Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wedding Premonition

True Love!
Thursday's Recap - 

Alexis and Julian enjoy some romantic time at home when they get interrupted by Olivia. She tells Julian and Alexis that she had a premonition about them. They expect to hear something bad, but Olivia says she had a feeling they're going to have a great life together. After the ladies have a moment alone and Olivia tells Alexis she's really happy for them and they hug. Julian comes back in the room, sees them bonding and wonders what is going on. Later Olivia shows them two outfits that Leo could wear to their wedding and asks which one they like better. When Julian goes to look at the choices, Olivia has a real premonition of blood on Julian's hands. Olivia freaks, tells them about what she saw and runs off. Once alone, they forgot about Olivia and make love by the fire. Alexis thinks it's wonderful how they ended up together and says she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with Julian. Over at the Metro Court, Olivia worries about what her premonition means. 

Nikolas stops by Sam's place to ask her to investigate Hayden. Sam tells him to go to hell and refuses. However Nikolas changes her mind by asking her to do it for Spencer's sake and not his. Then he tells Sam about the incident where Baxter Corbin called Hayden, Rachel. Nikolas tells Sam he loves Hayden, but doesn't trust her. Meanwhile Hayden meets with Diane at The Metro Court. Diane asks if Nikolas knows what Hayden's plans are. Hayden says she wants to keep Nik in the dark. Diane then tells Hayden that in order for her to get Nik's finances turned over to her, Nikolas' valid signature must be on the paperwork. Hayden says that she and Nikolas are waiting on that. Then Diane confirms that Nik's signature can be obtained alone as long as it's notarized. At the end, Nik and Hayden meet at Wyndermere to make love while Sam begins her investigation.

Anna accuses Paul of of killing Agent Sloane at her place. He admits it and says he'd do it again. Anna asks why he's doing all of this. She deduces that Carlos works for Paul and Paul likely shot Sonny. Paul gets upset and says he had to kill Kyle Sloane. Paul starts talking about the history with his daughter Susan. Then he says Sloane knew Susan and that he was controlling and abusive. Paul claims Kyle beat and raped Susan. Sloane explains to her how he killed Sloane for revenge, thus aiding in Carlos' freedom in the process. Anna gets mad and wants Carlos to pay for killing Duke. At the end, she decides to call Jordan to fill her in and kicks Paul out. 

Sonny fires Morgan from the warehouse job after learning that he was fooling around at the job. Carly walks in the house while they're arguing and Sonny tells her what happened. Morgan tells them the incident with Darby was an accident and Sonny is overreacting. Sonny tells him he's acting manic like he's not taking his medication. Morgan insists that he is taking the pills, but Carly and Sonny don't believe him. Morgan throws a temper tantrum and storms out. After Carly gets upset and worries that Morgan will take refuge with Ava again or worse. Sonny says they can love Morgan, but they can't fix him. Meanwhile Morgan overhears Raj making plans for his "shipment" arrival on the docks and hears Raj say they don't have to worry about handicapped Sonny. At the end, Sonny gets a call from Max and tells him that he's going to take a stand in his organization tomorrow night. 

End of show!

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