray on the floor. Ava comes running in and Morgan concludes the sound of the tray dropping sounded like a gun shot. He manages to calm Kiki down and Ava takes Kiki back to GH. After Julian meets Ava at the hospital and says she's safe for now. Ava thinks if she's out of the mob that means Julian is back in. Meanwhile back at the rehab, Morgan decides to start getting healthy. 

Epiphany notices that Dr. Finn seems groggy at the Nurses' station and they have a talk about Roxy. Then Paul comes to GH and introduces himself to Dr. Finn. Paul wants to talk about Tracy, but Dr. Finn refuses and walks away. Later Paul tries to talk to Dr. Finn again, but Dr. Finn coldly dismisses Paul saying Tracy didn't authorize him to discuss her case with him. After Finn heads to his hotel room and shoots up. Then Carly interrupts him by delivering towels and says she had to do it, because housekeeping is afraid of Roxy. She also brings him food for Roxy. Finn says Roxy only eats organic. Finn explains that he met Roxy on a camping trip in Australia. He says she was sick so he nursed her back to health and she hitched a ride in his backpack so he kept her. Carly is touched by the cute story. At the end, Carly leaves and Finn goes to shoot up again.

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ned's Back!

Larry gave me worms!
Here's What Happened - 

Liz slaps Hayden at Wyndermere so Hayden threatens to call the police and report her. However Liz bates her out of doing so and teases that she's going to put the moves on Nikolas. Liz convinces Hayden she'd be better off leaving gracefully so Hayden packs a bag and leaves Wyndermere. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Nik tosses back a few drinks in his hotel room. Then Liz knocks on the door and hugs Nik. He confides in her that he's thinking of working things out with Hayden for Spencer's sake and his own. At the end, Nik asks Liz to stay with him, because he doesn't want to be alone. 

Curtis and Valerie flirt at Kelly's and she asks about his relationship with Jordan again. Outside, Jordan tells Andre that Carlos might be alive. He worries about how Anna will feel. It leads to a conversation about his unconventional relationship with Anna. Then they walk into Kelly's and see Curtis and Valerie. Later a masked gunman bursts into Kelly's looking to rob the place, but Jordan and Curtis quickly take him down. Valerie sees how well Curtis and Jordan work together. Right then Hayden runs in and asks for Curtis' help with a flat tire. In private, Curtis tells Hayden he knows she's really Rachel and convinces her to stay in town. Nearby Andre notes that Jordan worked well with Curtis and he asks her on another date. After Valerie approaches Jordan and wants to talk about Curtis.

Sonny talks to Anna at her house and she accuses him of leaking the story about Carlos being alive. Sonny swears he didn't do any such thing so Anna assumes it must be Paul. Sonny thinks Anna should tap Paul's phone and office to find out what he's up to. Then they talk about Dr. Monroe's advice that they both stop seeking revenge for Duke's murder, but Sonny says he can't follow that advice. After they talk more about Duke and agree Duke died because he worked for Sonny. However Anna says Sonny needs to forgive himself for that.

Scotty takes Ava to the Metro Court to discuss her mob related problems. She asks Scotty to be her protection since she can't get any of her own people to help her. At first he's hesitant, but once Ava offers him a lot of money, Scotty changes his mind. He says he lost his life savings, because he invested with Raymond Berlin. They decide to get married to protect their mutual interests.

Ned arrives at the Port Charles airport and plans on surprising Tracy. Meanwhile at GH, Sam walks into Tracy's room just as she's talking about Rachel Berlin. Sam steps outside with Dillon and Jason and tells them who Hayden really is. Jason says he needs to get ELQ back for the Quartermaine's. Sam thinks that would make Edward and Alan very happy. Later Ned arrives for a visit and tells Tracy he came back to be a good big brother to Dillon and not because he's worried about her. After Tracy tells Ned how she got worms from hanging out with his father, Larry. She asks Ned and Dillon to get ELQ back for the family's legacy. Over by the hospital elevators, Sam likes hearing Jason talk about supporting his family and they kiss.

End of show!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

You're a Stranger

Today's Recap - 

Tracy demands to see Dr. Finn in her hospital room. Dr. Obrecht doesn't want Dr. Finn to practice at GH, but Dillon places a call to him anyway. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Dr. Finn practices yoga with Roxie while ignoring his phone ringing. Later he comes to see Tracy and tells her that he might not be able to cure her. He explains that he's hopeful his treatment with help, but he can't promise anything. 

Dr. Obrecht asks Dr. Finn to come talk with her and asks him to remove himself as Tracy's doctor. Dr. Finn refuses and threatens to sue GH over Dr. Mays poor treatment. Then he sternly tells Dr. Obrecht off and insists she give him the full cooperation of her staff. Later Dr. O tells Monica she's clearing Dr. Finn to treat Tracy tomorrow. Meanwhile we see Dr. Finn shooting himself up with something back at The Metro Court.

Ava runs into Paul at the hospital and asks for the recording of her admitting to killing Connie, but Paul once again refuses her. Then Ava says he put a target on her back. Paul wants to realign with her and offers to protect her. However Ava says she doesn't need him and tells him to focus on his own family. Later Paul runs into Dillon in the hallway and asks to see Tracy, but Dillon asks for more time to make that happen. 

At Kelly's, Sam, Danny and Jason enjoy a family dinner together. Jason asks Sam on an official date, but Sam says she's working on a case. After they all head to GH and see Monica. She tells them about Tracy's condition and Jason offers to talk to Tracy. Then Jason and Sam go to Tracy's hospital room. Sam gets a text message from Nikolas and takes off. Dillon decides to get some coffee leaving Jason and Tracy alone. Tracy gets confused and calls Jason, "Daddy." Tracy starts talking about how she knows she needs to get ELQ back to make him proud of her. Dillon walks back into the  room just as Tracy starts talking about her secret weapon to get ELQ back, Rachel Berlin.

