Friday, January 15, 2016

The Dark Haired Man

Friday's Recap - 

Hayden cares for Nikolas at Wyndermere and they talk about Jason's version of the balcony incident. Nik thinks Jason will keep quiet due to his nefarious past. Then Nikolas talks to Spencer on the phone and after tells Hayden he doesn't know what he'd do without Spencer. Meanwhile Tracy gets a massage and decides to call Hayden. When Hayden picks up, Tracy starts calling her Rachel. Tracy tells her to get ELQ back soon or she's going to expose her. Nikolas asks Hayden whose on the phone so she claims its work. After Nikolas feels frisky and they make out. It leads to them having sex, despite Nik's injuries. 

Sam knocks on the hotel room door of a Dr. Shineberg (Carly's friend), who appears to be waiting for a special friend. Sam says she knows he was at the hotel during the Nutcracker Gala and had a view of the balcony. The doctor says he did see the fight and the 'dark haired man' threw the first punch. Sam records their conversation and asks him to tell the police about what he saw. However the doctor doesn't want to get involved and gets upset. Then his female friend walks in and asks what's going on. Sam pleads with them to help her so the couple eventually agrees.

Liz tells Jason at the Metro Court that she wants to take the boys home. Jason doesn't think it's safe yet. Liz tells him that being with him is hard for her, because she regrets what she did. Jason says it's about the safety of the kids and tells her to wait one more night. Then Jason takes Jake for ice cream and Liz stays behind. At the end, Jason eats ice cream with Jake and Dr. Shineberg and his girlfriend see him. They tell him that his wife convinced them to come forward to clear his name. Meanwhile Sam goes to tell Jason the good news and finds Liz in his room. 

Dillon goes to the PCPD looking for Valerie and hears there is an APB for Johnny Z. out. Nathan and Dante see him and Dillon gets funny when they ask him about Johnny. Dante puts pressure on Dillon to spill what he knows. They go into the interrogation room and Dante deduces that Lulu is involved. Dillon admits that he saw Johnny at The Haunted Star with Lulu a few weeks ago. Dante believes that Johnny was probably the one Lulu was with on NYE and Dillon agrees it's a possibility. At the end, Dante sees video footage of Valerie giving Johnny money at the park and driving off with him. 

Lulu texts Johnny to call off his plan because the police are after him. Then she gets a visit from Laura who wants to know if Lulu knew Johnny was already in town. Lulu denies it, but Laura doesn't believe her because she saw her and a mysterious duffle bag in the Haunted Star bedroom on NYE. Then Lulu's phone rings, but Lulu won't answer thinking it's Johnny. Laura wants to see who is it, but Lulu makes excuses and says everything is Valerie's fault. Laura wants to know what Lulu means so Lulu explains all the reasons Valerie caused all her problems. At the end, Lulu listens to Johnny's message when Laura checks on Rocco. 

Johnny ties Valerie up and takes her to a remote cabin. He ties her to a chair and screams for her to keep her mouth shut. Then Johnny hears police sirens in the distance and tells Valerie they're going to use candles to keep a low profile from the cops. Later Johnny leaves a message for Lulu asking for her to bring money to the cabin asap. After Valerie tells Johnny that people will notice she's missing. He tells her to shut up and gags her to keep her quiet. At the end, Johnny takes off and leaves Valerie alone so he can escape. Valerie struggles for freedom and knocks a candle over, starting a fire.

End of show!

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