Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Is In The Air

Today's Show - 

Nathan and Maxie wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day at The Floating Rib and notice Dante stroll in. Nearby Jordan tells Curtis he needs to leave when she sees him walk in. Dante and Nathan back her up, but Curtis says he's waiting for his date, who happens to be Valerie. He advises Jordan to butt out of his business, because he has no plans to hurt Valerie. Then Andre walks in to meet Jordan for their date. 

Later TJ comes in and sees Jordan giving Andre a funny hat as a gift. Andre notices Jordan is distracted so she tells him that Curtis is her former brother in law. She explains that Curtis recruited her into the DEA, but they ended up having a problem with each other. Jordan worries that Curtis is bad news for TJ and Valerie. Nearby Maxie decides to play cupid for Dante and Lulu. She leaves to put a plan into action and after Nathan and Dante play pool. Meanwhile Valerie and Curtis enjoy their date. When Valerie steps away to use the bathroom, Jordan tells her in private that Curtis is trouble. Jordan says Curtis used to have a problem with cocaine.  

Laura calls Lulu and asks to meet her at The Haunted Star from Wyndermere. Then she sees that Nikolas gave Hayden a bracelet from Helena in the living room. Laura hands Nik an invitation to the reading of Helena's will and tells him he might not want to give Helena's stuff away just yet. Later Nikolas tells Hayden in private that he knows exactly what's in Helena's will and everything goes to him. Then he carries Hayden to the bedroom and they have sex. After Nikolas falls asleep and Hayden decides to take a peek in Nik's safe. Liz walks in and ends up seeing her.

Lulu has flashbacks while working at The Haunted Star about romantic times she shared with Dante. Then Laura comes to see her and tells Lulu about Helena's mysterious will reading. Laura wonders what Helena might have left her and speculates it could be another curse. Lulu doesn't think Laura shouldn't even go to the reading, but Laura thinks she should just get it over with. Later Maxie stops by and tells Lulu she got her a massage at The Metro Court. However Maxie arranges, with Nathan's help, to have Dante meet up with Lulu there. At the end, Lulu and Dante end up in a hotel room together. Nathan and Maxie lock them in the room and hope it will help them get back together. 

Molly assumes Kristina is gay at GH when she finds out about Professor Parker. Molly decides to ask Brad, but Kristina pulls Molly away and tells her she's not gay. She accuses Molly and TJ of being gay, because they haven't had sex yet. Molly advises Kristina to be honest with herself and talk to someone. After Brad and Lucas talk with Kristina and she asks what it was like when they realized they weren't straight. Lucas says it was hard and took him awhile to figure it out. Brad says he was singing and dancing when he came out of the womb. Meanwhile over at The Haunted Star, Molly invites TJ to her dorm room for sex. TJ likes her suggestion and they take off. 

Sam asks Jason to help her escape from the hospital. He agrees and they try to sneak out. Lucas sees them, but decides not to stop them. Later Liz goes looking for Sam and learns from Lucas that Sam left with Jason. Later Liz gets bad news from her insurance company and ends up venting to Laura. Liz says she's afraid to leave Jake's side, because the last time she did Helena took him. Meanwhile Jason brings Sam home and orders her to relax with Danny's help. Jason plays with Danny and puts him to bed, while Sam watches with joy. At the end, Jason says he remembers what it was like to be close to Sam before and then he kisses her. 

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