Laura reviews Scotty's old law textbook in the attic at Wyndermere when Liz walks in and warns Laura to avoid the living room. She explains to Laura who Rachel Berlin is and says she wants to expose her. Laura thinks doing that could put Nikolas in jeopardy for shooting Hayden. Laura thinks they have to respect how Nikolas decides to deal with Hayden. Later Laura goes to Kelly's looking for Scotty. She shows him the old textbook, but Scotty doesn't know how Helena would have ended up with it. Scotty thinks he might be what Laura loved and lost, but Laura isn't convinced that's it. After when he's alone, Ava shows up to meet with Scotty.

Hayden tries to convince Nikolas that she really loves him in the living room at Wyndermere, but he says he doesn't know who she really is. He calls her a stranger and says he married Hayden, not Rachel Berlin. Hayden swears she just wanted to start over and reinvent herself, but Nikolas says she's been trying to swindle him. They get into an argument and Hayden reminds him that he's also been keeping secrets. Nik says he's going to The Metro Court to think and takes off. After Hayden tells Elizabeth off when Liz walks into the room looking for Nikolas. Liz calls Hayden a place holder in Nik's life. Hayden doesn't want to hear it and let's Liz know she's not walking away from Nikolas. 

Meanwhile Sam and Nik meet at The Metro Court and he tells Sam that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin. He asks Sam to investigate Hayden further without involving the police. He hopes Hayden really loves him, but says he needs to find out. Back at Wyndermere, Hayden says Liz can't stand to be alone and tells Liz to find someone other then Nik to add to her collection of bastards. Liz gets upset and slaps her across the face.

End of show!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

It's In The Tea

I'm taking off for the long weekend. In the meantime, here are a few scoops for today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

A clue will send Laura to Scott.

Nikolas receives shocking news.

Anna realizes she's being paranoid.

Sonny and Griffin bond over an unusual connection.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rachel Berlin

Hayden's outta here!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nathan dreams that Maxie says she hates him for lying to her about Claudette. He wakes up, looks at a picture of he and Maxie and sighs. Meanwhile Maxie runs into Griffin at GH and asks him again about modeling for Crimson's real men issue. He's reluctant to talk to her and says its because she has a boyfriend. Dr. Monroe thinks he would be attracted to her if they spent time together and says its better for him to stay away. Later Nathan meets Maxie at GH and she tells him about her encounter with Dr. Monroe. After they decide to head home and make use of some time together. They talk after sex and Nathan admits that hearing her talk about Dr. Monroe made him a little jealous. Maxie assures him no one can make her not love him, which makes Nathan feel guilty for lying. 

Michael goes to Anna's house looking for information on Sabrina's whereabouts. Anna tells him she doesn't know where she and Carlos are. Michael is worried that Anna might want kill Carlos if she finds him. Anna snaps that she knows what Carlos took from her, but says she can handle it. Then she offers to email Michael everything she knows. Later Dr. Monroe stops by to visit Anna and she shows him pictures of Duke as a child up to her last dance with Duke at the Nurses Ball. It leads to conversation about Duke's death and Anna gets emotional. She says she needs closure and some peace. He advises her to forgive Carlos, which puts Anna on the defensive. She ends up questioning who he really is and what he really wants. Meanwhile over at the hospital, Michael goes to see Felix and tells him that Sabrina has been on the run with Carlos.

Parker knocks on Kristina's door and insists that they need to speak. She tells Kristina that she's nervous about her father sending someone after her. Kristina tells her she shut Sonny's plans down so Parker doesn't have to worry. Kristina thinks Parker hates her and says she's still struggling with her feelings. After Parker says she heard about the gunman at Alexis' wedding and wanted to make sure Kristina was okay. Kristina feels like Parker plays with her emotions and says seeing her makes her feel more confused. However Kristina decides to kiss Parker goodbye. 

Hayden goes to Diane's room at The Metro Court to get the ELQ papers she wanted and finds Nikolas there with Diane. Nikolas and Diane give Hayden a bunch of grief for lying to each of them. Nik asks for a moment alone with Hayden. In private, she tries to claim she was drawing up papers for ELQ to benefit him. She explains the benefits and says she was just waiting for the right time to tell him about it. Nik says he believes her, but it doesn't seem like that's true. Then Nikolas says he came to see Diane today to give Hayden more of a share of his will, should something happen to him. Hayden is touched and thinks they've settled things. However once Nikolas speaks with Diane alone, Diane tells him not to sign the ELQ papers if he has doubts about Hayden. At the end, Nik tells Diane he's not signing anything or changing his will afterall. 

At Wyndermere, Liz sees something upsetting on the computer about Hayden. Then Laura and Lulu walk in and Laura tells them she's looking into the meaning of Helena's key. Lulu and Liz think Laura should be careful. Laura says she has to find out and explains what she learned about the key so far. Laura thinks she should go looking in the attic for something that the key might fit. Lulu wants to come with Laura just to be safe. As soon as they leave, Liz runs back to the computer to find out more about Hayden. Then Hayden walks in and Liz calls her Rachel Berlin. Meanwhile Laura and Lulu explore the attic and find a mysterious trunk.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you didn't know, the Daytime Emmy Award Nominations were announced today. You can read about it here -- 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dear Diary

Here's What Happened - 

Carly delivers champagne to Dr. Finn's room at the Metro Court and finds her housekeeper screaming. Carly walks into his room, introduces herself and Dr. Finn informs her that his service lizard, Roxie, scared the housekeeper and now he can't find her. Carly notes that he looks just like Silas. After Carly explains that she stopped by to defuse some recent hotel troubles and asks what Roxie does as a service animal. He tells her she's not legally allowed to ask him that, but since she brought champagne, he won't press charges. After he finds Roxie behind Carly and tells Carly to be very still so Roxie doesn't bite her. Later he refuses to tell Carly what Roxie does, but says Roxie likes her. Then Carly heads out and once alone, Dr. Finn asks Roxie if she likes Port Charles.

