Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Young, Dumb & Filled with...Zeal

Here's What Happened - 

Kiki asks Franco at The Metro Court if it's unusual for a guy not to be able to have sex with a girl. Franco think it's probably just the meds and says Morgan is, "young, dumb and filled with...zeal." Franco suggests that Kiki reassure Morgan of her interest in him. Kiki wonders if maybe Morgan just doesn't want her anymore. Later Ava takes a moment to speak with Kiki alone and brings her a dress to wear to Julian's wedding. Ava asks if they can make peace and Kiki agrees. Then Ava asks if Kiki will take care of Avery if anything happens to her. Kiki worries that Ava is in trouble and tells her to stop doing risky things. 

Kristina comes to see Morgan at his warehouse job and realizes he's been drinking. Morgan gets defensive and asks why she came there. Kristina says she came to invite Sonny to Alexis' wedding. Morgan gets all keyed up, starts talking fast and snaps at her. Kristina walks out and after Darby shows up. Morgan decides to take Darby into a private spot and they start going at it. At the end, Kiki walks in and sees them. 

Anna runs into Ava at The Metro Court and wants to speak with her, but Dillon interrupts and asks for a moment of Anna's time. In private, Dillon asks Anna to fill in as one of the "real" women for Crimson's real woman issue. Anna agrees so they head to the PCPD to have a photo shoot. Anna gets Dillon to talk about Paul and learns that his sister Susan lives on a tiny island outside of Maine. Dillon also says his sister owns a shop called Suki's, which is a nickname Paul gave her as a kid. At the end, Anna is on the phone looking to find out more about Susan and Paul walks up to her. 

Paul goes to see Tracy at the Quartermaine's and asks for her help to repair his relationship with Dillon. Tracy thinks it's too little, too late and yells that its not her job to plead his case to Dillon. Tracy seems to get exhausted and sits down. Then Tracy appears to space out as Paul rambles about Dillon. Paul notices that Tracy looks off and asks if she's okay. Tracy realizes something is wrong and orders him to leave. Later Tracy goes to do research on unexplained blackouts on the internet, but is interrupted by Dillon.

Monica tells Jason and Liz at GH that Jake has fractures in his arm and leg. Monica thinks he needs a specialized hospital and suggests they take Jake to the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. Carly walks over and starts telling Liz and Jake about how great Shriners Hospital is. Later Carly asks Jason if she can help him with anything so he asks her to keep an eye on Sam. Carly thinks that's sweet and tells him to say goodbye to Sam before he takes Jake to Philadelphia. Meanwhile Liz fills Franco in on her plans for Jake and thanks him for his support. Then Franco watches as Liz talks to Aiden and Cameron and seems enthralled by her. At the end, he asks Liz if he can text her once and awhile to check on Jake. Liz tells him that would be nice. 

Dr. Monroe has a visit with Carly and Sonny in his office. Sonny asks Carly to give him a moment alone with the doctor and in private Dr. Monroe wonders if he should call Sonny the Godfather. Dr. Monroe doesn't want to help him lie about his condition just to aid in his business. Dr. Monroe says he will refer another doctor to Sonny, but Sonny asks if Dr. Monroe will stay on his case if Sonny never asks him to lie for him. Then Carly walks back in and Sonny says he wants to leave. After Carly wants to know what's going on with Dr. Monroe, but Sonny changes the subject and asks Carly to go to Alexis' wedding with him. 

Alexis goes to see Sam at her penthouse and they talk about her evening with Jason. Sam tells her that she doesn't remember they last time she felt this happy. Then she asks if she can take Jason to Alexis' wedding. At first Alexis is reluctant but then says Sam should bring him. Later Kristina stops by and right after Jason knocks on the door. Kristina makes a joke that Jason needs to be really, really good to Sam and then her and Alexis leave. Once in private, Jason says he's going to take Jake to Shriners with Liz, but asks Sam if they can do something together when he gets back. Then they kiss. 

End of show!

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