Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Ain't Done!

We're just getting started!
Today's Show - 

Hayden and Nikolas regale in their night of love making at Wyndermere. Nikolas says he's glad they are finally letting their guards down so they can have something real. Then Hayden gets a call from Curtis so she steps out of the room. Curtis tells her she owes him money. Later Hayden tells Nikolas she's leaving to attend to ELQ business, but really meets up with Curtis outside of Kelly's. He gives her confirmation that it wasn't Shawn who shot her, but Hayden is hesitant to act on the information. Curtis realizes that she must be in love. Hayden says she's not ready to expose her would be murderer. He warns her that if she doesn't stop this person, they'll end up killing her for real. Hayden walks away saying their business is over, but Curtis whispers, "We ain't done; we're just getting started."

Meanwhile Jordan goes to Wyndermere to speak with Nikolas about what happened with Jason. She surmises that he caused his own fall and just wants Jason in prison. She tells him about the witness that came forward and says all the charges against Jason have been dropped. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and Nikolas tells her that Jason is a free man. Then he tries to kiss her, but Hayden freaks out, pushes him away and says, "I can't!" Over at Kelly's, Jordan comes in and sees Curtis at the counter. They have a tense conversation and Curtis says he's staying in town to see his nephew aka TJ. 

Carly learns from Sonny at GH that his court appointed visits with Avery are frustrating him. After he says his new doctor isn't a good fit. Then Morgan shows up and Sonny asks to speak with him alone. In private, Sonny asks why Morgan was on the docks on NYE. Morgan claims he's was clubbing, but Sonny quickly warns him to stay out of his business. Then they talk about Morgan's bi-polar struggles. Sonny implores Morgan to take his meds and promises things will get better. Morgan says he needs a purpose so Sonny offers him a job at the coffee warehouse. Morgan reluctantly accepts the position and Sonny says he's proud of him. After Max comes to tell Sonny that there is a serious problem with Raj. Sonny says they need to be careful so Avery doesn't get hurt in Ava's bad business. 

Ava tells Kiki at The Metro Court that she's over Morgan. Kiki says she's trying to be friends with Morgan now. Ava encourages Kiki to stand by Morgan, especially with his curiosity about Sonny's business. Kiki thinks there is more to Ava's comments that just casual concern. Later Carly approaches Ava about letting Avery see Sonny for a weekend. Kiki asks Ava to hear Carly out for her sake. However despite an emotional plea from Carly, Ava turns her down hard. Kiki steps in and puts a guilt trip on Ava about how she was sad for growing up without a father and warns her not to let that happen to Avery. Ava agrees to think over Carly's request. At the end, Morgan comes to tell Kiki he took a job at the coffee warehouse. 

Liz comes home with Jake to find Sam and Jason investigating. Liz doesn't like it and says Sam needs to leave. Jake isn't happy to see Sam either. Sam thinks Liz is afraid of her finding something she's trying to hide. To prove her wrong, Liz let's Sam snoop around. Later in private, Sam accuses Liz of lying about the intruder and smashing her own picture. Liz is quick to tell Jason about Sam's accusations and swears she wouldn't do something like that. Jason asks to speak with Liz in private. Sam tells him not to trust Liz so Liz tells her to get out. Once alone, Jason looks unconvinced when Liz insists she's innocent.

End of show!

I'm liking Curtis a lot, how about you? And my goodness he's so handsome! lol

Have a great night!

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