At GH, Dr. Obrecht tells Monica and Tracy that Dr. Finn has mysteriously disappeared and she ordered him not to treat Tracy. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and insists that Dr. O have Dr. Finn accredited and authorized to treat her immediately. Dr. Obrecht doesn't want to comply, but Monica says if she doesn't, she's opening the hospital up to a lawsuit. Dr. Obrecht reluctantly agrees to allow Dr. Finn to work at the hospital temporarily. After in private, Tracy thanks Monica for her help and they joke about their recent bonding moments. At the end, Monica calls Dr. Finn and he tells her he's planning on staying in town indefinitely. 

Kristina writes in her diary at Alexis' house about being back in Port Charles and Professor Parker. She worries that Alexis and Sonny won't understand if she's really gay. Then Sonny stops by to talk to Kristina. He says seeing her so upset the other day broke his heart and he loves her. Kristina gets choked up and explains that her bad decisions were her own mistakes and not his fault. Sonny apologizes for reacting badly and they hug. After Sonny insists that her professor needs to be dealt with regardless and says he sent Max to find Professor Parker. 

Kristina panics and insists he call Max off. She tells him she wants to fix her own problems. Sonny agrees and has Kristina call Max to tell him to back down. At the end, Kristina writes more in her diary about her sexual confusion and her feelings for Parker. Then she gets a surprising visit from none other than, Professor Parker. Meanwhile Sonny runs into Carly outside of Kelly's and they talk about Kristina. Sonny says he wants to protect Kristina, but he's going to let her handle things. After Carly tells Sonny about her encounter with Dr. Finn.

Laura and Nikolas talk at Kelly's about Helena's key and Nikolas' painting. Laura asks why he thinks Helena cut him out of her will. Nik says he doesn't know and plans to ignore Helena's painting. Laura says she can't ignore the key Helena left and thinks maybe Nikolas should find out what the painting means. Then Laura tells him she found out that the key she received likely opens a Russian steamer trunk. Nik thinks Laura should let it go, but she refuses and advises him to investigate the painting. However Nikolas refuses and says he's going to focus on Hayden. At the end, Laura tells Nik she'll stay out of his marriage, but she's glad he got a good prenup. After Nik makes arrangements to meet an unknown person over the phone. 

Hayden panics at Wyndermere that Sam is onto her and makes a phone call to Diane about the ELQ papers she wanted drawn up. Then Hayden does a web search for Naomi Dreyfus on Nik's laptop as Liz walks in. Hayden snaps at Liz for eavesdropping on her. Liz smirks and asks who Naomi is. Hayden gets super defensive, but Liz says its only a matter of time before her secrets are exposed. Liz says that finding out the truth about Hayden will hurt Nik and she hates that, but she will be there for him. Liz also says she thinks if Hayden asked Nikolas to chose between them, Hayden would lose. Liz thinks its obvious that Hayden married him for his money. Hayden tells Liz to get out, but she refuses and taunts Hayden about her Naomi secret. At the end, Hayden gets a text from Diane about the ELQ papers and tells Liz she's going to have Nik kick her out. Then Hayden leaves and once alone, Liz goes snooping on the laptop and finds a picture of Naomi (that we don't get to see), which Liz gasps, "Oh my god," at the sight of. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Meet Dr. Finn

Monday's Highlights - 

Curtis and Valerie share a kiss at Crimson, but are interrupted by Dante. Then Maxie and Nina walk in and Dante threatens to arrest them for littering magazine pages at college campuses. Nina talks Dante down and he leaves. After Curtis offers Nina his private detective services so Nina hires him to find out who is sabotaging them. Curtis says Valerie will be his assistant, but in private Valerie won't agree to work with him or go on another date until he tells her about his history with Jordan. He gives her a few details, but says he prefers not to talk about it, just like she doesn't like talking about Dante. At the end, Valerie agrees to help him. 

Kristina and Molly tell Julian he did a good job with Crimson at the courthouse. Nearby Carly asks Olivia to drop the charges against Mayor Lomax, but Olivia refuses. Alexis joins the conversation and asks Carly to help their case. Mayor Lomax makes a snarky comment to Carly as she exits the courtroom about shutting down the Metro Court. Later the hearing begins and Alexis calls Olivia to the stand to tell her side of the story. Then Mayor Lomax takes the stand to tell her story. Then Alexis has Carly take the stand followed by Jordan. 

After Diane and Alexis make their closing arguments. Then Carly brings in two breast feeding mothers, which annoys the judge. All the women in the courtroom get upset, especially Nina. She impulsively rips her top off in protest. Carly, Maxie and Olivia all join Nina and the judge ultimately rules in Olivia's favor. After Carly threatens to sue Mayor Lomax if she doesn't back off the Metro Court. Diane backs her up and Mayor Lomax finally concedes. However the mayor does tells Alexis she made an enemy of her. 

Dillon calls Ned from the hospital to tell him that Tracy's health is bad. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Monica in her hospital room that she dreamed of Alan and thinks she's going to die. Tracy tells Monica if she can't be saved, she wants her to the plug. Monica gets upset and walks out. She runs into Dillon in the hallway who tells her that despite Tracy's bad attitude, he knows Tracy loves her. Monica says she loves Tracy too and they hug. Tracy sees them and screams for Monica to get her hands off Ned in a state of confusion. Dillon straightens Tracy out and Monica takes her back to her room. 

Dr. Monroe asks Brad to let him look at Tracy's biopsy results at GH, however Dr. Mays sees them and gets upset. He grabs the files and threatens to get them both fired. Later Brad shows Dr. Monroe a copy he made of Tracy's results behind Dr. Mays back. Dr. Monroe takes a look and says he thinks he's seen what Tracy has before. Later Dr. Mays comes to tell Tracy she doesn't have cancer, but he has no idea what's wrong with her. 

