Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let's Move In

Here's What Happened - 

Nathan comes to visit Maxie at her apartment. He tells her a pipe broke at his place and he needs a place to get warm. Lulu interrupts and has a brief chat with Nathan about Dante. After Nathan tells Maxie he thinks they should move in together. Maxie loves the idea and they decide to look for new place. However then Maxie worries about moving out on Lulu and asks if they can all live together for awhile. Nathan agrees. When they tell Lulu about it, she drops her wine glass in shock. Lulu apologizes and explains that it just made her remember when her and Dante started out. Later Nathan assures Lulu he's okay with all of them living together, which Lulu gets excited about it. However at the end, Nathan is stuck in the middle when Maxie and Lulu are chatting non-stop and he looks a bit concerned. (cute scene!)

Alexis and Julian get an unexpected visit from Ava at their place. She brings Julian a odd sculpture piece for them to put on their lawn. Alexis doesn't seem pleased with the idea. Then Alexis gets a call from Monica about Sam being in the hospital so she takes off. Once alone, Julian vents to Ava about how dangerous Jason is for Sam. Ava reminds him that his life is going pretty good and he should be grateful. Julian gets suspicious and questions if she's having second thoughts about running the organization. Ava expresses that she's worried about keeping Avery safe. Julian tells her to get out and make a clean break from the business in that case. However, Ava says she has no choice.

Anna stops by Paul's office and tells him that she lied to him about a lot of things. She explains that she wasn't visiting Robin, as he thought, because she was really in a jail cell in Halifax. She goes on to tell them that she went on an unsuccessful search looking for Carlos, but now realizes he must really be dead. Anna puts on an act for Paul about mourning Duke and not thinking clearly. He seems to buy it and shows compassion toward her. Then Paul vents to Anna about his failed relationship with Dillon. He brings up his daughter Susan and says he was a bad father to her as well and they don't keep in touch. Paul seems upset thinking about it and offers Anna a drink. She asks for a rain check and leaves. After he calls Ava to keep him company, but she refuses him. Paul ends up smashing a glass in anger. At the end, Anna decides to investigate Paul's daughter Susan and asks Mac to look into it. We see that an unseen person is following her. 

Sam tells Jason in the ER that she dreamed of him telling her to run to him when she was unconscious in Liz's basement. Then Liz walks in panicking that Jake pushed Sam, but Sam tells them she fell all on her own. She explains how it happened, which relieves Jason. Liz steps out feeling weird about Jason and Sam's obvious closeness and cries alone. Meanwhile back in Sam's room, Jason promises to stand by her. Then Alexis comes in and thanks Jason for saving Sam. Jason leaves and after Sam fills Alexis in on what happened to her. Sam says Jason was there for her like he always is. Later Jason speaks with Monica in the ER about Jake's condition and she promises to keep an eye on him. Then Liz and he talk. Liz says she knows he has a connection to Sam and that its not going away. Monica comes over to tell them that Jake is fast asleep and offers Liz a place to stay if she needs it. Jason says he wants to stay at the hospital with Jake for the night. Then Alexis comes over to Liz and says Sam wants to talk to her. 

Liz goes to see Sam and Sam assures Liz that Jake didn't hurt her. She says all that matters is that everyone is okay. Later Jason and Sam speak alone again. Sam warns him that Julian will likely blame him for her accident, but not to listen to anything he says. Jason decides to stay with Sam and she tells him they belong together. She explains what "run to me" means and says his love kept her alive. Meanwhile Liz goes to see the damage at her house and finds a picture of her and Jason all smashed up on the ground. She looks around at the mess and seems to have a moment of realization.

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. Given the recent news about Rebecca Herbst having contract issues, read here --> Contract Snag, I'm wondering if this isn't her exit story. The end scene with her today was very weird, I thought. I liked it, but felt it was almost a moment of Liz debating what's left for her. Do you agree?

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