Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shots Fired

Everybody shut up!
Here's What Happened - 

Dante goes looking for Lulu at The Haunted Star while she struggles to stay a float in the water. He calls out her name and then realizes she's in the water. Dante jumps in and manages to pull Lulu from the water. He brings her back aboard The Haunted Star and performs CPR. He manages to revive her and tells her he loves her. After Dante brings Lulu to GH to be looked at for hypothermia. At the end, Lulu asks how he knew she needed him and Dante tells her that he just did.  

Morgan throws a wild temper tantrum at the PCPD demanding to see Kiki. Michael tries to smooth things over for him with Jordan, but Jordan wants Morgan put in lock up. Then Andre comes in and says Morgan is under his care and can't be locked up due to his manic episode. Michael tries to calm Morgan down and Jordan allows Morgan to be transferred to GH. After Jordan learns there was reports of shots fired at the church. Meanwhile on the docks, the paramedics arrive for Kiki while Carly, Paul and Anna watch nearby. Anna is angry with Paul, but Paul gives Carly grief because of Morgan's outburst. Anna and Paul ask Carly to explain what's going on with Morgan, but Carly storms off. After Paul rants to Anna about how Morgan messed everything up, but Anna wants to focus on finding Dixon. 

Maxie tries to help Nathan after Dixon shoots him at the church. Sonny tries to offer Dixon a deal, but Dixon feels like shooting Sonny instead. Alexis jumps in so Dixon points the gun at her. Julian talks him down, but then Maxie begs for help with Nathan. Nina tries to step in, but Dixon won't allow it. Nikolas offers Dixon a ride on his helicopter to Canada, but Dixon is more interested in figuring out which girl is Sonny's daughter. Dixon points his gun at Sam, Kristina and Molly and calls Sonny helpless. Ava offers to be Dixon's hostage, but Dixon fires his gun into the ceiling and insists he wants Sonny's daughter. Alexis and the girls start screaming, but Dixon grabs Kristina anyway. Sonny decides to jump up from his wheelchair and knocks Dixon down.

Later Carly comes to the church just as Sonny is holding Dixon at gunpoint. She's shocked to see him standing. Then Anna and Paul arrive with their guns pointed. Jordan also shows up and they decide to take Dixon to the PCPD. Paul asks everyone to stay put until they can all be questioned. Nearby Carly asks Sonny how long he's been lying about being able to walk. Then Carly tells Ava that Kiki was shot on the docks. Ava blames Paul, slaps him across the face and then rushes off to the hospital. Olivia tells Julian that she thinks this is what her premonition meant. 

Over at General Hospital, Morgan argues with Andre about being admitted to the hospital. Michael continues to keep Morgan calm while Andre gets the paperwork started. Then Kiki is brought into the ER and Morgan starts yelling her name. Andre scolds Morgan, orders him to stop and tells him to trust him. After Maxie, Nina, Franco and Lucas escort Nathan to the hospital. Lucas thinks Nathan will be okay. Then Ava storms in looking for Kiki. Ava sees Morgan, freaks out and blames him for Kiki getting shot. At the end, Ava looks in on Kiki and Morgan thinks if Kiki dies it's all his fault. 

Alexis asks Sonny at the church what he knows about what happened, but he won't say. Later Alexis tells Julian that she knows this wasn't his fault and at least they did actually get married. Paul thinks he and Anna make a good team, but Anna thinks he's an arrogant son of a bitch. Carly heads back to the docks and starts tossing guns into the water in anger. Sonny finds her and she demands to know why he lied to her. She tells Sonny about Morgan's manic episode that caused Kiki to get shot. Carly yells at Sonny for knowing the shipment was happening and not doing anything about it. Sonny explains that he lied to protect everyone. Carly gets upset and says they made this happen because of their lifestyle. 

End of show!

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