Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Moving to California

Here's What Happened - 

Jason comes to Sam's penthouse for the open house and runs into her. She explains that it was really his old place and she shows him around. As they go up the stairs, Sam trips and falls into Jason's arms. It's exactly like a time Jason caught her on the stairs years ago. Later Jason tells Sam he talked to Robin on the bridge and remembered something. He tells Sam about having a memory about Robin from years ago. Sam says Robin might be his guardian angel. After he says he also had a memory about her. She ends up telling him that remembering who he was will make him whole. Then he asks Sam out for coffee.

At the hospital, Liz takes Jake to work with her and warns him not to talk to Franco. Nearby Franco chats with Nina on the phone. Later Franco offers to draw with Jake while Liz talks to a police officer about Jake saying he saw a man lurking outside of their house on NYE. After Liz talks to Franco alone and he hopes they can be friends. However Liz coldly shoots him down, mostly because he kidnapped Aiden. She also thinks they have nothing in common. Franco tells her if she changes her mind his door is always open. At the end, Franco looks at Jake's drawings and sees something disturbing. Meanwhile Liz takes Jake to Kelly's and sees Sam with Jason inside. She decides to avoid them and takes Jake to another restaurant. 

Alexis and Julian talk at their house about Sam's living situation. Alexis thinks Sam should stay with them for awhile, but Julian thinks Sam will do what's best for her. Later Olivia stops by with a present for them. It's a giant framed photo of Julian with baby Leo and Olivia in their Christmas sweaters. Alexis looks horrified especially when Olivia suggests they put it over the fireplace. Then Julian gets called away on Crimson business and leaves the ladies alone. Olivia notices Alexis's engagement ring so Alexis tells her about Julian's proposal. Olivia says she happy for them, but is upset that Julian didn't mention it to her by now. 

At Crimson, Nina has champagne with Dillon and Maxie to celebrate saving the magazine. Dillon brings in copies of their first issue, but when he opens the box he notices a mistake. Maxie looks and panics when she sees that everything was printed out in green. Nina says they will just have to ask Julian for more money to have everything reprinted. Later Julian arrives, but refuses to pay for the reprints. Maxie thinks that's the end of Crimson, but Nina says they should use the bad prints as a marketing ploy. Maxie is reluctant, but agrees to go along with the idea. Meanwhile Julian returns home and Olivia makes a chilly exit, telling them to enjoy their engagement.

Jordan waits for her date at Kelly's with Anna and tells Anna this man is named, "no expectations". Then they talk about Robin's return and Anna wonders why she didn't question Robin's absence more. Then she says she feels like now she can stock pile memories with Robin. After Andre comes to Kelly's and it turns out hes Jordan's date. Anna looks a little surprised to hear it, but she then gets a call from Robin asking her to come over and leaves. After Jordan and Andre start their date. He orders a BLT and Jordan explains that Shawn perfected the recipe. Then they talk about their first date on NYE fondly. At the end, Andre plants a tender kiss on Jordan.

Patrick and Robin talk with Emma at home about their plans for the future. Patrick tells Emma they're going to move to California. He explains that they got jobs at a new hospital and says it will be an adventure for their family. Emma worries that they'll be too far away from Anna. Later Anna stops by and Robin tells her about their plan to move to California. Anna is clearly upset by the news, but remains stoic. She gives Robin her support, but gets teary eyed. Robin feels bad about leaving Anna alone, especially when she's still grieving for Duke. However Anna tells her to take the job and be the woman she wants to be. Then Robin asks Anna to come with them, but Anna says she has work to do in Port Charles. At the end, Emma and Patrick join them and Patrick says they're leaving tomorrow. Anna gets upset and says they have to get married in Port Charles first. Emma agrees and insists they do or "her name isn't Emma Drake!"

End of show!

Emma was so cute at the end today. I'm going to miss her on GH.

Have a great night!

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