Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Gonna Take Back This City!

Thursday's Recap - 

Sam runs into Franco at the hospital and he asks if she wants to get a cup of coffee. Sam is surprised and refuses. She reminds Franco about all the sick things he did to her in the past and wonders if Jason will hurt him when he remembers who he is. Franco surmises that Sam is probably too busy with her Liz drama. Sam wonders if he's behind the mysterious happenings at Liz's house. Franco denies it and then mentions that Liz has her hands full with Jake. Sam puts pressure on Franco tell her what he knows, but Franco thinks that would be unethical. Sam wonders if he can spell unethical. At the end, Franco curiously looks through Jake's weird drawings alone. 

Morgan pleads with Kiki to take him back at the Metro Court. He tells her that he's been taking his meds and thinking clearing, thus he knows they're right for each other. Kiki says their new friendship is working and she can't go back to having a relationship with him. She explains that she doesn't know who he really is anymore. Morgan thinks he's on the way to getting things situated and they can be normal. She tells him she's not ready for a relationship, but agrees to go on a date with him. 

In their hotel room, Sabrina starts to go into labor. Paul calls Carlos and warns him to stay away from Port Charles. Carlos tells Paul he better hope Anna doesn't find him first. After Carlos tries to relax Sabrina by telling her that he's got money stashed away in the Grand Keys for them to go to after she gives birth. It makes her feel better and Sabrina says love is all that matters. After they talk about the baby and Carlos says he's hoping for a healthy child, but would love a little girl. Then Carlos talks about his hopes for the future of his child. Later Sabrina goes into full labor and Carlos helps her deliver. When the baby comes out, Carlos looks nervous. Sabrina demands to know if the baby is okay. 

Robert and Anna learn that a couple matching Sabrina and Carlos were scheduled to come in, but never showed up at the medical clinic in Nova Scotia. They convince the admin at the clinic to give all the details she has. Then Anna gets a strange call from Paul. He tells Anna he wants to talk to her about her future when she returns to Port Charles. Anna realizes that Paul is onto her. After Robert convinces Anna not to worry about Paul and says that with the help of the WSB, he tracked down Carlos' location. They take off and later find Sabrina and Carlos' motel room empty. However then the police arrive and make Anna and Robert put their hands up. 

Carly finds Sonny standing up at the warehouse. He quickly pretends he hasn't made any progress and slumps back into his wheelchair. He implores Carly not to tell anyone what she saw, especially their kids. Carly worries that his pride is undermining his progress and makes him promise that he won't give up. Sonny agrees so Carly promises not to mention what she saw. Later Sonny has a private conversation with Max. Sonny confides in Max that he feels guilty for lying to Carly. Sonny explains that when he's walking again he's going to take back Port Charles and needs his enemies to think he's weak. At the end, Max tells Sonny that Ava is working with Raj. Sonny thinks Ava is putting Avery in danger and he needs to shut her down. 

Jake snaps at Liz at their house when she asks him to go to soccer practice. Then Jason stops by Liz's place right as Jake is sketching frantically in his sketch pad. Jake gives him a picture and assumes Jason is moving back in with them. Jason tries to explain that he loves him, but isn't going to be with Liz anymore. Jake gets upset. After Jason tells Liz that he's getting some memories back and wants to try hypnosis. Liz asks what his memories were of so he tells her they were about Sam. Liz says that she hopes he remembers that she used to be his friend too. Later Liz leaves for work and asks Jason to watch Jake for her. At the end, Jason looks over Jake's drawings and finds a creepy drawing of a woman. He wonders if its supposed to be Sam. 

End of show!

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