Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Married in Vegas

Here's What Happened - 

Scotty stops by Franco's apartment with food for them to have together. Franco starts to open up to Scotty when Nina bursts in about how they have 15 minutes to have sex. Scotty gets uncomfortable and makes a hasty exit. Once alone, Nina tells Franco she wants to make a baby. The subject makes Franco squeamish and he says he doesn't want a baby. He thinks his DNA is a ticking time bomb that he won't pass along. Nina tries to persuade him otherwise to no avail. At the end, they agree to talk about it again in the future. 

At The Metro Court, Ava sees Kiki walk in with Morgan and demands to know where Avery is. Kiki snarks, "She's with her father." Ava gets upset, but Kiki defends her actions by saying daughters need their fathers and she learned that from Silas. Kiki also wants to know why Ava is mysteriously recovered from being sick. Ava storms off to get Avery so Morgan sends Sonny a warning via text. After Morgan and Kiki start their date, but Kiki has trouble getting Ava off her mind. At the end, Morgan manages to distract her and they kiss. 

Carly comes home to Sonny's and sees Sonny with Avery. At first Carly is thrilled to see the baby, but when she learns that Ava didn't approve it, Carly thinks it will become a problem. Then they get Morgan's text about Ava and Ava knocks on the door. She tells Sonny that she's going to push for him to have even less visitation now. Then Ava takes Avery and storms off. She runs right to see Scotty for legal advice, but learns there isn't much she can do. Meanwhile back at Sonny's house, Sonny thinks its weird that Ava pretended to be sick and he hopes to get the custody reversed. 

Tracy eavesdrops on Laura at Wyndermere while she leaves a message for Nikolas. Laura says she hopes Nik didn't run off to get married. Tracy smiles when she hears the news. Then Tracy walks in saying she's looking for Hayden. Laura says if Tracy can find Hayden, she can keep her. Laura then vents to Tracy about her frustration about Hayden taking advantage of Nik. Tracy thinks Nik deserves it for stealing ELQ. Laura thinks Nikolas is wrong for his actions of late, but that he has a lot of romantic notions about love. She fears Hayden will hurt him. At the end, Laura is alone and Scotty pays her a visit. He tells Laura he has something for her from Helena's will. 

Hayden and Nikolas head to Las Vegas to get married. Nikolas wants to ask Hayden something important, but he's interrupted by their wedding organizer, who is dressed a court jester. The jester encourages them to hurry along so Nik quickly asks Hayden to sign a prenup. In the agreement, it states that if they divorce, Hayden will get a lump sum of five million dollars. She agrees and signs. Later they get dressed up and Nikolas gives her a proper engagement ring. Then they go into the chapel, Nik says a few vows and they get officially hitched. At the end, Nik leaves Hayden alone momentarily and she gets recognized by an unseen man that calls her, "Rachel."

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you didn't hear, Michael Easton (Silas) is returning to GH. The question is will he be back as Silas, McBain, Caleb or a new person? Read here --- > Michael Easton Returning


  1. I like the romance between Hayden and Nikolas. I don't like that they have continued with her being a con artist. I was hoping that when she fell in love with Nikolas she would give up the con artist nonsense and they would have a good relationship. Nikolas and Spencer deserve a true, nice, person who truly loves both of them. I hope TPTB have Hayden kick Tracy to the curb tell Nikolas the truth and the two of them work things out because they do have good chemistry. Much more so than others on this show. Also I want to Nikolas back to who he was and not this pointless nonsense of going to the darkside with no reasonable explanation.

    1. I agree that Nik & Spencer deserve better. We'll see, hopefully Hayden can redeem herself.

  2. Can wait until Jason finds Sam in that basement. He needs to be there for his wife and their son more!


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