Friday, February 26, 2016


Friday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht sings at Nathan's bedside at GH with Maxie and Nina standing nearby. Nathan is ready to get out of bed, but all the women in his life insist that he stay put. Nina and Dr. O step outside and notice Franco and Ava hugging in the hallway. Meanwhile back in Nathan's room, Maxie shocks him by asking Nathan to marry her. To her surprise, Nathan politely says no. He thinks she's only asking him because he got shot. Maxie admits there is some truth to that and they agree to wait for the right time to get engaged. At the end, Nathan starts to get hazy from the pain meds and in response to Maxie telling him she loves him, Nathan says, "I love you too, Claudette!"

At the PCPD, Paul gives an interview to the news saying the police are going to end the violence in town. After Jordan gives him a piece of her mind about his bad judgement and advises him to go after Ava. Anna chimes in and agrees with Jordan. Paul tells Jordan that Ava can't be arrested, but Jordan says, "watch me!" Later Anna asks Jordan not to go after Paul. Jordan asks why not. Anna tells her that if she arrests Paul she'll have to arrest her too. Anna tells her that Paul knows about a crime she committed, but won't tell Jordan what her crime was. Anna asks Jordan as a friend to trust her and give her a few weeks to resolve everything. Jordan reluctantly agrees, but warns Anna that friendship has its limits.

Andre tells Carly and Sonny at the hospital that Morgan is in trouble, but he thinks he can help him. Carly worries that Morgan won't comply with what is needed to get better. Andre thinks they should threaten Morgan with possible jail time if he doesn't follow the rules. After in private, Carly and Sonny have a tense talk and Carly says she sees now that his business is anything but normal and she hates guns. Carly is scared for Kiki and leaves to wash Kiki's blood off her hands. She goes into the doctor's washroom and thinks about what happened with Morgan and Kiki. Then a shirtless Dr. Griffin sees Carly and asks if she's okay. He bandages up Carly hands and Carly scolds him for keeping Sonny's secret. Dr. Griffin says he made a bad decision and he'll live with the consequences of that. Carly feels bad for jumping on him and softens. At the end, Dr. Griffin advises her to keep fighting for her family. 

Morgan considers jumping of the hospital roof in a state of emotional turmoil. He imagines that Kiki is there bleeding from her gunshot wound. Kiki tells him the only way out is for him to jump. She offers to jump with him and they hold hands while teetering on the roof's edge. Thankfully Michael finds Morgan and explains that Kiki isn't really there. Then Dr. Maddox comes out and tries to reason with Morgan. However Morgan tells Andre that he wants to kill himself. Michael goes to get Sonny and Sonny tries to talk Morgan down. Sonny gets on the ledge with Morgan and says he'll jump with him if he's determined to go through with it. Sonny tells Morgan he's gonna die of a broken heart if Morgan jumps without him so they either jump together or get down together. Morgan ultimately chooses to get down with Sonny. 

Dr. Griffin tells Ava and Franco at the hospital that Kiki will live, but might not walk. Dr. Griffin thinks the odds are in Kiki's favor to make a full recovery and says they have to wait. Then Nina walks over. Franco cautions her not to bother Ava right now. However Nina only wanted to bring Ava the jewelry that Kiki was wearing, which Ava appreciates. After Paul comes to see Ava and she verbally and physically attacks him. Paul manages to take her aside and warns Ava that Jordan is coming after her. Ava tells Paul if Jordan takes her down, she's taking him down with her. 

Later Paul goes back to the PCPD and shows Jordan a phony immunity deal, which will prevent her from arresting Ava. Meanwhile back at GH, Ava goes to see Kiki in her hospital room. She sings to Kiki while she's unconscious. At the same time, we get a music montage of Morgan coming back into the hospital and hugging Carly. At the very end as Ava's song trails off, we see Carly, Sonny and Michael's sadden expressions over what's happening with Morgan.

End of show!

I was crying a bit at the end of today's episode. How about you?

Have a great weekend!

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