Friday, January 29, 2016

Bad Woman

Here's What Happened - 

Dante gets interrupted from signing his divorce papers by Major Lomax at his apartment. She asks Dante to convince Olivia to drop the lawsuit against the city. She threatens to shut down the big brother charity that Dante supports if he doesn't. Dante tells her to forget it and to get out. Meanwhile Alexis and Olivia discuss the breastfeeding lawsuit at The Metro Court. After hearing how public "Boobgate" will be, Olivia gets second thoughts. She worries that it will effect her professional life. Then a random patron approaches Olivia and thanks her for standing up for mothers. After the rest of the restaurant claps for her so Olivia tells Alexis she wants to go all in and they high five.

Lulu meets Maxie at The Metro Court and asks for her help to get Dante back. She says she no longer has her key to Dante's place so Maxie advises her to get Olivia's. Later Lulu sits down with Olivia and asks to borrow her key. After Dante stops by to tell Olivia about his visit with Major Lomax and vents to Olivia about his marriage concerns. Olivia tells him to take more time to think everything over. Then Major Lomax comes to the Metro Court and informs Olivia that she's got a war on her hands with the lawsuit. Meanwhile, armed with Olivia's key, Lulu and Maxie arrange a romantic surprise for Dante at his apartment. Lulu wears a red dress that she wore when she first thought she was pregnant and says, "love can concur all!" Then they find the divorce papers Dante was going to sign. Lulu doesn't let herself get dissuaded and says she still plans to get Dante back. At the end, Dante comes home to find Lulu and seems pleasantly surprised to see her there. 

Franco approaches Liz at the hospital and asks if he can do more art therapy with Jake, immediately. Liz asks why it has to be so soon. He tells her that he spoke with Sam about Jake's art work. Liz gets upset that he spoke with Sam about her son and warns him not to speak with anyone else about Jake. Meanwhile Jason looks over Jake's art work at Liz's house and wonders if the women he drew is supposed to be Sam. Jake says that the picture is of a bad woman from a video game. Later Jason goes to GH to talk to Liz about Jake's art and Franco gets involved. The three of them speak in private and Franco shows them more of Jake's disturbing art. Franco thinks Jake is suffering with rage issues. Back at Liz's place, Jake is alone with the babysitter and it appears that he breaks a window and then cuts himself on the glass. 

Sam tries to convince Kristina to tell the truth about school at Alexis' house without success. Then Sam brings up her conversation at GH with Franco about Jake. Kristina advises Sam to stay out of Elizabeth's business with Jake or else it will ruin her chances with Jason. After they get back to talking about Kristina's professor and Sam asks if there is more to the story. Kristina swears there isn't. Later Sam tells Kristina she's going to speak with Liz to be proactive and leaves. After Alexis comes home and implores Kristina to open up to her. However Kristina doesn't come clean. At the end, "Parker" aka Kristina's professor comes to the house and is surprisingly female. Meanwhile Sam goes to Liz's house and Jake tells her that someone through a rock in the window. Sam looks everything over and asks Jake if he's responsible. He denies it and runs to hide in the basement. Sam goes down to look for him and ends up falling down the stairs. 

End of show!

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