Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Union of Patrick & Robin

Hitched again!
Thursday's Recap - 

At the Drake's, Robin, Emma, Anna and Patrick prepare for their wedding day. Then Maxie stops by to help as well as Sonny. Later Liz arrives to find Mac, Robert, and Felicia there also. To Liz's surprise, Jason shows up too. Maxie panics when she realizes that no one can marry them, but Mac says he got ordained on the internet and will do it. After the ceremony begins and Carly arrives with the wedding cake. Mac starts by saying they're all gathered for the union of Patrick and Robin. Then Patrick and Robin exchange sweet words with each other that touch everyone. Once they say what's in their hearts, Patrick and Robin say vows to Emma and promise her a great new life in California. They exchange rings and Mac pronounces them husband and wife.

After the ceremony, Carly and Robin have a nice chat. Robin tells Carly she's good for Jason and Sonny and Carly hugs her. Then Jason congratulates Robin and shares the memory he had of her on the bridge. Jason says he knows Robin's important to him. Patrick tells Sonny to follow the instructions of his new doctors carefully and Sonny thanks Patrick for making Robin happy. Later Robin talks to Liz in private and assures her that happiness will come for her. Meanwhile Jason thanks Patrick for being a good doctor to him and wishes him well. Then Felicia and Mac hug Robin goodbye and leave. Nearby Anna gives Emma a plane ticket so Emma can visit her while Liz shares a goodbye hug with Patrick and they thank each other for their friendship. 

Laura approaches Tracy at The Metro Court and wants to talk about Luke. She says she's had trouble reaching him and wonders if Tracy knows how to reach him. Tracy says no and asks why she wants to talk to him. Laura answers that she wanted to talk to him about Helena's passing. After Laura assumes that Tracy is dating Paul, but Tracy quickly tells her that Paul and her are no more. Laura advises Tracy to take some time to evaluate things and says she's sorry Tracy's in pain. 

At the hospital. Hayden comes to Nik's room to tell him that ELQ was served with a petition from Michael to freeze the company's assets. He notes that Jason controls 9% of the company so Hayden asks if he's made a decision on what he's going to tell the police about his fall. Then she gets a secret call from Tracy asking to meet her so Hayden makes an excuse and leaves. After Laura comes to see Nikolas and gives him a lecture. Laura thinks the lies he's been telling are eating away at Nik's soul. She tells him to start fresh without Hayden in his life. Later Nik calls Jason and asks him to come to the hospital to see him. Meanwhile Hayden meets up with Tracy at the Metro Court. Tracy asks what's she's doing with Nikolas and ELQ and why it's taking so long. Hayden says she needs to romance Nikolas in order get close to him. 

At the end, Liz goes home and hears what she thinks is someone in her house. Meanwhile Jason comes to see Nik at GH and Nikolas tells him he's got a way to make them both happy. At the Metro Court, Tracy tells Hayden that she's the only friend who Hayden has and she's knows exactly who she really is. Back at the Drake's, Robin says goodbye to Sonny and tells him not to give up hope about walking. Sonny says he won't. Then Patrick and Robert start to pack up the car while Robin says goodbye to Anna. After Anna tells Patrick she's grateful he met Robin and wishes him a lot of luck. Then we get a Scrubs montage of memories from the beginning of their courtship to current day. Finally Emma, Robin and Patrick leave Port Charles to start anew in California. 

End of show!

Bon voyage to the Drake's! Will you miss them?

Have a great night!

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