Monday, January 11, 2016

Cranky Doctor

Medical blues!
Today's Show - 

Liz panics when Jason finds a broken photo on the floor at her house. Then Liz goes upstairs and sees that Jake isn't in his room. However Jason goes to check and finds Jake hiding. Jake says a bad man got in and he was scared. Jason takes him upstairs and tells Liz to call the police. When the police arrive, they say they need to run fingerprints to find out who is responsible. Jason tells the officer about his legal past and that he doesn't think the incident has anything to do with him. Jason asks the police to put a patrol car outside, but they say they can't. After Jason insists that Liz take the kids somewhere safe. He wants to get Liz a hotel room at the Metro Court and she agrees.

Maxie wants to call the police on Johnny at The Haunted Star, but Johnny grabs her phone and tries to talk her out of it. Maxie gets her phone back and says she's going to call Nathan, because she owes it to him. However Lulu ends up taking Maxie's phone and tries to convince her not to call. Then Maxie notices the flowers Johnny brought and assumes they're sleeping together. Lulu insists all they did was kiss and explains the confusion with Dante finding her in the bedroom on NYE. Maxie tells Lulu that her marriage is definitely over if Dante finds out about Johnny. Maxie worries that if Nathan finds out it will ruin her relationship too. At the end, Johnny promises Maxie he will leave town soon and the cops will be none the wiser. Maxie says she can't make any promises and runs out. After Lulu panics that she's going to lose Dante. Johnny yells at her that Dante doesn't treat her right. However, Lulu says Johnny needs to go after Valerie is out of the way. 

Hayden tells Nikolas in his hospital room that in order protect ELQ he needs to marry her and sign over some of the shares to her. Hayden says she would sign everything back to him once things calm down. Nikolas asks how he can be sure she won't steal ELQ out from under him. She offers to sign a prenup to prove it to him. Nikolas says he doesn't really know her past and he thinks she enjoys his money. Hayden admits it's true, but claims she knows how money corrupts. She also tells Nikolas that her feelings for him are real. At the end, Nikolas says he wants to see where things go with them, but its too soon to get married. He asks if they can just explore their relationship and see what happens. Hayden agrees.

Alexis tries to talk Sam out of moving back to the penthouse at her house, but Sam thinks its for the best. Then Kristina comes home with the mail and gets a letter from school stating she's on academic suspension. Later Alexis asks if she going back to school soon, but Kristina changes the subject to Sam's star necklace. She asks Sam to give her details and wonders if Jason remembered anything when he saw it. Sam tells her he remembered a little, but gets frustrated when Kristina keeps pushing. Then Sam mentions Kristina is taking pre-law classes and Alexis gets excited. In private, Kristina tells Sam not to talk about school. Later Alexis takes a call from Diane and learns that Nikolas is accusing Jason of trying to kill him. The news makes Sam determined to prove Jason's innocence and she storms out. After Alexis tells Kristina she's so exciting about her wanting to be a lawyer. 

Carly brings Sonny to GH to meet his new doctor and they run into Lucas. They ask what Lucas thinks of Sonny's new doctor, Dr. Mays. He answers that the new guy is good, but straight forward. Then Dr. Mays arrives and is very curt. He orders Lucas to leave them alone and after says he'll need to examine Sonny himself before being encouraged by the movement he's been experiencing. The doctor orders Carly to leave as well, but Sonny tells him if he doesn't want Carly around, Sonny doesn't want him around. Dr. Mays tells Sonny he's the only one at GH who can treat him. Carly decides to go to work and tells Sonny she will see him at home. Once alone, Sonny tells the doctor he wants any doctor, but him. Later Lucas approaches Sonny again. He says he's got a better idea and Lucas calls a better doctor. Meanwhile Carly goes to the Metro Court and runs into Sam, who asks Carly to get security footage of the night Nik went over the railing. At the end, Carly finds someone on the video footage who might be able to clear Jason's name, but says the person isn't likely to help.

End of show!

Is Liz staging the drama at her house or maybe little Jake?

Have a great night!

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