Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Baby is Coming...Now!

Today's Show - 

Julian asks Sonny at the hospital for a truce, but Sonny tells him no way. Sonny insists that he's going to make Julian pay for killing Duke. Julian swears he's out of the business, but Sonny says you never really get out of the "business" and that sooner or later Julian will be destroyed. 

At the Metro Court, Paul leaves Kiki a generous tip. Kiki wonders if it's because of her mother. Paul assures Kiki its not because of Ava and he only has a professional relationship with Ava. Kiki accepts his answer and decides to send Morgan a text message. After Julian comes to the restaurant and asks Kiki to attend his wedding. Kiki says she'd love to go. 

Ava approaches Carly at The Metro Court and says she has reconsidered visitation for Avery. Carly thinks it sounds positive, but then Ava announces that after a lot of thinking she's decided its best if Avery never visits with Sonny. Carly gets angry and tells Ava she's selfish and spiteful. Later Ava runs into Paul on the elevator and he asks what she's told Kiki about them. Ava swears Kiki knows nothing. Then Paul tells Ava he's worried about Anna. 

Later Ava finds Kiki to tell her that she's not going to let Avery visit with Sonny. Kiki isn't happy to hear it. Then Ava sits down with Julian and teases him about wanting to get married in a church. Morgan walks in to see Kiki and Julian notes that Ava looks his way. Ava swears she's not into Morgan anymore and is just worried about Kiki. At the end, Julian tells Ava to get out of the business before it takes him down. 

At Sonny's coffee warehouse, Max checks up on Morgan as he works. He tells Morgan he did a good job and to punch out. Then Darby shows up out of nowhere and they end up making out. Morgan pulls back and says things between them don't feel right. Before Darby leaves, she runs into Sonny and Carly. Darby says she noticed Carly on Facebook. Once in private, Morgan tells Carly and Sonny not to worry because he put the brakes on Darby. Carly gets upset and thinks he's acting impulsive. 

Later Morgan swears he's taking his medication and pleads with them to treat him like an adult. They promise they will but in private Carly tells Sonny she's worried. After she tells Sonny that Ava turned down her request to visit with Avery. Sonny insists they will get Avery back one way or the other. At the end, Sonny is alone in the warehouse and stands up. Then Carly walks in and sees him. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Morgan asks Kiki to be more than friends with him. 

Robert and Anna go to Halifax, Nova Scotia looking for Carlos and Sabrina. They go looking at a medical clinic hoping someone has spotted them. However they come up empty. Anna vents to Robert about wanting to get justice for Duke. She hopes she can find Carlos and force him to testify against Julian. Robert remarks that Anna has always been there for him so he wants to be there for her. 

Meanwhile Sabrina tells Carlos in their motel room that she can't stay there anymore and she needs to see a doctor immediately. Carlos tells her not to worry and takes her to the clinic where Anna and Robert are. He spots them before they see him and hustles Sabrina away. Carlos takes her back to the motel while Sabrina panics about her baby. At the end, Anna and Robert get a tip about Carlos at the clinic. Back in the motel room, Sabrina tells Carlos, "this baby is coming now!

End of show!

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