Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not Rachel

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden is called Rachel at the casino after marrying Nikolas by a mysterious man. (I know he said a name at the beginning, but I missed it. Did anyone get it?) She tells the man he's mistaken when Nikolas walks over. The man walks away and Hayden assures Nikolas it was a mix up. After Hayden tells Nik she wants to go shop for naughty lingerie and says she'll meet him in their hotel suite. However once alone, she approaches the mysterious man again and warns him that she's not Rachel. He calls her "not Rachel" and she stares him down. Later she meets Nikolas in their suite and opts for elegant lingerie. They end up making love (awkwardly filmed, I thought) and at the end, Nikolas jokingly calls her Rachel. Meanwhile the mysterious man makes an unknown phone call about seeing Rachel. 

Dylan and Valerie go to The Floating Rib and he tells her that he plans on being neutral when it comes to her and Lulu. Then they go to play pool, but Curtis says he's using the table, but will share if Valerie plays with him. Valerie agrees and starts to play/flirt with him. Then Lulu and Maxie walk in, followed by Dante and Nathan. Dillon and Maxie try to get Lulu to leave, but she refuses. Instead she decides to apologize to Valerie for her actions, but Valerie won't accept it. Curtis is impressed with Valerie's self assurance so she tells him about what happened with her, Lulu and Dante. Outside Dillon decides to walk Lulu home. Meanwhile Maxie asks Dante and Nathan to leave, but Dante thinks its silly and they all just have to get used it. Maxie thinks he's being foolish. 

Morgan pulls back after kissing Kiki on their date in fear of moving too fast, but Kiki doesn't mind and asks if he wants to leave. They go to Nina and Franco's place and learn that they have the apartment to themselves. They decide to drink soda and make out. Kiki pulls back this time and they end up playing Scrabble. However they can't keep their hands off each other and go at it again. At the end, Morgan pulls back a second time saying he can't go through with it.

Liz and Jason worry about Jake at the hospital while he's in surgery. Lucas gives them an update on the progress and tells them it will be awhile if they want to head home. However they both refuse to leave. Later Jason brings Cameron to the hospital to cheer Liz up. Cameron brings Jake a get well card from the kids at school and tells Jason in private that Jake didn't feel like his brother at first. However Cameron says he feels differently now and fears Jake's going to die. Jason assures him that Jake will be okay. 

Sam continues to struggle to stay warm in Elizabeth's basement. She huddles by the furnace, which begins to smoke, for warmth and hallucinates that Jason is there to save her. She imagines that Jason tells her to get up and run to him, but she's really passed out on the floor. Meanwhile back at GH, Lucas tells Liz and Jason that there was a complication with Jake's surgery. 

End of show!

Cameron was sweet today. 

Have a great night!

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  1. Have had enough with Sam. Can't take her character anymore. She is always right, knows everything and is so wise. What a bunch of nonsense. She is a hypocrite just like Carly. Please get Liz away from Jason let him have that trashy Sam. They should pair the new doctor Griffin with Liz. Let Dumb (Jason) and Dumber (Sam) have each other they deserve it.


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