Monica looks at the results and agrees that Tracy doesn't have cancer, but insists that Tracy stay in the hospital. Dr. Mays ends up bringing Dr. Monroe in afterall and Dr. Monroe says he thinks Tracy has an infection, possibly received from her trip to Mexico. He thinks Tracy will need an infectious disease doctor. Monica says she knows just the right person. At the end, Dr. Mays tells Brad and Dr. Monroe he's going to see to it they are fired no matter what. Meanwhile Monica makes a call to a Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) on Tracy's behalf and asks for his help.

End of show!

What do you think of Michael Easton being another doctor on GH?

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Rose


Here's What Happened - 

Carly and Sonny talk about their custody issues with Avery at their house. Sonny thinks Ava will dig her own grave and he can just push her over the edge. Then they talk about Kristina. Sonny wants to have someone "straighten out" Professor Parker, who he believes is male. Carly advises him not to do that, because it will make things harder for Kristina. Then Carly gets called away to the hotel for a health violation. When she gets there, Carly learns that the Metro Court is being shut down for erroneous violations. Meanwhile back at the house, Sonny calls Max and tells him to look into Kristina's professor afterall. 

At Crimson, Dillon texts Maxie that pages from Crimson have been dropped at various college campuses for their contest. Nina hopes their media campaign will be enough to save the magazine, but she fears the worst. Maxie gives her a pep talk. After Nina shares with Maxie that she's going to see a specialist to try and have a baby and claims Franco is on board. Then Maxie tells Nina Crimson is trending on social media and she thinks their plan is working. Nina figures that Julian is sabotaging the magazine, but Maxie thinks it's someone else. Later they get word that the hotel is being shutdown and are told to evacuate. Nina and Maxie go talk to Carly about it and wonder if Mayor Lomax is making trouble for Olivia at the hotel.

Valerie meets Curtis at the Metro Court for their date and he tells her their going on an adventure. Valerie wants details on his history with Jordan, but Curtis convinces her to help him win the Crimson contest instead. Then they commiserate on both losing their mothers too soon and take off to win the contest. Later Curtis and Valerie successfully find all the pages of the magazine and take the completed magazine to Crimson. They end up winning and Curtis notes what a good time he and Valerie make. 

Molly pressures Kristina at Alexis' house to tell her parents that she's gay. Kristina says she doesn't know what she is, but Professor Parker was very exciting. Kristina says even though she's always dated guys, now she's questioning everything. Molly thinks maybe she's bi-sexual or poly-sexual. Kristina worries that Alexis and Sonny will be upset, but Molly thinks Kristina should be proud of who she is. Molly thinks Sonny and Alexis will come around. 

At the courthouse, Alexis prepares for Olivia's hearing. Unexpectedly, Diane shows up representing Mayor Lomax. Alexis questions what Diane is thinking and it leads to an argument between Mayor Lomax, Olivia, Diane and Alexis. Mayor Lomax threatens that if Alexis and Olivia don't drop the charges, she'll make them sorry. Olivia records Mayor Lomax's threats. Olivia and Lomax end up getting into a physical fight, Olivia drops her phone and Diane deletes the recording. At the end, Julian, Kristina and Molly show up to support Alexis. Carly also shows up and tells Olivia the mayor is messing with the hotel and she needs to drop the charges asap. 

Ava and Julian talk at the hospital about the black rose she received. Julian thinks she's a dead woman walking. Ava blames her issues with Paul for her troubles. Julian asks what Ava is going to do to survive. She answers that maybe her number is up, because she made a bargain with god to take her life for Kiki's. Julian doesn't want to hear that and says he wants to help save her. He decides to go to a mob meeting in her place. At the end, Ava goes to see Sonny and asks him to tell Avery that she loves her. After she leaves, Sonny makes a call saying the black rose he sent Ava to get to her worked.

End of show!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Back Tomorrow

No time to recap today, I'm sorry. Work was busy and now I need a green beer or something alcoholic! Enjoy GH today and I'll see you tomorrow!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Duke Was My Father

Tuesday's Recap - 

Laura tells Nikolas and Hayden at Wyndermere that she plans on investigating Helena's key. Nikolas tells Hayden he needs to hold onto ELQ now more than ever. After Hayden gets a call from Curtis asking her to meet him. Hayden makes an excuse to leave and meets up with Curtis on the docks. He asks Hayden to co-sign an apartment lease for him. Hayden agrees, but warns him she doesn't want to owe anyone money since Nik isn't that rich anymore. Meanwhile back at Wyndermere, Laura wonders if Helena's key opens something in the house. Nikolas thinks maybe Laura should let it go, but Laura thinks there's no escaping Helena's games. Later Hayden returns home and reminds Nik that Helena did leave him the painting of herself, if nothing else. Then they head up to the bedroom.

Valerie runs into Dante at the PCPD and she tells him she's about to graduate the academy. Then Dante tells Valerie he's back together with Lulu. Valerie wishes him the best and after they have a talk about Curtis. Val says Jordan told her Curtis used to be a coke head, but she might see him again. Dante advises her to be careful and they agree they're both looking forward to the day things aren't awkward between them anymore. After Valerie runs into Curtis on the docks and he tells her he got his own apartment. Then he asks Valerie on a second date and she agrees.

Anna approaches Dr. Monroe and says she thinks he was following her, because of Duke. Anna says his middle name, Fitzhugh, is Duke's family name. Griffin says Duke was his father. He explains that after his mother died he found a letter from her saying Duke was his father, but his mother kept it a secret because Duke fell in love with Anna. Griffin says he wanted to meet Anna to learn about Duke through her memories. Anna starts to tell him about how Duke died, but Dr. Monroe is called to the hospital. He leaves the letter from his mother so Anna can read it. It chokes Anna up and she cries.

