Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paging Dr. Monroe

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nik and Hayden come home to Wyndermere and Laura gives them a message from Spencer. Then she offers a weary toast to them for getting married. Hayden hugs her in response and then leaves when she gets a text from Tracy. Once alone, Nikolas tells Laura he respects her concerns about Hayden and to trust him. Laura doesn't think a prenup is enough to protect him, but says she is glad to hear he's keeping his wits about him. Laura tells Nik she wants him to truly be loved by someone and hopes she is wrong about Hayden. Later Nikolas decides to hit the internet to find out about Rachel. 

At The Floating Rib, Julian takes a look at Olivia's photo shoot pics and offers to deliver them to Crimson. Olivia comes with him so he doesn't destroy them. After Dillon thinks Maxie would make a good candidate for their real women issue. He convinces Maxie to let him take some pictures of her and they have a photo shoot. Meanwhile at Crimson, Julian and Olivia review her photos on the laptop. Julian poo poo's all the pictures so Olivia starts to wonder why he doesn't want anyone to see them. Alexis walks in and asks what's going on. Julian tells Alexis in private that he doesn't want Leo's mother exposing herself. Alexis accuses him of being sexist and Julian concedes. Then they leave to pick out wedding rings. 

Nina comes to Maxie's place looking for her, but ends up chatting with Nathan instead. Nathan tells her that he's moving in with Maxie and Nina tells Nathan about her desire to adopt a child with Franco. She tells him about Franco's concerns and asks for Nathan's opinion. Nina worries that Madeline might have messed her up for life, but Nathan thinks Nina will be a great mother and tells her to go for it. Later Nina goes to Crimson and loves Olivia's pictures. After Epiphany shows up as another candidate for their real women issue. Meanwhile Nathan goes to The Floating Rib and finds Dillon gushing over Maxie's pictures. 

Tracy and Michael talk about ELQ at The Metro Court. Alexis meets up with them and says suing Nikolas could take years. Michael thinks maybe they should hire Diane instead, but Tracy wants to keep Alexis. Later in private, Tracy assures Michael that she's got plans to return ELQ to the family. Michael warns her not to do anything to mess up them getting the company back. Later Hayden meets with Tracy and informs her she married Nikolas. Tracy is pleased, but when she learns Hayden signed a prenup, Tracy gets upset. Hayden tells Tracy she's got something on Nik and not to worry. After Tracy starts to get pale and spaces out. 

Carly and Sonny have breakfast at The Metro Court. Max comes to tell Sonny some gun news and in private, Sonny says he's ready to take his enemies down. He reminds Max that he doesn't want anyone to know he can walk yet. Later they all go to GH and Epiphany introduces Sonny to his new doctor, Dr. Griffin Monroe (funny name to me). Later Dr. Griffin asks Epiphany in private about Sonny's progress. At the end, he asks Sonny when their alone why he's lying to Carly about his condition.

End of show!

I guess Tracy is going to get sick or have an illness now. What do you think of the new doctor?

Have a great night!


  1. I want TPTB to turn Nikolas back into Nikolas. I dislike this nonsense of the Prince going to the dark side. No rhyme or reason for it, it is totally ridiculous. They need to give a good explanation WHY??? Alexis being ELQ's attorney is stupid. It is clearly a conflict of interest as Alexis is related to Nikolas. Her saying because of Danny is even more ridiculous. The Quartermaines still have a large share of ELQ no matter that Nikolas owns it and Nik has always been fair with family even if Sam has not. As to Sam's devotion to the Quartermaines that's another stupid aspect of all of this. Jason never cared one way or another about the Quartermaines interests as a matter of fact at some point he gave control of his ELQ stock to Sonny?????????????????????? Come on TPTB stop the stupid story line. Let Hayden come over to the good side, Nikolas too as they do have excellent chemistry with each other. Turn Hayden into a likeable character make Nik back into the likable character he was and make the chemistry work!!! Stop this stupid storyline. Nik has run major companies what experience does Michael have??????????????? Tracy tanked ELQ several times????????????????? Stupid storyline.

    1. Fingers crossed that they can write Nikolas into something better and redeem Hayden.

  2. Laura's back fat is on full display. She needs to wear a sweater to hide it. Why so many gays on GH with such a small cast? I could care less.


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