Friday, February 19, 2016

Molly Finally Had Sex

Let's get married!
Here's What Happened - 

Morgan informs Sonny that he's moving out at their house and gets an attitude about Sonny firing him from the warehouse job. Sonny tells him if moving out will make Morgan happy, he supports it. Sonny then asks if he's got a job lined up. Morgan says he's going to ask Julian or Jax for a job. Sonny tells him that sooner or later, Morgan needs to face that he's sick. Morgan then admits that he's not taking his medication, because it's his body and his choice. Sonny says he can't him if Morgan won't help himself. After Morgan leaves Kiki a message stating that something is happening on pier 54 and he's going to handle it. 

Olivia goes to visit Lulu at The Haunted Star and gets an earful from Lulu about helping Maxie and Nathan trap her and Dante in a hotel room. However when Olivia learns that Lulu and Dante are talking again, she gets hopeful. Lulu says she's going to keep talking to Dante and see where it goes. Later Lulu goes to see Dante at the PCPD and tells him about her conversation with Olivia. Then Lulu tells Dante she going to live with Nikolas for awhile until they know what's next. After Lulu goes back to The Haunted Star and sees Raj there with a gun. 

Paul calls Ava to the docks to meet the new bad guy named Dixon. When she does, Dixon puts pressure on Ava to be present during the incoming shipment, but Ava says she has a wedding to go to. Meanwhile Kiki ignores texts from Morgan at The Metro Court and then runs into Lucas. She fills Lucas in on what happened with Morgan and Darby and says she thinks Morgan is off his meds. Later Ava and Julian show up and Lucas, Kiki, Ava and Julian toast to Julian's nuptials. In private, Kiki tells Ava she's done with Morgan for good. Nearby, Lucas gives Julian a letter that he wrote a long time ago about coming out as a gay man. 

Dante and Anna talk at the PCPD about all the new mob activity in town. Dante gets suspicious when Anna is funny when the subject of Paul comes up. Then Paul interrupts them and asks to speak with Anna alone. In private, Anna tells Paul she wants Carlos no matter what the cost to her or him. After Anna guesses that Paul is dealing in guns, but Paul says he's running a sting operation to catch Raj. He asks Anna for her help to arrange back up. Anna thinks Sonny could get in their way so Paul asks her to handle it.

Alexis stresses out at her house about getting ready for the wedding with Molly and Kristina lending aid. Julian comes in and sees Alexis in her robe and rollers and tells her he can't wait to get married. Sam walks in and orders Julian to leave because it's bad luck. After the girls get a visit from Diane who calls Alexis a bitch for beating her to alter. Then everyone gives Alexis something borrowed, something new, something old and something blue along with some champagne. Molly is extra happy so Kristina guesses that she finally had sex. Alexis' face falls in shock and she cries that Molly isn't her baby anymore. 

At the end, Kristina tells Alexis she has something to tell her after the wedding. All the girls go in for a group hug while Alexis cries about how happy she is. Over at the Metro Court, Olivia tells Julian not to worry about her premonition. Meanwhile Dante tries to call Lulu, but Lulu is tied up at The Metro Court by Raj. Over on the docks, Paul meets with Dixon to give him money for the shipment while Morgan eavesdrops with a gun nearby. 

End of show!

The Davis girls were my favorite today. The mob stuff...not so much!

Have a great weekend!

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