Ava talks to Kiki at her bedside in the hospital. She implores Kiki to speak. Kiki manages to whisper, "Morgan." However Kiki doesn't talk for long so Ava calls in a nurse. She yells at the nurse that she wants to speak with Dr. Monroe immediately. Later Dr. Monroe comes to speak with Ava and tells her it's impossible to be sure when Kiki will wake up. He checks Kiki's vitals and says she should wake up soon, but only time will tell. Ava is frustrated with the situation. Dr. Monroe has a gentle bedside manner with Ava and while they're talking, Anna happens by and listens. After Anna returns the letter to Griffin and tells him that Duke would have loved having a son. Anna offers to provide a window for Griffin into Duke's insight. She also tells him Duke would have been proud of him.

Sonny goes to visit Morgan in the clinic and gets a chilly reception. Sonny brings him a tablet so Morgan can keep in touch with people while he's committed, but Morgan can only think about Kiki. Then Morgan says being committed and on medication makes him feel like crap. Sonny thinks that Morgan needs to deal with his feelings and this bad part of his life will pass. He assures Morgan that they will get through it as a family. Morgan feels like he's useless, especially to Kiki. Meanwhile over at the hospital, Kiki whispers for Morgan again so Ava calls Sonny. Ava asks Sonny if Morgan can talk to Kiki. Sonny gives Morgan the phone and he talks to Kiki while Ava holds the phone to Kiki's ear. Kiki ends up coming to, they have a sweet brief chat and Morgan promises he'll come see her soon.

Julian gets a visit from Alexis at Crimson and she's wild eyed with the knife Helena left her in her hand. Julian can see she's upset so Alexis fills him on what Helena did to her mother. Alexis talks about how she hated being a Cassadine and wanted to kill Helena. Julian is sympathetic and reminds Alexis that they're moving with their own future now. After Alexis says she has to prepare for Olivia's boobgate hearing and wants press coverage from Crimson. At the end, Julian gets a call when he's alone that some suspicious business he has planned for Crimson is in play.

End of show!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Reading of Helena Cassadine's Will

I put a curse on you!
Here's What Happened -

Lulu arrives at Wyndermere for the reading of Helena's will. Hayden, Nik and Elizabeth join them in the living room and Liz says she's leaving to avoid the whole thing. Hayden snarks that Liz isn't really needed anyway. However then Scotty walks in and tells Liz she's listed in Helena's will and needs to stay put. Everyone worries what Helena could have left for them. Nikolas says they should all handle whatever it is together as a family. 

Anna looks at a picture of Dr. Monroe on her phone at The Metro Court and remarks, "that can't be him." Then Andre joins her and they have a friendly chat about her mysterious stalker. Jordan walks in, sees them talking and gets jealous. Anna decides to tell Jordan that she was a patient of Andre's and that's why they're so comfortable. Jordan seems relieved, but once in private with Andre, she tells him it seems awkward that her friend and date chat so intimately. At the end, Jordan tells Andre that she understands that he and Anna are just friends, but she doesn't look convinced.

Maxie runs into a towel bound Dr. Monroe fresh from the shower in the GH locker room. Maxie bumps into him in a frustrated state and says she's looking for Epiphany. He helps her pick up some papers she dropped and then Maxie almost slips on a puddle caused from Dr. Monroe's dripping wet body. (lol) He catches her from falling, but Maxie hurts her ankle in the process. Dr. Monroe looks at her ankle and tells her she sprained it. He advises Maxie to let him look at it. Later a dressed Dr. Monroe wraps up Maxie's ankle and they talk. Maxie mentions the upcoming Crimson issue about real women and thinks Dr. Monroe would be great for a real men issue. She tells him he's hot, smart and caring and would be perfect. She also notes that she saw a gun shot scar on his stomach in the locker room. It makes him uncomfortable so he declines her offer and goes back to work. At the end, Anna runs into Dr. Monroe and tells him she thinks she knows why he's been following her. 

Dante and Nathan chat at the PCPD about the Claudette situation. Nathan tells Dante he's not going to tell Maxie anything about Claudette and Maxie is okay with that. Dante doesn't think Maxie will be able to let it go. Nathan gets defensive and asks if they can forget about it. To change the subject, Dante tells Nathan that he and Lulu got back together. However they end up getting back to the Claudette thing and Nathan confesses that Claudette was actually his wife. Before Nathan can elaborate, Maxie shows up and notices something is off. Nathan covers by saying its just the news of Dante and Lulu getting back together. 

Sam and Alexis talk at The Metro Court about Helena's will and Sam tells Alexis about the curse Helena put on her. Sam also has Jason's Quartermaine crypt nameplate with her and notes that she cut her finger on it. Alexis advises her not to worry and they leave for the will reading together. When they arrive at Wyndermere, Scotty starts the reading and plays a video from Helena. In the video Helena talks about how she wanted Robin to make her immortal, but if they are seeing the video that means Robin failed. Helena goes on to say that she's leaving one cent to Sam to be divided between her, Kristina and Molly, because that's what a child of Alexis is worth. Then to Alexis, Helena leaves the knife she used to kill Alexis' mother so Alexis will never forget, along with a music box that plays the song that was playing when her mother was killed. Alexis and Sam get upset and decide to leave.

Later Helena leaves a journal Jake made during his time with Helena on Cassadine Island to Liz. Liz gets looks worried and decides to look at it at the hospital. To Nikolas, Helena leaves all her money to the Cassadine Foundation and none to him. She does leave him a painting of herself sipping tea. Nik says he doesn't need her money and laughs it off, but it's obvious there is significance to the image of her drinking tea that upsets him. Then Helena leaves an empty envelop to Lulu and says there is meaning to it that Lulu needs to figure out. Finally to Laura, Helena leaves a key to something unknown, which Helena says is the key to something Laura has loved and lost. 

