Monday, February 22, 2016

I Won't Cause Any Trouble

Monday's Recap - 

At The Metro Court, Julian orders a bottle of champagne and cuts himself on the bottle. Olivia sees it, thinks the worst and decides to keep Leo with the babysitter for the wedding. Meanwhile NuJocelyn debuted today while having lunch with Carly nearby. She tells Carly that she knows Uncle Sonny is in the mob and she was hoping that he'd come to school with her for career day. Carly says Sonny won't do that. After Carly sees Kiki and asks her to keep an open mind about Morgan. Then Kiki checks her messages, hears one from Morgan about going to pier 54 and starts to worry about him. 

Sonny goes to the church before everyone arrives for Alexis' wedding and says a prayer for Avery. Then Alexis, Sam, Kristina and Molly show up and Alexis is surprised to see him. Alexis asks to speak with Sonny alone and asks why he showed up. Sonny says he wanted to be there for Kristina. Alexis appreciates it and he promises he won't cause any trouble. After Olivia arrives at the church and chats with Sonny. Nearby Franco and Nina show up for the wedding and Franco seems surprised when Nina mentions she'd like to get married. He tells her marriage ruins everything loud enough for everyone at the church to hear them. 

Alexis goes to get ready at the church with the girls and finds champagne and a special note from Julian waiting for her. She has a sweet toast with her girls and says they'll always be her true life partners. After Sam, Molly and Kristina give Alexis a few moments alone to prepare her vows. Once alone, Alexis reads Julian's note and we get fun flashbacks of their relationship. 

Michael finds Anna at Sonny's house looking for Sonny. Michael asks what's going on so Anna tells him it's mob/gun related. Michael assures Anna that Sonny doesn't deal in arms. Later Carly comes home to find Anna there and Jocelyn find Sonny's gun box empty. Carly deduces that Morgan must have taken it. Then Kiki calls Michael to tell him about Morgan's message. Meanwhile Morgan eavesdrops on Paul's money exchange with Dixon on the docks. Paul steps aside to call Anna to check on his back up and tells Dixon he's diverted the cops to help them. Then they hear Morgan's phone buzzing behind some boxes so Morgan has to reveal himself. 

Nikolas and Hayden wake up at Wyndermere feeling happy. They decide to go for a round of sex before heading off to Alexis' wedding. After Nik texts Sam for news on her investigation into Hayden. Later Hayden and Nik head to the church and Nik asks Sam what she's found out. Sam tells him she's waiting to hear. 

Maxie brings Nathan a tuxedo at the PCPD for Julian's wedding, insists that he hurries along and tells him not to bring his gun. Then Maxie finds a white glove in his jacket pocket and asks how that got in there. Nathan says he's had the tuxedo for years and can't remember. Later they make it to the church and Maxie keeps talking about the glove. Nathan looks unsettled by it. Nearby Brad and Lucas show up and Brad shows Lucas his official divorce papers. 

At the end, the wedding ceremony begins and all the girls walk down the aisle. Julian looks emotional, especially when Alexis enters wearing a sexy wedding dress. She makes her way down the aisle and the priest begins. Sam reads a special message for her parents. After Molly reads something for them as well. Meanwhile on the docks, Morgan gets manic with Dixon by telling him he's there to protect Sonny's interests. Paul tries to protect Morgan, but Dixon wants to get rid of him. Morgan blows his own chances of escape by pulling a gun on Dixon. 

End of show!

I have to say I think William deVry (Julian) is one of the best looking men in daytime...just saying!

Have a great night!

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