Monday, February 1, 2016

Maybe Love Isn't Enough

It's not working!
Monday's Recap - 

Kristina is confronted by her professor Parker, who happens to be female, at Alexis' house. Parker accuses Kristina of trying to sabotage her online with bad professor reviews. Alexis interrupts them and Kristina introduces Parker to Alexis as her professor turned friend. After Parker and Kristina talk alone about Parker's wife and the bad reviews she thinks Kristina supposedly posted. Kristina denies posting anything and says the only reason she propositioned Parker in the first place, was because Parker wanted her to. Parker denies it and threatens to have Kristina expelled if the bad comments about her don't get deleted. 

Dante comes home to find Lulu waiting for him with romance on her mind. She asks him to give her one hour to save their marriage and he agrees. They toast with some beer from when Coleman ran The Floating Rib and talk about old times. They realize they're still in love and kiss. They start to move onto the bed, but Lulu pulls back and says it's not working. Dante agrees despite the fact that they still love each other. He thinks maybe love isn't enough. At the end, they tearfully sign divorce papers. 

Julian asks Olivia at The Metro court if she wants his help with the Mayor Lomax. Nina overhears their conversation and defends Olivia's right to breast feed in public. Nina wants to use her story for Crimson and asks Olivia to pose topless while breastfeeding. Julian thinks it's undignified and not right for Crimson. His protests make Olivia want to go through with it. Later in private, Julian tells Olivia he thinks it's bad for Leo if she poses in the magazine. Then Alexis walks in and thinks it's great if Olivia poses for Crimson. At the end, Alexis tells Julian not to worry because the breastfeeding spread will likely bankrupt Crimson.

Franco tells Jason and Liz at GH that he's hopeful they can get Jake help. Then Liz and Jason talk to Jake's therapist and show her Jake's art. Jason shares his suspicions about Jake possibly drawing Sam. The therapist says she will see all of them tomorrow and suggests they just support Jake for the night. Later Franco heads to The Metro Court and Nina notices that he's distracted. Franco says he's worried about a kid he's working with. At the end, Nina tells Franco that the upcoming Crimson issue gives her hope for having a child of her own. 

Over at Liz's house, Sam falls down the basement stairs when she goes looking for Jake. He panics and tries to wake her up, but then hears the babysitter and runs upstairs. Later Jason and Liz go home and learn from the babysitter that Jake ran off. Jason and the babysitter take off looking for him while Liz waits at home for news. Meanwhile Sam lays unconscious on the basement floor, but starts to wake up. Upstairs Liz and Jason hear a car horn blare outside and Liz runs out the door calling Jake's name. 

End of show!

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