Meanwhile Liz takes the journal from Jake to the hospital locker room to reviews its contents. Liz sees a nursery rhyme within the pages that basically insinuates that Jake has a secret Helena ordered him not to tell anyone about. Over at the Metro Court, Alexis tells Sam the objects from Helena are the last cruel thing Helena will ever do to her. However Alexis decides not to throw the music box and knife away. Back at Wyndermere, Nikolas wonders if Laura is going to pursue Helena's key. Laura just looks at the key with angst. 

End of show!

Good show today!

Have a great night!

Friday, March 11, 2016

General Hospital is Pre-Empted Today

No GH today, because of Nancy Reagan's funeral. Enjoy the long weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

In the meantime, if you have the time and feel like watching a classic GH throwback, enjoy Luke & Laura's wedding below!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm Not Ready To Die

Wednesday's Recap - 

At the Metro Court, Carly and Sonny tell Michael about Morgan going to the Freeman (Mental) Clinic. Then Jason approaches them and says he's moving into his own place. Jason also offers his condolences about Morgan. Michael and Sonny excuse themselves and in private Jason expresses to Carly that he doesn't want to work for Sonny again. Carly says she's fine with that and since Sonny's business is so violent, she doesn't want Jason to get hurt. Jason asks if this is effecting her marriage to Sonny. Carly says they talked about things and Sonny promised not to use guns. After Carly gives Jason a bit of information on their history together and how they became friends. At the end, she takes him to the Quartermaine crypt to see his own headstone and the rest of the family. Jason decides to take his name off the wall and says the crypt seems like a good place to think. 

Dr. Monroe eats at The Floating Rib and tells one of the waitresses there is a woman he's interested in. Then he looks toward Anna who is sitting nearby. After Dr. Monroe runs into Felix who is quick to tell him that the other doctors and nurses at GH really like him. Felix specifically mentions Dr. Mays as being difficult and Felix advises Dr. Monroe to go to Monica if he ever needs anything. Later Michael meets up with Felix and Felix shows him a picture of Sabrina's baby. He also tells Michael that Sabrina isn't coming back to Port Charles. 

Anna sits at a table at The Floating Rib and is joined by Paul. He wants to talk about Carlos and tells Anna he cares about her and what she thinks about the situation. Anna tells Paul to call her when he hears from Carlos and walks out. Anna heads home and locates a picture of Carlos on the run. Then she gets a visit from Sonny. He thanks Anna for trying to help with the gun battle on the pier. Sonny asks for a glass of water and notices the picture of Carlos she had. He asks Anna when this picture was taken. Anna tells Sonny that Carlos is alive and his death was faked. Sonny is ready to find Carlos and kill him, but Anna tells him not to. She says Julian was really the person responsible for killing Duke and they need Carlos to get to Julian. They agree to work together to avenge Duke. 

Carlos calls Paul and gets a warning that he needs to come home, because Anna is looking for him. Carlos doesn't want to come home and refuses to give Paul any details about Sabrina or her baby. Paul tells Carlos he can get him immunity if he testifies against Julian Jerome. Carlos still refuses and tells Paul to wire him more money. Meanwhile Sonny goes to The Floating Rib and learns from Michael that he saw a picture of Sabrina's baby. Seeing Michael upset, Sonny tells him there is something he needs to share with him. 

Tracy goes to the Quartermaine crypt and vents to her dead family that she won't be joining them in the afterlife. Tracy says, "I'm not ready to die!' Then she says she misses them, even AJ. Tracy wishes Lila was there to hold her hand, because she's scared. Dillon shows up and asks what she's doing in there. He wants to take Tracy back to the house for tea, but Tracy suddenly can't remember anything and gets foggy again. Then she starts to have another seizure. 

Dr. Mays tells Monica at the hospital that Tracy hasn't shown up for her biopsy. After Dr. Monroe approaches Monica and says he has some theories about what's happening with Tracy. Later Tracy is rushed into the hospital with Dillon. Dr. Monroe tells Dillon that they don't know what's wrong with Tracy, but it's not from anti-depressants. Dr. Mays walks over to Dillon and mentions that Tracy might have cancer, which panics Dillon. In private, Dr. Monroe tells Dr. Mays that Tracy might not have cancer afterall. 

In Tracy's hospital room, Monica assures Tracy she's not going to die. Dillon watches on in fear. Monica says now they'll preform the biopsy to find out what's really going on with her. Meanwhile at the Nurses' station, Dr. Mays and Dr. Monroe argue about Tracy's case. Dillon overhears them. Then he returns to Tracy's room and tells her he loves her. In private, Dillon asks Monica if the biopsy is safe and says he'd like to talk to Dr. Monroe. Meanwhile Dr. Monroe goes to Anna's house and tells her he's been following her. 

End of show!

How much do you want to bet Dr. Monroe is Duke's son?

Have a great night!

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Love You to Death

No more guns!
Today's Recap - 

Tracy calls Alice from the hospital and demands Alice send a car. Tracy is anxious to check out. Then Monica and Dr. Mays walk in and Monica tells Tracy she needs to hear what they have to say. Dr. Monroe joins them, which makes Tracy testy. Dr. Mays tells Tracy she has a mass in her brain they need to biopsy to determine if its cancer. After Monica asks Tracy if she needs anything, but Tracy just says she wants to leave. Monica tries to talk Tracy out of being stubborn, but Tracy won't listen. Later Monica talks to Dr. Monroe about Tracy's case and Monica tells him to explore any ideas he may have. At the end, Monica brings Tracy anti-seizure medication and Tracy accuses Monica of wanting her dead. Monica calls her bitch and says she's been putting up with Tracy's nonsense for years. Dr. Monroe overhears them fighting. Monica tells Tracy she's going to help her whether she likes it or not and storms off. 

