Monday, January 18, 2016

Hot Like Fire

Here's What Happened - 

Sam knocks on Jason's hotel room door and is greeted by Liz. Elizabeth pretends Jason is inside with her, but then Jason comes walking up the hallway with Jake and asks if Sam was looking for him. Jake isn't happy to see Sam. Jason tells her that he's staying in a room down the hall. Sam tells him and Liz about her getting the doctor to confess to clear his name. After Liz talks to Jason alone. Jake comes out and claims Sam is the one who broke their pictures. Jason realizes that Jake is lying. Jake thinks Sam wants to break up their family so Jason assures him that Sam is a good person. 

At the Metro Court, Kristina tries to avoid questions about school as she dines with Alexis and Sonny. They gush about her good grades, but ask her to keep in touch more. Kristina says she'll be sticking around for Alexis' wedding. Sonny is surprised to hear of her engagement. Then they talk about paying her tuition and Kristina gets nervous. She sees Sam walk in and goes to sit with her. Once alone, Sonny thinks Kristina is embarrassed of him. Alexis tells him to go back to school. Later Sonny tells Alexis that marrying Julian is a bad idea so Alexis quickly wraps up their lunch. 

Meanwhile in private, Kristina tells Sam she got suspended from school, because she offered sex to her professor for a good grade and he reported her. She's afraid that Sonny and Alexis will be disappointed in her and doesn't want Sam to say anything to them. Sam reluctantly agrees if Kristina stays away from her professor. 

Dante investigates the photos of Valerie and Johnny together when Jordan approaches him at the station. Dante tells Jordan he's investigating the Valerie lead and about Lulu keeping Johnny at The Haunted Star. Bobby comes to the station and Dante asks her to help them find Valerie. Bobby thinks Johnny must have done something to her and refuses to believe that Valerie took a bribe from Johnny. Dante thinks Valerie is being set up so Jordan wonders who would want to make Valerie look bad.

At the cabin, Valerie struggles for freedom and accidentally knocks a candle over, which starts a fire. The fumes make Valerie eventually pass out. Outside Lulu arrives and starts beeping the horn while calling out for Johnny. She notices smoke and runs in thinking Johnny's in trouble. Lulu kicks the door in and sees Valerie instead. She unties Valerie, manages to revive her and then the girls run out of the cabin together. 

At the end, Kristina gets a text message from her professor. Jason tells Sam he's sorry that Jake was rude to her. Jake asks Liz if her and Jason will be together again and she says anything could happen. At the PCPD, Dante calls Lulu frantically and Bobby orders Jordan to find Valerie. Outside the cabin, Lulu realizes she left her keys in the fire along with her coat. The girls have to huddle up under a blanket in the car to keep warm. 

End of show!

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