Monday, February 15, 2016

We Have a Connection

Monday's Recap - 

Liz goes to Windermere and finds Hayden at Nikolas' safe. Hayden informs her that she's Nik's wife now. Then Nikolas walks it and confirms it to Liz. She is shocked by the news and says she saw Hayden trying to get into his safe. Hayden tells Nik she just wanted to put her bracelet in there for safe keeping. Later in private, Liz questions Nikolas' judgement for marrying Hayden. She tells him she doesn't want him to lose out on love like she did with Jason. Nik asks Liz not to let his marriage interfere in their friendship. Then Hayden comes back into the room and gloats about their nuptials. Hayden assures Liz it's fine if she and her boys move in for awhile so Liz relunctantly agrees. Then Liz gets a call about Jake and takes off. Once alone, Hayden tells Nik she will keep the peace with Liz for his sake. 

Jordan tells Valerie at the Floating Rib that Curtis used to have a cocaine problem. Nearby Curtis and Andre have a chat about Jordan. Then Curtis brings Valerie a beer and interrupts her conversation with Jordan. After Valerie feels awkward around Curtis and asks him outright if he uses cocaine. He tells her he has been clean for a long time and plans to keep it that way. Valerie relaxes, but ultimately ends their date early. Meanwhile Andre tells Jordan about his conversation with Curtis and says he liked Curtis. Jordan seems upset so Andre asks what her history with Curtis is. Jordan is hesitant to talk about it and tells him not to analyze her. She decides to leave and tells Andre not to walk her out. 

Over at Sam's penthouse, her and Jason have a make out session on the couch. When they come up for air, Jason worries that he doesn't remember them from before. Sam says she's changed over the years for the better and wants to get to know who he is now. Jason acknowledges that they have a connection. Later Jason cooks some pasta for them and says it felt good to cook again. Then he gets a call about Jake and meets up with Liz at the hospital to discuss it. Meanwhile Nikolas calls Sam and asks her to investigate Hayden for him. 

Dante and Lulu realize that Maxie & Nathan locked them in a hotel room at The Metro Court. They bang on the door to be released. Nearby Nathan surprises Maxie by recreating a special rib dinner in another one of the Metro Court hotel rooms for them. Maxie loves it, but worries that her plan for Dante and Lulu could backfire. They go check on Dante and Lulu and tell them they have to complete a relationship test in Crimson before they will let them out. 

Later Dante and Lulu end up talking about their relationship. Lula says she knows she should have trusted him last year when her parents asked her to lie to him and she took off with Dillon. She thinks they didn't trust each other and that's what led to him cheating. Meanwhile Maxie and Nathan dance and enjoy time together in their room. They say sweet words to each other and Nathan takes a ring box out of his pocket. Maxie panics that he's going to ask her to marry him, but Nathan shows her it was just a charm with Georgie's birth stone. They agree to enjoy their relationship as it is for now and end up making some love. At the end, Maxie tells Nathan she thinks their love is magic. Over in Dante and Lulu's room, they agree to try to work on things. 

End of show!

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  1. Tyler and Rebecca do have great chemistry. Wish they would turn this romance around and let Hayden come clean with Nik and they start over. They look great together and I think they would make a good team and a great couple. The chemistry is there they just have to turn the writing around and make it rights. It is about time Tyler gets a decent love interest and I think Rebecca maybe that person.


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