Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art Therapy

Wednesday's Recap - 

At Crimson, Nina tells Franco that the green issue was a success and she knows Julian won't be happy about it. She worries that she won't be able to keep it up. Franco is confident that she can do it and gives her a pep talk. Later Nina has to do an interview alone with a man from the Barrington Financial Times, because Julian doesn't show up. The man asks Nina what's next for Crimson so she fakes some ideas based on a soda ad she notices in the local newspaper. 

Julian tells Alexis at the Metro Court that he's still hopeful Nina will ruin Crimson. Then he gets a call from Olivia asking for help, because she was arrested. He and Alexis head to the PCPD and learn that Olivia verbally assaulted Major Lomax for yelling at her for breast feeding. Alexis decides to represent Olivia and argues that her arrest isn't justifiable. Julian tells the Mayor that something like this could make a big scandal for her. At the end, Mayor Lomax drops the charges against Olivia, but Alexis decides she wants to file suit against the city anyway. Meanwhile Julian calls Nina and mentions the incident. Nina thinks it's a great topic for the magazine. 

Kevin Collins tells Liz at GH that he thinks Jake will be okay, however he's worried about how Liz is coping. He's concerned that she might have another breakdown. She tells him not to worry about her. Later Liz talks to Jake's therapist who tells Liz that Jake would benefit from art therapy. Liz worries about Jake working with Franco, but Kevin and Jake's therapist think it's a good idea. At the end, Franco sees something off putting in Jake's art work and asks Kevin for his opinion. 

Sabrina calls Felix from an unknown cabin and learns that Michael wanted to get her back. Carlos comes in, sees her on the phone and tells her it's a bad idea for her to call home. After Sabrina tells Carlos that Anna is looking for her and says life on the run is harder than she thought it would be. Carlos tells her not to worry about Anna and promises to take care of her. He says she needs to forget everyone from Port Charles. Sabrina agrees and tosses her cell phone into the snow. 

Anna is surprised when Andre stops by her house to see Robert. It turns out he's a contact of Robert's from the WSB so Anna tells Robert that Andre was her therapist. After they all start working on a profile of Carlos in an attempt to locate he and Sabrina. Andre thinks Carlos will keep Sabrina near a medical facility because of her pregnancy. They deduce that Carlos likely took Sabrina to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Sam runs into Jason at The Metro Court and they sit down for coffee. Sam tells Jason that Dr. Shaneberg or Shineberg confessed (I'm really not sure of his name) that Nikolas started the fight on the balcony. After Jason tells Sam about the mysterious things happening at Liz's house. He also says that Jake accused her of being responsible, but he knows she's innocent. Sam suggests that Franco could be involved. She offers to use her PI skills to help him so they go to Liz's house to investigate. At the end, Liz comes home with Jake and sees Jason there with Sam.

End of show!

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