Friday, January 22, 2016

I have no one to blame, but myself!

You need to slow down!
Here's What Happened - 

Michael and Dante box at the gym. Sonny comes in and notices Dante seems to be taking his aggression out over his marriage problems in the ring. Dante vents to Sonny and Michael about what Lulu and Johnny did to Valerie. Dante isn't sure he can forgive Lulu for what she did. Sonny thinks Lulu was reacting to the hurt she went through, because Dante cheated on her. Sonny advises Dante to work things out, but Dante gets testy and walks away. After Sonny and Michael have a heart to heart. Michael thinks you can't fix everything in life, but Sonny says being in a wheelchair is making him realize you can never give up. At the end, Sonny decides to try to get out of his chair when he's alone. He struggles, but manages to stand up successfully.

Laura goes to see Lulu and scolds her for leaving her with Rocco. Laura demands an explanation so Lulu breaks into tears saying she made a huge mess. Lulu ends up telling Laura about her fears about Valerie and how she stuck Johnny on her. Lulu swears she didn't want to hurt Valerie and things just got out of hand. Lulu says, "I have no one to blame, but myself!" Laura tells her she's been terribly reckless. She advises Lulu to slow down and get perspective. Later on Laura walks out just when Dante shows up. Lulu and Dante talk privately and Dante lectures her on her bad decision making. Lulu says everything she did was to save their marriage. Dante tells her it's too late to save what they had and he wants a divorce. Then he walks out leaving Lulu in tears.

Hayden pushes Nikolas away at Wyndermere when he tries to kiss her. He asks what's wrong so Hayden claims knowing that he's falling in love with her is overwhelming. She tells Nikolas that she's afraid of how much she loves him. Nikolas thinks they deserve a chance to be happy. Hayden panics and says she needs to leave Wyndermere and find a life of her own. Nikolas stops her and asks Hayden to, "stay forever!" Then he unexpectedly asks her to marry him for love. Nik gets down on one knee and says, "Marry me!"

At Liz's house, Jason isn't sure he believes Liz when she claims she's innocent. They end up having a tense conversation, but Liz insists she's not guilty. She swears on her children and her love for him that she's not making anything up. Jason softens up, but leaves anyway and tells her to lock the door behind him. After Jake thinks Sam made Jason leave. Then Laura knocks on the door and asks if everything is back to normal. Liz answers that nothing is back to normal. She tells Laura about the break in at her house and Sam accusing her of faking it. Jake eavesdrops and begins to draw a strange picture in frustration. 

Carly plans a birthday party get together at The Metro Court for Jason. Sam walks in and they talk about Liz possibly staging a stalker. They bond over drinks and a little Elizabeth bashing. Later Jason shows up and Carly tries to convince him to celebrate his birthday. Jason isn't sure he can be the man he used to be so Carly gets upset and tells him to just be the man he is now. Then she walks away and Jason steps on the balcony for some air. At the end, Michael shows up for Jason's get together. Carly vents to him about how upsetting it is for her to see Jason struggling with his identity. Meanwhile Sam joins Jason on the balcony. They chat and it starts to rain, which causes them to run back inside. It makes Jason remember a time when they danced and kissed in the rain. He says that his memory feels real. Sam replies, "it was real!"

End of show!

I like that Carly and Sam have become friends. I want more friendships on GH!

Have a great weekend!

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