Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sex Talk

Tuesday's Recap - 

Anna sees Alexis, Julian, Molly, Kristina and Sam walk into Kelly's. They sit down and Kristina teases Sam about her closeness with Jason on New Year's Eve. Sam tries to dodge the question and brings up Alexis and Julian's wedding. Anna overhears them and approaches their table. She brings up Julian's nefarious past, Duke, Carlos and then warns Alexis about marrying him before walking out. After Julian apologizes to the girl's for Anna's outburst. Then he leaves to keep Sam's apartment from going on the real estate market, but is clearly in a funk. 

Once alone, Alexis and her girls discuss Julian's bad reputation. Alexis says she's ready to move forward with her life and knows the risks. Then Molly says she's decided to move into the dorms. Sam takes offense thinking Molly wants to move out because of her father, but Alexis offers Molly her full support. Later Molly and Sam make amends and Molly tells Sam she thinks her and Jason will get back together before Sam heads out to check on things at her penthouse. After Molly, Alexis and Kristina end up having a talk about sex. Molly says she doesn't want to have sex since it causes so many problems. Alexis tells Molly that sex can be beautiful and worth the risk. 

Paul goes to Jordan's office to ask about Anna. Jordan tells him that Anna is distracted with her daughter Robin returning to Port Charles under mysterious circumstances. Paul asks Jordan to tell him when she hears from Anna and applauds Jordan condescendingly for her work. After Anna comes to see Jordan and Jordan tells her she just missed Paul. They end up getting into a conversation about Carlos and Anna reveals to Jordan that she thinks he's still alive. Jordan is reluctant to believe her, but Anna warns Jordan there might be a mole in the PCPD. Anna won't tell her who she thinks it is, but Jordan agrees to help Anna anyway. Meanwhile Paul heads to Sam's apartment on a real estate hunt. Julian finds him there and offers to put in a good word for him if Paul can help get Anna off his back. Paul tells him not to worry, because the Carlos murder case is closed.

Robin and Patrick go to GH while Michael waits with Sonny in the exam room. He's hopeful about Sonny getting feeling back in his legs. Then Patrick walks in with Robin and Sonny is delighted to see her. They get to talking and Robin jokes about how Michael is making Carly a grandmother with Sabrina's baby. Later Robin and Sonny talk in private about what she went through with Helena and subsequently Jerry Jax. Robin assures him that she's doing okay. After Sonny shows Patrick how he's able to move his leg while Michael gives moral support nearby. Then Patrick leaves to run tests and in private Michael tells Sonny that Sabrina isn't carrying his baby afterall.

Felix brings Sabrina a hot chocolate outside of Kelly's and she tells him she misses Michael. Felix tells her to let go of the regret she's feeling and focus on her baby. Then the subject of Carlos comes up and Sabrina ends up having upsetting contractions. Felix takes her to the hospital and when they arrive, Michael sees them. He gets upset and Sonny advises him to go help Sabrina. However Michael is reluctant, because of Sabrina's lies. Later Sabrina tells Michael he doesn't have to worry about her or the baby. 

Liz hears Jason having a bad dream on the couch and when she tries to wake him, he grabs her. He apologizes if he hurt her, but Liz assures him she's fine. After they talk about the incident with Jake and Jason suggests that they draw up some custody papers for him. Liz isn't crazy about it, but agrees to talk to Alexis. Then Jason leaves as Liz pouts. At the end, he goes to look at Sam's penthouse for real estate and finds her there. 

Robin goes to Dr. Obrecht's office and asks for her job back. Later Patrick walks in and asks how things are going. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she'd be happy to take Robin back at a pay cut and won't be able support Robin's research. That news is disappointing to them and they have an off camera conversation about going big or going home. At the end, Patrick and Robin decide to move out of town and Patrick tells Sonny he's going to need a new doctor. 

End of show!

Good show today!

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