Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Case Led Me Back

What did I miss?
Today's Show - 

Maxie gets a surprise visit from Nathan at the Metro Court. He tells her that he didn't like being away from her, but is thankful the case he's been working on led him back to Port Charles. Nina walks in and is thrilled to see Nathan. Nina shows him a copy of the green covered Crimson and tells them both she bought all the copies to give them out for free. Maxie doesn't like the idea, but Nina tells her to have faith. After Nathan leaves for work and Maxie confides in Nina that she's worried about keeping secrets from Nathan. 

Nearby Olivia finds Valerie filling out a job application and they have a tense chat. Olivia advises Valerie to leave Port Charles. Valerie thinks Olivia must feel responsible for setting a bad example for Dante by lying about her baby daddies, thus Dante's marital issues. Valerie also tells her to get used to seeing her around and then storms out. After Nina shows Olivia the green Crimson and starts passing out magazines. It ends up being a success. 

Michael chats with Dante at the gym while he works out. Dante is convinced that Lulu slept with someone on NYE and tells Michael now he realizes his marriage is really over. He tells Michael to fight for love, because things can go south quickly. It makes Michael think and then he leaves to go see Sabrina. After Dante heads to work and Nathan sees him have an exchange with Valerie. Dante assures Nathan that he and Valerie are over. Nathan advises him to try and patch things up with Lulu. However Lulu shows up at the PCPD to talk about Rocco and her and Dante have a spat. At the end, Maxie comes to the PCPD and learns from Nathan that his case involves Johnny Z.

Johnny grabs Lulu at the park as a joke and freaks her out. Lulu worries that the police will find him or Maxie will spill the beans. Johnny thinks Maxie will keep her month shut and says his plan against Valerie is almost complete. Later Valerie jogs into the park and sees "Greg" having a tense phone conversation. He acts extra happy to see her and explains the tense phone chat he was having is because of car trouble. Valerie offers to give him a ride. 

Felix keeps Sabrina company at their apartment. Then Sabrina gets a call from Carlos. She pretends to be talking to her dad for Felix's sake and warns Carlos that Anna is looking for him. Carlos says he's not leaving town without her. She tells him that Michael and her broke up, but she's not prepared to go away with him. Carlos tells Sabrina that Anna tried to kill him before and if she won't leave with him, he'll let Anna finish him off for good. He asks her to meet him or else he's turning himself in. 

Jordan and Anna bring Paul into the interrogation room at the PCPD and Anna says she wanted to reopen Carlos' murder case. Jordan chimes in and tells Paul she denied Anna's request. Anna apologizes to Paul for breaking protocol and says she's prepared to drop everything now. Paul says he's glad they cleared the air and he's a forgiving man. Once in private, Anna tells Jordan she thinks Paul is the mole in the PCPD. Jordan thinks they need to question Sabrina, since she's connected to Carlos. They agree to bring Sabrina in for questioning. However when they go to Sabrina's apartment, they find it empty. 

Meanwhile Paul heads to the docks and sees Carlos. Sabrina shows up and eavesdrops. She hears Paul order Carlos to leave town and give him money to do so. Once Paul leaves, Sabrina approaches and asks why he was talking with Paul. Carlos says he's trying to buy time for them to get out of town. He begs Sabrina to come with him to start a new life. At the end, Sabrina decides to go with Carlos and they get on a boat.

Michael knocks on Sabrina's door and Felix answers. Felix is icy toward him and gives Michael a lecture about breaking things off with Sabrina. Michael says he's changed his mind, but Felix says he's too late, because Sabrina is gone. Felix says he doesn't know where Sabrina went, but that Sabrina left a letter for Michael. At the end, Michael heads to the park and reads Sabrina's letter. In it, Sabrina apologizes for lying to him, says she'll always love him, but that she's leaving town. 

End of show!

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