Nikolas calls Sam looking for information on her investigation into Hayden. After Hayden walks in and they sit down for tea. The subject of Elizabeth living with them comes up. Nikolas senses Hayden is unhappy so she suggests they make out to feel better. Then they talk about Tracy and Hayden says seeing Tracy sick reminded her of seeing her father have a heart attack as a child. Later Hayden gives Nikolas a first addition copy of The Great Gatsby as a wedding gift. She tells him there is an inscription on the inside that she wants him to read after she leaves the house. When Nik reads the inside it says, "to my Gatsby, from your Daisy." Nik thinks about happy moments with Hayden and looks confused. 

Sam meets with Baxter at The Metro Court and pretends to be looking for a financial adviser. He asks who recommended him to her so Sam shows him a picture of Hayden and says her friend, Rachel, recommended him. Baxter looks at the picture and claims he doesn't know her. Sam says that Rachel told her they ran into each other in Vegas. However Baxter insists he doesn't know Rachel. Later when he goes to get them drinks, Sam takes a picture of his cell phone call list when he's not looking. At the end, Hayden walks into the Metro Court and sees Sam and Baxter together. 

Lulu goes to see Dante at their apartment and they talk about the divorce papers. They get into a conversation about everything that led up to the divorce and Lulu says she was unfair to him. Then Olivia knocks on the door and interrupts. Dante gets called away for work and asks Lulu to wait for him. After Olivia and Lulu chat about Dante. Olivia advises Lulu to tell Dante how she really feels. Lulu hugs Olivia and they say they love each other. Later when Dante comes home, Lulu impulsively kisses him. They agree to try again and decide to get back together.

Sonny asks Carly at their house if she's going to leave him. Carly answers that, "you don't want to ask me that question tonight." She intently tells him she loves him, but says his business makes him a liar. However Carly tells him she's mostly angry at herself for looking the other way in regard to his business. Sonny thinks he's going to lose her, but Carly says she's not going to leave. Sonny tells her he needs her more than he's ever needed anyone. Carly fears that his business will end up killing him or one of the kids. Sonny responds that he can't promise her the violence will end. Carly talks about what happened to Kiki and asks him to avoid using guns. He says he'll do what he can, but can't promise anything. At the end, Sonny says he loves her to death and Carly says she loves him too. 

End of show!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Please Don't Commit Me

Hell no, I won't go!
Friday's Recap - 

Lulu and Maxie meet up at The Floating Rib and they talk about Lulu's marital issues. Maxie advises Lulu to trust Dante and fight for her marriage. However Lulu gets the finalized divorce decree and cries that her marriage is over. Maxie tells Lulu to rip the papers up. Later Maxie shares her concerns with Lulu about the Claudette issue. Meanwhile, Dante visits Nathan and shows him his divorce papers. Nathan advises Dante to speak with Lulu before signing anything. After Nathan confides in Dante that he's keeping a secret from Maxie about Claudette. Dante tells him to tell Maxie the truth, because lies destroy relationships.

Carly and Sonny fight over how to deal with Morgan at their house. Carly wants to have Morgan committed, but Sonny thinks that will destroy Morgan. Meanwhile at GH, Dr. Maddox tells Morgan that he's not ready to be released. Morgan starts to get defensive and says he doesn't want to take his medication. Morgan vents about the sexual side effects, but Dr. Maddox says they can adjust him accordingly. 

Later Diane, Carly and Sonny visit Morgan and Diane tells them that the police won't drop the charges against him. Morgan goes into a full manic rant insisting that he wants to go to trial. Seeing Morgan freaking out makes Sonny realize that Morgan might need to be committed afterall. Diane agrees and thinks it's Morgan's best legal option. Morgan begs them not to lock him up and accuses Dr. Maddox of setting him up. However they all tell Morgan he needs to be committed. 

Ava waits by Kiki's bedside for her to wake up in tears. Then Julian comes to see her and tries to assure Ava everything will be okay. Ava tells Julian that Sonny is watching Avery for her. Later they talk about Ava's mobular problems. Ava tells Julian that Paul gave her immunity and it's best if Julian stay out of it. Then Morgan shows up with Dr. Maddox asking to see Kiki before he goes to the mental hospital. Ava allows it. Morgan apologizes to Kiki at her bedside for hurting her and says he hopes one day they can be together again. After Morgan leaves, Kiki finally opens her eyes and says his name. Back at Sonny's place, Sonny wonders if Carly wants to leave him over his business.

End of show!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Diane To The Rescue

No official recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some scoops for today's episode. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Diane discusses Morgan's situation with Sonny and Carly.

Carly blames the mob; Sonny blames Ava.

Maxie offers Nina some advice.

Jason and Sam wake up snuggled together.

Liz has both good and bad news for Jake.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stuffed Poodle

I loved my doggie!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan go back to their apartment looking for alone time to find Nina waiting there to welcome Nathan home. Nina wants to stay to help take care of him, but Nathan tells her its not necessary. Then Nina sees the stuffed poodle that Felicia gave Nathan. She remarks that their childhood dog was named Mittens. Maxie looks upset and asks if he's lying to her. In private, Nathan claims that Claudette was a dog he had after Nina was in a coma. Later Dr. Obrecht stops by with dumplings for Nathan. Dr. O notices Nathan holding the stuffed poodle and asks why he's playing with a little girl's toy. Nathan tells Dr. O in private that he's got a secret about Claudette.

Meanwhile Nina and Maxie pick dinner up for Nathan at The Floating Rib. Nina says she's going to leave them alone for dinner, but presses Maxie to talk about what's bothering her. Maxie explains about how Claudette was a dog Nathan had when Nina was in a coma, which makes Nina feel bad. Back at the apartment, Nathan and Dr. Obrecht agree to keep the subject of Claudette quiet for fear he could lose Maxie over it. Then Dante drops by and tells Nathan things are better with him and Lulu. At the end, Maxie returns with the take out to find Nathan alone. He wants them to take the opportunity to fool around. 

Sam explains to Jason at their hotel that in the past she liked not only his dangerous side, but that he made her feel safe. She fills him in on her past as a con artist and says she knew from the start that she could trust him. He asks if she trusts the person he is now. Sam answers that she's learning to. Later they read a story to Danny together until he falls asleep. Sam glows when Jason wants to carry Danny to bed. At the end, Sam and Jason agree the ordinary things mean the most in life. 

Ava asks Paul for the flash drive of her admitting to killing Connie at the hospital, but Paul refuses. Ava thinks that he just wants leverage over her, but Paul informs her that she'd only stab him in the back if she had the recording. After Dillon approaches Paul and tells him that Tracy might be sick and he wanted to talk to Monica about it. However Monica is out of town. Meanwhile Tracy talks to Dr. Mays in her hospital room and he tells her that he found lesions on her brain. He says they need to do an MRI to know more. Tracy is clearly shocked. Later Dillon comes into Tracy's room with Paul. She reluctantly tells them about her recent episodes and lies saying she's been taking anti depressants but stopped them, thus causing her episodes. Paul and Dillon buy it. At the end, Tracy asks Dr. Mays to keep her condition a secret.

Sonny says a prayer for Morgan in the hospital chapel. Then Dante comes to tell Sonny that the police aren't pressing charges against Ava. Sonny isn't happy to hear it and then they get into a conversation about Sonny lying about being able to walk. Sonny refuses to apologize for it, which frustrates Dante. He walks out and after Sonny tells "god" that Dante sees everything in a simple way and he has to save Avery at all costs. Later Ava comes to the chapel. Her and Sonny have a tense talk about Dixon and Raj. Sonny says Ava brought this danger on herself and she needs to answer for it. Ava thinks Kiki being shot is her punishment. After Sonny offers to babysit Avery so Ava can stay by Kiki's side. At first Ava is afraid to trust Sonny, but she ultimately agrees. At the end, Sonny has cute baby talk with Avery and Avery refuses to share her cookie with him.

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis and Julian wake up at The Metro Court in bliss and are thankful for Sam's wedding gift. They decide to order room service, but have a hard time keeping their hands off each other. Julian remarks how happy he is and how far he's come since leaving the mob. Alexis tells him how happy she is that their family ended up back together. Julian tells Alexis all the things he loves about her, in particular her generosity toward Leo and Olivia. Alexis tells Julian that he's changed and has a beautiful soul. 

At The Floating Rib, Tracy starts to have a seizure while sitting with Hayden. Dr. Griffin is nearby and rushes to help her. Tracy wakes up shortly after and Dr. Griffin helps her into a chair. Tracy doesn't want to go to the hospital, but Dillon shows up and talks her into it. Later Dillon and Hayden sit with Tracy at the hospital for news. Dr. Griffin says he wants to keep Tracy there until he gets more test results. Tracy says she wants the best doctor in the the hospital and tells him to get her someone else. Later Dr. Griffin brings in Dr. Mays. Tracy insists to Dr. Mays that she didn't have a seizure and she insists that Hayden and Dillon leave the room. Later Tracy snaps at Hayden when she tries to talk to her and calls her Rachel. After Dillon worries that something is seriously wrong with Tracy, because Tracy called Hayden, Rachel. 

Ava and Franco wait for news on Kiki at the hospital. Ava worries that her legal trouble will pull her from Kiki's bedside. Franco promises to stand by Kiki, if Ava is pulled away. Meanwhile Jordan approaches Paul at the PCPD and tells him she has some questions for Ava about her immunity deal. After Paul calls Ava's phone to warn her, but Ava is busy talking to Franco at the hospital. Ava tells Franco that she's glad that Kiki has him in her life. Then Jordan shows up and asks to speak with Ava alone.

Franco goes into Kiki's hospital room and sits by her bedside. He talks to Kiki and tells her the news from the internet. He asks Kiki to let him know what he can do to help her. Right then he gets a friendly phone call from Jake. Meanwhile out in the hall, Jordan tells Ava that Paul told her all about her relationship with him. Ava starts to get the wrong idea, but then Paul shows up and announces to Ava that Jordan wants to know about her immunity deal. Ava realizes what's going on and tells Jordan she needs to stay with Kiki and can't answer any more questions. Later Ava and Paul have a moment alone and he comforts Ava when she cries over Kiki. Then Paul advises Ava to get out of the mob. 

Sam brings Danny to the Shriner's hospital to see Jason, which makes Jason very happy. Liz notices how close they seem. Then Jason takes Danny with Liz to have a visit with Jake. Later in private, Liz tells Jason that it's a little strange that Sam brought Danny for a visit. Jason tells Liz that he invited them. Liz sadly notes that Jason and Sam are getting close again. Meanwhile Nik approaches Sam in the waiting area and tells her about his donation to Shriner's hospital. Then he asks if Sam has any updates on her investigation into Hayden. In front of Nik, Sam makes a call to meet with Corbin (the man who called Hayden, Rachel in Las Vegas), which impresses Nik. Jason walks over and sees them talking. In private, he tells Sam he assumes she's working with Nikolas and won't pressure her to tell him what's going on. 

After Jason and Sam agree to tuck Danny in together at their hotel. When they get to the hotel, Sam and Jason hug and he says he's glad she's okay after the hostage wedding situation. Back at the hospital, Nikolas sees that Liz is upset and he asks her what's wrong. Liz says she realizes that because her and Sam both have children with Jason, Sam will always be in her life. Then Liz gets a phone call from Franco and he vents to Liz about his worry over Kiki. Meanwhile over at the hotel, Jason asks Sam if she was with him back in the day, because she liked that he was dangerous. Sam answers yes. 

End of show!

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